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Hancock - Whitty - Vallance - Ferguson - The Bernician Latest

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


1200 Pages Submitted - Follow The Money - Gates - Planned Parenthood

Johnson Confirms Everything Is Run By The City of London

Johnson Senior - Junior - Eugenecist's - Genocide via Vaccine. Case study 4. - City influence - Confirmed by Amber Rudd.

Government policy to mark every death as COVid 1984 - CoronaVirus - Confirmed

Prima Facie Evidence of World Population Reduction Via Vaccine.

No one has the evidence the team has.

This all started with Public Health England. The WHO..

Crime Report Submitted 20.03.2021

The Bernician..

Papers Are In - Legal Department Assesses - Chief Magistrate Reviews - Preliminary Hearing - Guilty or Innocent - Summoned To Court - Within 2-4 Weeks - Defendants Appear in Court. Suspension of Vaccinations. Autopsies Will Identify Cause.

Expert witness testimonies - There is NO Evidence of SARS COV 2 - The PCR Tests Don't Work.

They cant prove there is a Virus.. Its a presumption.

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