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Boom-Boom-Boom - Indictments Start USA. UK Will Follow.

More Memes and Detailed Graphics will enter mainstream soon, depicting the sweeping changes that will follow The Draining of The Swamp Activities that will take place on both sides of the Atlantic and within Europe.

Among them USA and UK as Political figures, Celebrities, Corporate figures are busted through a number of linked threads.

Political and Entertainment networks we are seeing already being un ravelled through their number one vice. Paedophilia.

Police Infiltrated European Based Paedophilia site - 70,000 members UK - US - Europe

The US have Donald - It is yet to be seen who is our leading political figure but potentially Id put money on Nigel Farage to carry on on with Brexit 2 - The Sequel. We will see?

Nigel couldn't spell it out that the EU Bosses were descended from Nazi families (Too much for the UK General Public to Handle) but when you track the full history this is where it leads. Fascism and Eugenics.

Its this mechanism of control that keeps the real problems under wraps. Till Now!!

Project Paper Clip, The Red House Report, Reinhard Galen's Nazi SS Eastern European Intelligence Network forms the CIA, CIA enters Banking through DeutscheBank are all leads to be researched to begin to understand the history that was re written to protect the guilty parties.

The Links with Royalty, Banking, Westminster and Paedophile networks are one of the threads that were getting pulled that became too much for the establishment in the UK so they pulled the plug and crashed the economy early.

Government Propaganda & Lies - Objective: To Wreck The UK Economy

Ties To The Controllers & How The System Really Works..

John Harris - Its An Illusion:

They didn't get get their way with Brexit. Lets go for Option B..

The Hoax Pandemic Killer Synthetic Virus..

They Are Attempting To Blame A False Pandemic Now For The Crash They Stated They Would Get Through Leaving The EU..

These Guys Are Now Beginning To Struggle Hiding The Lies. The truth Will Out.

Theresa May (Ex Bank of England - Rothschild employee) ushers in Huawei, 5G deals and The UK Defence - Sell Out.

Covers up Banking fraud and The Child Trafficking Network run out of Westminster.. These Are How MP's, PM's and Public Servants Are Controlled.


Councillors, Politicians, Police, Public Servants, Serving Themselves.

Why Did Italy, Iran and Wuhan Get Covid 19 - Corona Virus?

AKA Microwave Radiation Poisoning:

Follow The Money:

5G plus Vaccine Solution - Rapid Death ensues..

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