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Babylon Fallen - COVID 19 Vaxx - Bio Weapon - Recall - CLC - WTP-2022

Exposure of Foreign & Domestic Traitors - Blackrock - Vanguard - UK - Westminster - MPs - Laws of War Expose UK Complicit Infrastructure.

UK Police - UK Councils - Senior Figures in NHS and Corporate Government Infrastructure. We The People.

Tower of Babel.

Note The Similarity in Shape & On Research - Operational Conduct.

Reputable scholars have debated the identity of Babylon the Great in Revelation 17—18. Some would suggest that Babylon the Great is a figurative allusion to the great powers of ancient Rome. This view is largely held by those who hold to the eschatological system known as preterism (and its various forms). Others would argue that Babylon the Great is used as a figure of speech regarding evil nations in general. Theologians have also concluded that Babylon the Great is just that, a revived and rebuilt Babylon. The futurist interpretation of Revelation sees Babylon the Great as an evil world system, based in Babylon (possibly signifying Rome) and controlled by the Antichrist, during the last days before Jesus’ return.

Our article will follow the futurist interpretation.

Pope Recalls Loans:


The Queen is/was DEAD a long time ago..

Charles cannot be King as mum wasn't Queen:

Commentator Truth Bomb - The Queen Has Been - Lying - Laying in State 4 Years?

Supreme Court - Notice CLC
Download PDF • 4.03MB

Stone of Destiny - Geoligical Proof (1) (2)
Download PDF • 2.58MB

Download • 4.59MB

Alasdair Macleod

In our lifetimes, we have not seen anything like the developing economic and financial crisis. Rising interest rates are way, way behind reflecting where they should be.

Interest rates have yet to discount the continuing loss of purchasing power in all major currencies. The theory of time preference suggests that central bank interest rates should be multiples higher, to compensate for the current loss of currency purchasing power, enhanced counterparty risk, and a rapidly deteriorating economic and monetary outlook.

There is no doubt that the majority of investors are not even aware of the true scale of danger that interest rates pose to their financial assets. Some wealthier, more prescient investors are only in the early stages of beginning to worry. But if you liquidate your portfolio, you end up with depreciating cash paying insufficient interest. What can you do to escape the fiat currency trap?

This article argues that having everything in fiat currencies is the problem. The solution is a flight into real money, that is only physical gold — the rest is rapidly depreciating fiat credit. Owning real money is the only way to escape the calamity that is engulfing our current economic, financial, and fiat currency world.


Gold is money — everything else is credit

So said John Pierpont Morgan in his testimony before Congress in 1912. He was not expressing an opinion, but stating a legal fact, a legal fact which is still true to this day. Despite all attempts by the authorities to persuade us otherwise, despite periods of bans on ownership and Roosevelt’s outrageous confiscations of gold bullion and coin from the people he was elected to represent, the legal position of gold being money and the rest only credit remains the case. It is why central banks accumulate and retain large reserve balances in gold, and why they refuse to part with them. It is why in official circles the topic is taboo.

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