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Lowry Centre - Salford - Kill Grid Install - 30.8.20

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Murder By Decree - Genocide - Democide - The Manchester & Salford Kill Grid Expands.

Not only do we measure 6000 mV/Mtr in Media City near the BBC & ITV studios, they have now expanded the kill grid to the Lowry Complex.

This is ready for stage 2 - Corona Virus -The Return of - The Sequal.

Call it what you want its Genocide - Democide. Microwave Radiation Poisoning!!

Killer Crane Operators

Killer Technicians 1

Killer Technicians 2

From 29.8.20. 35-45,000 Witnessed Doctors, Nurses, Scientists tell all Trafalgar Square, twinned with the Berlin event.

The evidence is ON THIS SITE and Others.

For this Young 5G - Technician it came too late - He's NOW DEAD!!

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