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Analysis of The Perfect Crime - A True Story - With A Twist.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Things Aren't What They Appear To Be. Example: TERRA AUSTRALIS - AUSTRALIA.

Lets enter the World of Fake Trusts, Deceptive Treaties, Those who are compromised, The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and our FICTION as a traded commodity.

Some bought individuals these include Politicians, Civil Servants, Trust Administrators and Bankers, feel they can do as they wish to you, unless you choose to wake up.

Romley Stewart refers to this as The Justinian Deception.

For those who are awake we know 5G, Vaccines and SMART tech will kill you sooner or later, its our mission to expose the fraud, trickery, deception and lies and tactically address the underlying situation, how did we enable this to take place?

When did it start? Whose behind it?

We will see how Administration Companies operating offshore from small islands, territories or Countries overseas, run as holding companies which we may think we are a resident of, or a passport holder for are nothing more than a smoke and mirrors construct to fool the masses.

We are Sovereign - God, Man, GOVERNMENT, FICTION.

This piece includes a Communication To GMCA and Trafford Council and The UK Govt.

Question to MP's and Government. Who Are You Really Working on Behalf of and Why You Were NOT given Full Disclosure. Answer: The Secret Govt - The Hidden Hand

Could It Be That knowingly Treason Was Being Committed?

Using the Romley Stewart example above The Deception Goes Deep & What You Think Is Taking Place & Being Told, We Will Probably Find Is Totally Incorrect and NOT-APPLICABLE to those men and women outside of the birth certificate - slave system.

Those men and women who have taken back their FICTION will begin to see the light.

The City of London was a Roman trading and financial settlement - Londinium - controlled from Rome and The Vatican State. The City of London is an independent country, as is Washington DC and The Vatican.

These are Countries within Countries with a Vatican Jurisdiction. They communicate in Babylonian Babble - DOG LATIN which is a Counterfeit language. The language of deception and constructed fraud.

Watching The Corpus Juris video will be a good starting point. Romley Stewarts research can be found within and the youtube site

The Header on my Birth Certificate is Written in DOG LATIN i was sold into slavery for 3 Shillings and 9 d (pence), 3s 9d. 28th May 1959. I was born 17.5.1959 but registered 28th May 1959. Submission as a living Man 07.06.2019 entry BC/19/28176

UNIDROIT (formally, the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law; French: Institut international pour l'unification du droit privé) is an intergovernmental organization whose objective is to harmonize international private law across countries through uniform rules, international conventions, and the production of model laws, sets of principles, guides and guidelines.

Established in 1926 as part of the League of Nations, it was reestablished in 1940 following the League's dissolution through a multilateral agreement. the UNIDROIT Statute. As at 2019 UNIDROIT has 63 member states.

UNIDROIT has prepared multiple conventions (treaties), but has also developed soft law instruments. An example are the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts.

Distinctly different from the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) adopted by UNCITRAL, the UNIDROIT Principles do not apply as a matter of law, but only when chosen by the parties as their contractual regime

The Treaty of Rome, officially the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (or EEC Treaty in short) brought about the creation of the European Economic Community (EEC), the best-known of the European Communities (EC). It was signed on 25 March 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany and came into force on 1 January 1958. Under the name Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, it remains one of the two most important treaties in the modern-day European Union (EU).

The UK was falsely taken into the EU. Loss of Sovereignty

The Heath Administration Objective. FCO 30/1048 explains the deception.

Lets Think Specifically UK

Roman Britain -1496 Map

The United Kingdom/ Albion outer boundary as we know it today excluding Northern Ireland. 9th Century regional naming convention.

Which domain or jurisdiction are the UK Citizens from and where do they think they're from ? Could it Be another Island or Country as Romley has identified with AUSTRALIA?

Have We been conned into CITIZEN-SHIP (Admiralty Law - Roman Law) of LONDINIUM? or


Using Counterfeit language? NOT-ENGLISH?

Watch John Harris' presentation: Its an illusion

In the UK someone has been changing the names and older shire territories with a specific objective or end game. Boundary changes over decades, sending people to the cities, the reason is now becoming clearer.

You can No Longer Access 100 Resilient Cities Website? Another Agenda 2030 New World Order construct.

The Rockefeller Foundation link as search engines, now shows error 404?

Have The Vatican, The City, Big Pharma & UK Govt Duped Our Police, Army & Public Servants Into Acting As A Foreign Military Occupation Force By Breaching Their Oaths of Office Using DOG LATIN - A Counterfeit set of Instructions? Based on a false Narrative? A Lie To Act Against the people of the UK? Also the rest of the World?

Using A Scandemic - Plandemic? Trigger

Watch Planedemic The Video. This Will Confirm The Scam, The Trap, The Cover Up and That Democide or Genocide Is Planned. Forced medication is a WAR CRIME. DEMOCIDE:

Add The 5G technical aspects that we know about..

Nano particulates - Tungsten and Aluminium in Vaccines

Phased Array DEW Technology fitted in Street Furniture. UK Wide.

Mike Kane MP Sale East - Wythenshawe informed of Genocide June 2019.

Contents Noted? But What Action Did He Take?

This Will More Than Likely Be The Same For The UK CITIZEN-SHIP..

Another vessel - Admiralty law?

Given the information above and watching the the following NOTICES and information will be passed to GMCA, Trafford & Mike Kane MP for distribution to MP's.


This situation has been a construct through Silent Weapons Quiet Wars to commit murder on a global scale.

Call it Genocide or Democide. Its Murder. Public servants - You've Been Fooled By A Force of Foreign of Occupation operating From The City of London - Operating As Corporate Bankster's assisted by bent and manipulated Civil Servants, Lords, Politicians MP's and PM's.

Democide is a term proposed by R. J. Rummel since at least 1994[1] who defined it as "the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command".[2] According to him, this definition covers a wide range of deaths, including forced labor and concentration camp victims; killings by "unofficial" private groups; extrajudicial summary killings; and mass deaths due to governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect, such as in deliberate famines, as well as killings by de facto governments, i.e. civil war killings.[2] This definition covers any murder of any number of persons by any government.[2]


We've referred to this as a True Story With A Twist.

Here's the twist. All those who have bought into this Government Pandemic Scam be they Local or Central Govt staff, front line NHS workers will potentially be first in the queue to take the Vaccine.

Unless they Know Whats Really Going On and know 5G - 60GHz and Vaccines give the same results as the elderly Italian and Wuhan residents found. Death by DEMOCIDE!!

Personally I would NOT and Recommend others NOT to take any Gates/ Fauci / UK Govt Related Snake Oil - Untested So Called Remedy.


This document forms a preliminary framework for refining future advice for the basis of a national COVID-19 vaccination strategy.

This early interim advice has been developed based on a review of UK epidemiological data on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic so far. No data are currently available on the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines in development. This is the start of a longer process, and the advice provided at this stage is preliminary and limited in terms of detail.

There are a number of unknown factors about any potential vaccines, and there are still important gaps in our understanding of COVID-19. The committee will be keeping its advice under review and as more information becomes available will update its advice as and when deemed appropriate.

Specifically, this advice will be updated as more information becomes available on:

  • vaccine efficacy and/or immunogenicity in different age and risk groups

  • the safety of administration in different age and risk groups

  • the effect of the vaccine on acquisition of infection and transmission

  • the transmission dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK population, and

  • the epidemiological, microbiological, and clinical characteristics of COVID-19

Frontline health and social care workers are at increased personal risk of exposure to infection with COVID-19 and of transmitting that infection to susceptible and vulnerable patients in health and social care settings. The committee considered this group to be the highest priority for vaccination. Vaccination of frontline health and social care workers will also help to maintain resilience in the NHS and for health and social care providers.

The next priority for vaccination is those at increased risk of serious disease and death. Current evidence strongly indicates that the risk of serious disease and death increases with age and is increased in those with a number of underlying health conditions (see background). Therefore, after health and social care workers, the committee advises the prioritisation of vaccination using a mortality risk-based approach.

Through False Information That Is Counterfeit DOG-LATIN Many Will Be Tricked By A Foreign Force of Occupation Operating Through The City of London Instruction Set To Vatican Orders - Rome

They Have Worked on This Plan, Fine Tuning For Decades if Not 2000 Years..

To Cover Up The Lies and Deception &

Protect Those Who Will Have Benefit Most.

Who Do You Think The Scum Bags Will Get Rid of First?

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