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David Icke 0n London Real - Linked Data..

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Toxicity on The Covid 19 Tests Can Show Positive Through Stress & Fear and Electromagnetic fields.

The majority of tests will show positive as they have placed you in stress and fear and they are installing more and more 5G installations as we move into this extremely pressurised period.

They have even sent us a letter from Boris that many will be fearful of.

Government lies are rigging or fixing the test.. Full Second Interview

Why The Lockdown? 5G Installs Increase In Your Area:

Lets look at Imperial College?

Lets Examine The Real Data?

Oxygen Removed from Air At 60GHz Will Kill You. At Least Give You The Same Experience as Microwaved Veterans.

The World Health Organisation. Funded by US Govt and Bill Gates.

Gates and Covid 19 Patents are linked. Affidavit 0.9 Provides Links.

Research Pirbright Institute, Woking UK, QinetiQ

Dr Andrew Kaufman, there IS no test for so called: ‘covid-19…

Dr Judy Mikovits, the history behind viruses, like ‘covid-19'


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