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Lord Sumption - Corona Virus - Lock Down - APEASE

Govt Statement: The Virus Is Going To Be With Us For A Long Time.

This is A Social Programming - Mind Kontrol (MK Ultra) - Tavistock Institute - Social Conditioning - Statement.

This will be made easier with implementation of 5G Patent US 6,017,302. Also the IMPACT of Vaccines and Nano Particulates when mixed with electro magnetic waves.

There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement Standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted Subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with Sub Audio frequency.

Read On.

Technologies delivered by The World Health Organisation - Gates - Rockefeller - Rothschilds - QinetiQ - Pirbright. (New World Order - Agenda 2030) Supported by EU, US Corona Virus Patents - Covid19.

Its a Construct. MP's and PM's past and present are involved and covered up by Westminster, The Privy Council and the party whips.

The UK has been infiltrated over time by German intelligence Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (For Those Who The War Never Ends) aka German Defense Service. This was set up by German spymaster Admiral Wilhelm Canaris in 1943/4, after he realized that Germany was going to lose the war.

Mind Kontrol (MK Ultra) For The Masses Will Also Carry Corona Virus

or Microwave Radiation Symptoms

5G Causes Corona Virus - Symptoms - Kawasaki Disease (Youngsters)

5G Installation - South Manchester 19.5.2020

ONS Death Statistics don't reflect the lock down Narrative.

The Pandemic Does Not Exist: FACT

Statistics are skewed to meet the WHO, Rockefeller, Gates - Deep State Narrative..

Follow The Money..

A Legal Perspective on Lock Down.

Boris and SAGE have been caught out with the Economic Terrorists Wish List statement.

Clear Out The Trash!

This lock down isn't about saving the NHS (Mind Kontrol - Statement) its about house imprisonment? Social Control. Mind games to the masses.

Boris and his mates have been financially rifling accounts and stealing from the NHS for years. Also draining money from the economy through Non Payment of Taxes. Off shore accounts and SDLT payments to The Public Purse by Banks, £1.8 Trillion owed etc..

Lock down is about imposing Martial Law under a false criteria, through lies and misrepresentation of the facts, while the Telecomms Corporates fit the 5G infrastructure.

Using MK Ultra techniques Boris, May, Cameron et al and Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (For Those Who The War Never Ends) Who for decades have been funded by The Rothschilds (Bilderberg) Gates (Rockefeller) organisations, have nearly pulled off the fascist plan of UK occupation as told in SS-GB.

A BBC (European funded - Nazi funded Operation) documentary on what life would be like under occupation should the Third Reich have been successful. 1944 The Red House report, the second war lost, they planned the Fourth Reich.. A Corporate takeover.

The Boy Asks - Do You Work For The Gestapo?

The Father Says - No I'm A Detective At Scotland Yard

The truth very often is hidden in plain sight

This lock down is about "Social Engineering" - Tavistock Institute - MK Ultra.

Acceptability - Practicability - Effectiveness - Affordability - Spill Over - Equity.

Adolf Hitler - Tavistock Institute Trained - Rothschild Family - Theresa May - Angela Merkel et al. Genetically connected.

Who are the Tavistock Institute:

From The Enigma Channel - Chris Everard: APPEASE-MENT - APEASE (UK Govt SAGE)

Acceptability - Practicability - Effectiveness - Affordability - Spill Over - Equity.

Theresa May, Boris Johnson & Co. These are the Terrorists - Do Your Own Research

SAGE - Boris Johnson - De Pfeffel document leak

Angela Merkel, Theresa May and "Gobshite" of Lithuania trained at Tavistock..

HITLER ROTHSCHILDS family tree with cousin HRH QE2

The law is about right and wrong, Common Law:

No Harm, Loss or Injury.

There has to be common sense involved in this current situation.

This is NOT being shown at any level by those in Govt. For A Reason.

They cant act as a true Govt as they are not of their own minds, they have a different objective. They are Controlled, Coerced, Leveraged. Mind Kontrolled - MK Ultra.

Social Programming To The Masses.

Police are giving tickets and making arrests based on Unenforceable Guidelines.

Outside their jurisdiction. Ultra Vires. Beyond their powers. Learn Who You Are.

You Are NOT A Fiction but a man or woman.

We Have a Constitution:

Eddy Alder - BCG - Description.

The United Kingdom system is described as a Constitutional Monarchy. It appears that our Constitutional Monarchy system is far older than many people realise.

The concept of the Divine Right of Kings is something that has taken place unlawfully at various times in history.

From my understanding, throughout the ages, a Monarch that has been elected and appointed by the community through the Constitutional Coronation Oath has always been a Constitutional Monarch.

The gist of the Coronation Oath would have always been along the lines that the Monarch must always stand under natural Divine Common Law principles also known as God's Law and must also serve the community of the realm at all times according to these principles.

In more recent times documents like Magna Carta 1215 have stated that everyone's personal sovereignty and their unalienable rights are recognised under Common Law.

It also states that no one or nothing should be above these natural Divine Common Law principles, not a Monarch or a Pope, a Police Constable, the military or any other Public Servant, ...

So it is clear that the Head of our Nation State, the Monarch, should actually be in service to all of us and must serve God's Divine Principles.

So the Monarch must stand under God's authority and serve the people.

Parliament is part of Her/His Majesty's Government and under the Monarch's authority.

All other public servants must stand under the Monarch's authority.

If the Monarch breaches and breaks Constitutional Law including the Coronation Oath then "we the people" must seek remedy and restore the office of Constitutional Monarchy immediately.

So a properly convened Common Law Jury can have more authority over the Monarch and her government including Parliament by annulling any unlawful unfair statutes and can seek remedy over any Constitutional Crisis.

In Magna Carta 1215, there is the Great Constitutional Security Clause, Article 61 (Lawful Rebellion) that compels us all to lawfully rise up and distrain and distress the Monarch and her government until Constitutional Remedy has been arrived at.

Article 61 was invoked lawfully and correctly in 2001. Proper Constitutional Remedy has still not been arrived at and the treason continues and deepens every day since.

We Have a Bill of Rights

The Bill firmly established the principles of frequent parliaments, free elections and freedom of speech within Parliament – known today as Parliamentary Privilege. It also includes no right of taxation without Parliament’s agreement, freedom from government interference, the right of petition and just treatment of people by courts. The main principles of the Bill of Rights are still in force today - particularly being cited in legal cases – and was used as a model for the US Bill of Rights 1789.

Only Parliament Can Make Law..

Parliament Has Been Infiltrated By Those Who Are Working Against The People?

Parliament is: A True Monarch, A House of Lords, MP's Acting on behalf of The People.

260 Lords Were Replaced As They Would Not Take A False Oath To A False Queen - Monarch. Tony Blair and HRH Liz 2 rigged the Lords - A Parliament set up to deceive the people and rob them of their property and rights.

We Have (Had) A Phone'y Rothschild Monarch

The Real Deal. King John III - Gregory Joseph Hallett.

Many MP's are bent and involved in terrorist acts undermining the people and UK economy. Not acting in good faith or on behalf of the People who put them in The House of Commons.

They serve secret societies or are compromised through financial misconduct or associations with paedophile rings and/ or the trafficking of young children and girls.

Hence the Epstein, Andrew and links with the Royals evidenced by the Jimmy Saville ability to wander freely through Buckingham Palace, Stoke Mandeville Hospital etc.

How Did Theresa May Plan To Protect Herself and others (BoJo De Pfeffel) that were criminally connected through German Intelligence and the Tavistock Institute?

Mays Brexit deal gave protection for her and the other Tavistock - German Intelligence members working in Westminster.

Why Did Mike Kane Cover Up The Instructions To ask John Glen A Question Set That Would Expose The Banking Fraud - Its Televised on Parliament TV..

Mike Kane - Sale East & Wythenshawe -

Cover Up of Economic Terrorism Against The UK. 30.11.18

Now we are in Recession.. Triggered March 2020

Mike Kane agreed with APPG Banking he had to ask questions of John Glen The Treasury Minister in The House of Commons 16.10.18.

The issue, the UK Economy was being taken down from within HMRC and the HM Treasury.. Follow The Money case studies and exercises provided as proof to APPG Banking and Kevin Hollinrake MP Thirsk & Malton.

Mike Kane's Office - 30.11.18. He started to raise his voice and then stated that i was a Conspiracy Theorist and Anti Semitic. I left and reported back to APPG Banking.

APPG Banking - Nothing Done!! Westminster Cover Up - Inside Job.

Today we are looking at the worst recession and Company Failures from a Hoax Pandemic, lead up to by a Brexit situation born out of Theresa Mays/ BoJo De Pfeffel's misguided Rothschild influence to permanently tie the UK to the Nazi funded EU.

The money sucking operation that was outed finally by The Brexit Party actions and Nigel Farage's 20 plus years efforts as an MEP to get us out of the mess Ted Heath (German Intelligence- (Harry Beckhough files) and Paedophile) got us into.

Speaker Closing Comments: "If You Disobey The Rules - You Get Cut Off"

The Corrupt Rothschild influenced Leaders (May Out - Boris in) & Cabinet shuffle brought the planned economic destruction end game back on track.

Here is your UK Deep State, plain to see. Witnessed by the masses, disguised and distracted now by a fake Corona (Crown) Virus pandemic..

The House of Commons and Whitehall has German Intelligence officials in many departments but for certain in HMRC and The HM Treasury that works with the Rothschild Bank of England operation and the bent politicians. Not all politicians are bent.

Sucking the finances and creating financial havoc within the UK.

Not So Much A Conspiracy THEORY now Mike Kane MP.. More A FACT..

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars: Read In Full


Silent weapons for quiet wars

An introductory programming manual

Operations Research

Technical Manual


Welcome Aboard

This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War", being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons".

This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.

Maximise Control - Collapse The Currency are the current stages we are now in..

There is a more harmful element though to this scheme or warped plot that impacts everyone of us more than we can imagine.

5G Mind Control (Kontrol) (MK Ultra)

Mind Kontrol (German Spelling) using EMF tainted Airwaves as discovered through tests on Nazi Prison Camp detainees and further development by CIA (SS Nazi - Project Paperclip team) as recorded by William Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse author and ex US Naval Intelligence Officer. A recommended read.

If You Understand the 5G Technology and its parameters and objectives fully, this is then intent to commit mental and physical harm on human life.

Initially Mind Kontrol and crowd control (You, if you step out of line) but also these microwave devices cause cancer and neurological diseases, they come in various guises. See See also resources.


The central nervous system can be manipulated via sensory pathways. Of interest here is a resonance method wherein periodic sensory stimulation evokes a physiological response that peaks at certain stimulus frequencies. This occurs for instance when rocking a baby, which typically provides relaxation at frequencies near 1/2 Hz. The peaking of the physiological response versus frequency suggests that one is dealing here with a resonance mechanism, wherein the periodic sensory signals evoke an excitation of oscillatory modes in certain neural circuits. The sensory pathway involved in the rocking example is the vestibular nerve. However, a similar relaxing response at much the same frequencies can be obtained by gently stroking a child's hair, or by administering weak heat pulses to the skin, as discussed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,800,481, Sep. 1, 1998. These three types of stimulation involve different sensory modalities, but the similarity in responses and effective frequencies suggests that the resonant neural circuitry is the same. Apparently, the resonance can be excited either via vestibular pathways or via cutaneous sensory pathways that carry tactile or temperature information.

Where Does Responsibility for a Process To Harm Start and Finish.

5G Installation - South Manchester 19th May 2020

Who is liable for Corporate Professional Misconduct

that will lead to Genocide. SWQW.

5G - 60 GHz & Patent 6017302 Tech installation and

It is Unlawful to NOT Report A Criminal Act.

To Ignore a Criminal Act.

To Walk Away.

To Turn A Blind Eye.

To Allow Yourself or Others To Be Coerced

& Controlled - US Patent 6017302

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