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Case Study: Police Harassment: Barbers - Sale Moor

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

This is an ongoing evidence building post that in part will be used for a CLC Court Case.

I went to get my haircut at my local barbers as i would do every few weeks. The last time i sat in the chair with Ibrahim we had a good chat about everything that was going on around the current situation and we spoke at length about Common Law and what was really taking place.

This time though he told me that he'd had to pay £100 fine for a breach of the Corona Virus ACT 2020.

I explained to him that the ACT was in DOG LATIN and Counterfeit and was therefore NOT enforceable as LAW its an ACT and aimed at a PERSON, He is a Man.

Ibrahim was told it was the LAW? Interesting..

He stated to the Police or PCSO's that turned up he was mask exempt and had his mask under his chin as both he and his client were more knowledgable on the situation and agreed neither would wear the mask. Those were the terms of their personal contract.

He'd been harassed and visited about three or four times over this situation, his boss had been visited and he'd then been visited by a Council Official called Lee Affleck who according to his card is an Environmental Health Officer.

The business card was left with Ibrahim?

Received at a later Date.

Obviously Lee and Trafford Environmental Health want to do business with Trafford's Small Business Owners and Collect Taxes based on a Virus that the W.H.O don't want isolating (Its in all of us - It would give the game away) and Thousands of Doctors who are knowledgable state isn't causing a pandemic. Many were at Trafalgar Square 29.8.20.

Many Doctors will be at the forthcoming rally's on 19th and 26th September in Trafalgar Sq, London as the UK Government is acting on behalf of EU officials and UN Policies and committing Treason among other offences.

Only false Govt statistics are creating the hysteria as part of Agenda 21/2030 to cause stress and harm to both the Businesses and members of the GMCA/ Trafford Community also wider UK public?

Agenda 2030 is about population reduction and the Genocide / Democide of 55 Million UK subjects.66 Million to 15 Million by 2025 . This will be done through Vaccines, 5G and Flu shots containing nano particulates - tungsten, trace mercury and aluminium.

Fortunately Ibrahim informed me that he had video'd some of what was being said also that the camera was running in the shop while all this was going on.

We have the evidence of the engagements and who was involved.

Were are now looking to get the CCTV footage of what took place in the barber shop..

Video From Mobile:

Video 1.

Remember Ibrahim is Mask Exempt

  1. Harassment third visit by Police?

  2. Police encroach to within 2 Metres

  3. Police threatens arrest for failing to provide details?

  4. Police Officer offers ticket or arrest? Goes for Cuffs?

  5. Police Officer: Im going to get my book and take your details?

  6. Ibrahim passes details under duress.

  7. Ibrahim states it will go to court.

  8. Officer asks for ID or Bank Card?

Video 2.

  1. Ibrahim confirms hes Exempt from wearing a mask.

  2. Ibrahim it will go to Court to dispute ticket

  3. Officer states he hasnt told the truth?

  4. Ibrahim Address given

  5. Ibrahim confirms hes self employed

  6. Officer attempts to create Joinder through other party.

  7. Officer states his name doesn't come up on their system. Why?

  8. Voters list information taken.

  9. Threatens Ibrahim again by creating leverage.

  10. Social Media references. Ibrahim confirms he doesn't use Soc Media.

  11. Officer states hes going to lock him up if he doesn't get Ibrahim's details.

  12. Officer Checks his car details for whose it registered to?

  13. This is what happened with " Another Party" Name withheld.

Video 3

  1. No form of ID states the Officer.

  2. Ibrahims business has been disrupted and wants to get back to his customers - Loss of earnings and disruption to business.

  3. Police confirms ticket. Ibrahim confirms it will be taken to court.

  4. Police are fining business owners and self employed who are exempt from wearing masks.

  5. Ibrahim confirms he doesn't have to wear a visor. Hes exempt

  6. Police Officer states he isnt telling the truth.

  7. Police Officer confirms address - Goes to Check.

  8. Police states work colleague cant confirm who he is.

  9. Name spelling issues identified as difference.

Ibrahim Paid a £100 fine to get the Goon Dogs

Off his back - Harassment

Reko was made to pay the same as the Shop Owner? £100 - £200 in Total?

Reko was told he would get more Visits and The Shop Could be closed Down?

Full College of Policing Document: Linked Below.

CCTV From Reko's Barber Shop:

Video Statements To Follow..

Background: 5G/ Vaccination Agenda.

Video Testimonial To Follow:

Similar Case For Buying Food and Going For A Walk - Without A Mask: Non Business?


Plandemic. Dr Judy Mikovit

There is a forthcoming UK hosted webinar for 1000 Medical delegates scheduled for the 20.9.2020 on the very subject of Medical Mismanagement based upon an alternative Democide/ Genocide Agenda.

I think Lee Affleck and Trafford Environmental Health need a copy of Dr Zac Cox's book.


Government Web Site:

They Have To Place The Truth Somewhere?

Consultant Surgeon Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil

explains the FACTS on Covid-19 and the

Corona Virus Hoax - Pandemic

Key Points.

1. Misuse of The Covid 19 Test. Wrong Application.

2. 170,000 die every year (Flu) in the UK. ONS Statistics.

650,000 Approx Deaths In The UK Per Annum

3. Covid 19 test introduced 1993 - NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED FOR MICRO ORGANISMS

4. 80-90% Test Positive For Covid 19 - 99% of these people HAVE NO SYMPTOMS?

5. Track & Trace is therefore USELESS!!

6. Track and Trace Covid 19 gives a false positive result.

7. Millions of Corona Viruses exist in our body - Its NOT an Issue. We build Resilience - Immunity. Its NOT a Killing Disease.

8. Government Propaganda has to be stopped... Misleading Figures for Deaths.

9. People recorded dying from Covid 19 according to Govt in reality are dying from other causes.

10. More are dying From Cancer.. Our Govt KNOW THIS THEY ARE THE CAUSE

NOTE: This is enough evidence to convince people that wearing masks is NOT protective for transmission of viruses from one person to another..

There Is NO Pandemic/ There Never Was?

Its Agenda 21/ 2030. At Play By EU EN Forces Acting through Common Purpose in Leveraged UK Councils. Many are Compromised by Lobo Loans, Misinformed Public Servants and Individuals that are easily lead or directed and Paedophiles in High Office who are compromised. Many of these are MP's, Local Councillors and Cabinet Ministers with easy access to public services and public funds.

Sensitive Footage on Child Trafficking - Please Be Aware

Correct Mask Information: Please Become Informed

The Case Against Masks: Download It Today - Businesses Are Getting Fined For

Breeches Against A Counterfeit Corona Virus ACT 2020.

Dr Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively

Amazon Kindle: £3.24

Content Headings:

  1. Oxygen Is Good - Carbon Dioxide Is Bad

  2. How Does SARS CoV-2 Spread

  3. How Effective Is A Mask

  4. Six Feet Apart & Wearing A Mask

  5. What About Face Seal Leakage and The Backward Jet

  6. What is The Actual risk of Airborne Transmission

  7. What Is A Dangerous Situation For The Vulnerable Exposed

  8. Can A Mask Become A Virus Trap

  9. The Myth of Asymptomatic Carriers

  10. Children Do NOT Need to Wear A Mask To return To School

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