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Illuminati Media of The Fourth Reich - The Trap Sprung: Announced - 5.2.21? -Watch US MSM - Tonight.

11pm - Midnight Tonight Friday 5th February 2021. Expect a media announcement. - Possibly?

All official media channels will be acquisitioned and the Truth Will Come Out.

Fingers Crossed XX. If Not Tonight Soon. Hopefully.

The UK then needs to act rapidly to arrest all those who are in Public Office under Oath and have breached that Oath - Committed Treason - They are terrorists - criminals - acting against our constitution. Acting against the UK Public - Men Women Children.

Once Again Start To Join The Dots.

Lets See What Happens Tonight.

Confirmed - A False Global Epidemic - An Act of War against the US - UK - EU - The World Populations. Death by Vaccine - Bio Weapons.

My Journey. Harry B, John B, Greg -

Covers The Overthrow of Any Terrorist Government - This includes the UK Illuminati Govt.

A former code-breaker and a man who actually talked with Dr Konrad Adenaur, (known as the old fox) and the Chancellor of the first post-war German Government, Harry Beckhough wrote a book about his extensive knowledge of Germany, and has explored the development of its aggressive nature from its earliest years.

This book, due to requests from many people has now been re-printed and what follows is an extract from it.

“In 1941 Walter Funk, Hitler’s economics Minister, launched Europäische Wirtschafts-gemeinschaft (European Economic Community) - to establish a single European currency, the Reichsmark. Plus the integration of all European economies into a “Single Market”. The creation of a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was based on the mode of European agriculture, protected by subsidies and high tariffs, keeping prices artificially high for the benefit, principally, of French and German small farmers. This Franco-German benefit was later enshrined, post-war, under Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome. Similar to the later Maastricht Treaty of EU, with a PanEuropean Bank (Bank Europa) created and run by Germany, in Frankfurt.

This, then, was the embryo Nazi plan for the future of greater Europe, all combined under the sole command of the master, ‘Aryan’ superior German Superstate, cum dictatorship.

The intel - 5th Feb 2021 - Midnight - Hopefully.

Harry Beckhough - Historian - ex British Intelligence - Expert in The German Character.

Ted Heath - FCO 30/1048 - We The People

Harry Beckhough Interview.

John Bingley - Harry Beckhough - British Constitution Group.

US Constitution Restored - UK - English Constitution - Will Be Restored. Illuminati Outed (Committee of 300)

on Mainstream Media?

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The UK Banker - Judiciary - MI5 Data:

The UK - MI5 Data:

The Pandemic Scam - World Economic Forum -

The Great Reset - The Great Awakening -

5G The Trigger

Phil The Greek - On Eugenics - Voluntary Eugenics - Voluntary Family Limitation - Death By Tacit Agreement - Death By Vaccination?

Tom Barnett on CoronaVirus - The CV19 Scam - Facts.

Professor Cahill - German Doctors - Discussion.

Eustace Mullins - Interview - Murder By Injection..

The Covid19 Genocide 2020 - 2021

Claire Edwards - Ex UN.

60GHz - The Trigger or Is It Another Frequency?

Mark Steele on Telegram

The UK - English - Constitution

John Bingley's Web Site To Follow..

John Bingley - Our English Constitution

Solutions in PAG

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