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Emperors Not So New Clothes - The Outcome Will Be The Same For Those Who Do Not Listen!! Worse!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

1918 Radio - Tesla - Marconi: Spanish Flu

Feb. 26, 1935: Radar, the Invention That Saved Britain: 1939-45

Pilots Eyes Were Cooked Who Faced The Radar Beam waves

Mobile Phone Evolution - DiS Ease Corrolation

1973 - First Mobile Call. Dr Martin Cooper

1G Voice - 1981

2G Voice - Text - 1991

4G Digital Migration - 2009 - H1N1 Outbreak? Same As 1918 H1N1

5G Corona Virus - Covid 19 - Government Lies As They Know Whats Coming

Man and Women operate at approximately 7Hz Schuman Resonance.

As Does The Earth. Anything That Impacts Our Natural Frequency Causes Us Dis Ease..

Resonance Beings of Frequency: Watch

Symptoms of Battlefield Warfare Using Microwave Energy Weapons

This Time Its Genocide As They Know The Outcome. Vaccines inc. Nano Particulates + Plus Sub GHz Microwave Radiation and 60 GHz Sucks Oxygen From The Air.

Corona Virus is A False Flag Pandemic Hoax Event. This Modern Day 911 Event is to be global. The Field Hospitals Are For Their Solution. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

Stop The Genocide.

The Vaccine plus 5G Will Kill You!! Severe Respiratory Syndrome is the Outcome.

Mark Steele & Other Scientists Speak

Dr Thomas Makes Microwave Radiation Simple For in the Line of "For Dummies" Publications. The UK Govt, Boris, Gove, CMOs are lying as they are under control of The Deep State, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Rand Organisation. Bilderberg Group.

Dr Thomas Cowan, Dolphin Analogy. If You Place Shit in The Water Dolphins Die.

If You Place EMF's in The Air People Die.

6O GHz and Defence Band Frequencies Take Oxygen From The Air. Humans

Get Respiratory problems, Those with underlying issues or elderly die.

This is Why The Kids Are Burning The Masts - They Get It!!

Taking The Precautionary Principle Youd Switch Off The 5G Masts, If You Understood There was an issue? Ok The Government Aren't Switching off The Masts!!

They Are Installing More!!

The Govt Are Doing The Opposite. They Are Fitting More 5G Masts. These Will Give The Same Symptoms As Shown in Green Above, CV19 Respiratory Symptoms.

Also Give A New Source of Widespread Cancer & Corona Virus Symptoms.

They Are Poisoning The People? Why? Global De Population, Agenda 2030.

The Deep State Always Provide Evidence or Breadcrumbs To Who They Are.

Checkout The Banking Slides on The Affidavit - PAG Deck. There's Your Answer..

They Also Built A Couple of Clues into The Money Supply, for good measure.

Porthcawl 5G Installs During Lockdown? Killer Tech. Govt Directive!! Go Figure..

Read This Today - Get Informed - Protect Your Family.

Affidavit 0.9 Sent To Adela Whittingham along with the Correct Narrative. For True Investigation. It is Unlikely She Will Do Anything As She Is Controlled By Her Editors and Those Changing The CV19 Bill Laws - Bag - Tag - Then Burn.

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