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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Download email in full. PDF

Last Email to GMCA - Trafford Before Police Reports To Greater Manchester Police.

GMP Economic Crime Desk done Zero, Nada, Nothing to date.

Ex Vodafone Business Manager Tells About 5G Toxic Technology and The Dangers.

This is Deliberate. 5G Poisons Your Cells.

The Largest Global Cover Up In History. This Will Kill You. Watch and Share.

YouTube Truth filters implemented so you cant hear the truth from an ex Vodafone Manager. 05.04.20

ITNJ Special Seating.

False Imprisonment is a crime, Judges are under control mainly through Paedophilia.

All Countries are priming themselves for mass demonstrations. This is a real virus but a false pandemic. This is fake martial law. Watch the Special Seating.

The Technicalities:

The Video Below Mark Will Talk You Through The Slides. Slides Below in PDF Format.

Testing Will Give You The Virus: See From Inside The NHS & Corona Virus (CV19) 1,2,3

False Media Narrative To Create Panic:

You Will Be Micro chipped During The Vaccine:

Laws Are Being Changed To Control You

This was deliberate.

Document in full:

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