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ACRO - Penalty NOTICE - A Guy Goes Into A Shop.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The World Of The Corporate & Legalese V Common Law & Common Sense.

Message from A Groups Whats App Dialogue.

Response To: What Did You Get It For?

"Leaving a farm shop after buying groceries and driving 100m up the road to go for a walk in the woods. There were 2 PCSO's in a vehicle (not social distancing) who tried to contract with me. I refused to do business with them and so they took number plate and reported it"

This is where we are going guys and why we need to act together in a Group Action Format.. Enter PAG and Project Jonesy: They Don't Like It Up Emm

  1. The Corona Virus Act is in DOG LATIN not ENGLISH and therefore A Counterfeit Document. It has NO standing in Law.

  2. There was/ is NO Pandemic and many thousands of Doctors are Now Turning Whistle blowers. The data and law is on our side. Common Law is The Superior mechanism for Justice in the UK.

  3. They (Corporations) can only create this joinder against a PERSON ( person). NOT a Man or Woman.

  4. This is entrapment as they are attempting by deception and on a false premise to bring you into their control funnel for profit which is an unlawful act. No Harm, No Loss, No Injury, Be faithful in all your contracts? Is this faithful in contracts? NO!!

  5. An attempt to take the man or woman back into the Unlawful Conversion from which Common Law removes you.

  6. There are many more "Lock Step" initiatives that are at play here but a relatively simple solution in the Project Jonesy Weekly Billing exercise after a tailored NOTICE. Approved/ Vetted by The Prince Regent Duke Governor.

1. Coughing Without Due Care & Intention?

That would get you 24 Hours plus today

2. Loitering With Intent to Use A Pedestrian Crossing.

3. Smelling of Foreign Food.

4. Walking on the Cracks in the Pavement.

5. Walking around with an Offensive Wife.

New Variety.

6. Theft of Radiation From A Corporate Telecoms 5G/ 4G LTE installation

7. Not Wearing a Mask in a Public Place

8. Placing Your Image on Our Govt/ Police Database Without Our Consent

These Are All Up For Grabs in Boris' Regime.

This is along similar Lines to "Driving While Black" - Blacks Law Dictionary

P 625 11th edition

Specifically aimed at Mr Winston Kodogo?


Enter Project Jones'y: Property Action Group

10 Page Billing Notice For Data Capture - Radiation- Identity Data Theft & Bio Interrogation of the

Man, Woman or Child.

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