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Dr Thomas Cowan - Virus 101 - Trump - Italian Autopsy - Nurses Truths. Royal Links.

Dr Cowan's materials directly related to Covid 19 had been taken out of circulation by mainstream and social media. The Covid 19 vs 5G transcript can be found below. Once again navigate touch points on what is being identified and what is being covered up and what we know from science.

Join the dots, research your gaps. Start your Journey, find your truths and ignore the social programming, mainstream narrative. Read between the lines on what the elites objectives are. They are becoming a spent force.. By The Day!!

The UK Govt created the same WHO policy of Bag Tag and Burn without an autopsy and we will learn fully why in time. They are hiding the Truth and implementing Social Control and Social Engineering Tactics prior to a Genocide - 5G/ Vaccination programme as indicated in - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

The full truth is scheduled to come out when people become more aware of the deception on many levels of our many political leaders and local public office representatives or officials who should be acting on behalf of the public with a duty of care. Do Your Own Research: Start here:

The politicians hold greater respect for their secret societies and ££ $$ backhanders than their oaths of office.

Some have committed treason and sedition against UK men, women and children others malfeasance in public office.

We look to the Treasury Links to HMRC and Regulators and what you find when you follow the money .

There is money in your death for them on surrender of the death certificate (Security-Instrument) enabling access to the bond value which they didn't tell you about held within your Cestui Qui Vie Trust.

This is where the money comes from, this is your value to their society and they are/ were about to cash you in as their game is up..

Its linked with this exposure regard Liz 2 & Co and Greg Hallett. Following Gregs storyline from forthcoming documentaries and his site will align you with the changes we will all experience.

Follow The Money:

This is paid into Treasuries via The Bank of International Settlements - BIS. This happens during times of war but they didn't tell you that you were in a war situation - Economic, through tactical - Orwellian surveillance and technology deployments and Psychological Conditioning (Social Distancing etc.) Welcome to Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

Started 2.6.1953 - Date.

An introductory programming manual

Operations Research

Technical Manual


Tactically misleading the UK - Deep State style.

If your awake you know these cover ups are standard for Govt and this is part of the UK and Global take down by the so called "elite".

This i reported from a financial perspective October 2018 to MP's in Westminster with factual evidence that should have been asked in The House of Commons of John Glen, Treasury Minister.

It didn't take place, my MP Mike Kane covered up? Affidavit 0.9

Dr Cowan discusses related viral (Fear Conditioning) issues and the basic understanding required to appreciate how the body works and our immune system operates and builds.

Think along the lines of measles parties etc..

Vaccine Content and Case Studies CLC.

Remember Covid-19 is NOT a HCID. High Consequence Infectious Disease

Your Govt is misleading you - By Design..

Interesting Clip From Orange County USA. Quotes - "This is A Hoax or Fraud!!"

"Natural Rights As Sovereign Men and Women Trashed" - That's What Is At Stake Here.

"Guys Its Over - I Cant Believe We Are Still Talking About This"

"Stop Imposing Chinese Communist Tactics"

The Truth Un-Masked??

Dr Thomas Cowan.

Whats in a Vacinne? Listen, Watch, Learn - How Our Body Works.

How we've been mislead by those acting on our behalf.

On the subject of Aluminium and Formaldehyde as Vaccine contents plus many more nasties..

Italy wouldn't put the Sh1T it in their wine. No One Would Go There or buy the stuff.

For meals and foodstuffs you have to state contents for allergic and body toxicity reasons. Why put Sh1T in a Vaccine?

His comments relating to 5G and Air were along the lines of paralleling information comparing Dolphins and Water, mentioning the Exxon Valdeze oil spill and dropping once again Sh1T in the water and the health of the Dolphins. It deteriorates.

If you place Electro Magnetic Waves in the air people get sick. 5G roll out.

EMF's in the air People Get Sick!! Get It!! Vodafone, 3, EE, O2 know this.

Visual reference points:

Mix it with Bill + Mel's Special Vaccine Medicines - Eugenics Mix.

Eugenics Mindset - Planned Parenthood - Bills Dads Project - Rockefeller Lineage

Conditional Acceptance of Vaccination Document

Placing liability with the Vaccine Administrator.

We Get A Serious Problem For Humanity.

Corona Virus Action Plan - .GOV

The Aluminium contaminant in the vaccinnes will be remote controlled. 5G

This isn't difficult so unless you have a eugenics mindset and want to mix Aluminium Nano Particulates with the densification of radio waves to watch people die in pain - why do it? Unless its part of your agenda - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. 2.6.1953 - Date

Italian Autopsy Report:

Mark Steeles slide deck - IMPACT of Radio Waves on Tissue and Supporting slides.


The Invisible Rainbow. Download

Mainstream Media attempting to change the narrative. The system is failing and accelerating patient deaths. The wrong disciplines are being assigned to the wrong patients. USA.

The wrong processes are being followed. The agencies that are meant to protect you are NOT!! This is the same UK, USA as they have been hijacked..

Fake and False statements are being delivered on social media to influence the public. Especially in the cases where the italian autopsy reports are now indicating that Covid 19 is potentially bacterial and not viral. The system controlling Govt is attempting to hide the truth.

Original Viral Video

Whatever we find eventually- Know This. There will be a financial gain and loss attributed to the event. It will be your loss and their gain. Take the Cancer and GcMAF case study as a reference point.

Patient Advocates - Nurses - Whistle Blowers US, UK.

Medical Malpractice and Negligence as standard in the New York Experiences.

Evidence now with a pro bono law advocate. Physical evidence being catalogued.

The truth always comes out Misrepresentation of Facts, Fraud and Murder are the intention as The Deep State Game is nearly up.

Liz 2 and the gang are outed and Donald is draining the swamp.

There are many threads to this ripping yarn and following Greg Hallett is also one to watch. Its all connected..

Gregg Hallett.

Statement of Claim in Support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Illegitimate Conception of King George V, 5 April 2020 rfs 

Statement of Claim in support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Illegitimate Conception of King George V of the United Kingdom - "IKJV".

Illegitimate Conception of King George V of the United Kingdom was originally placed in the Queen's Bench of the High Court in 2015, and accepted by all kinds of Judge tacit avoidance, 40 kings of bias, and finally passive acquiescence.

Illegitimate Conception of King George V of the United Kingdom was then signed on 1 November 2019 and registered in the Common Law Court on 17 November 2019. Both of these were still in military A4 paper.

Illegitimate Conception of King George V of the United Kingdom was redone in SRA4 cream linen watermarked paper, witnessed again on 5 April 2020, lodged in the Common Law Court on 6 April 2020, then posted out.

All the UK, England, London recipients signed for their documents by 10:14 a.m. on 8 April 2020

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