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Trafalgar Sq - 35000 plus - Attended - 6000 mV/Mtr Plus EMW's.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Vaccine My Arse - The Day's Sentiment.

This is an ongoing post so additional supporting data will be linked or graphics added.

Houses of Parliament

Why Do This For Something In All of US That Will Test Positive in 90% of Humans?

Then look at this?

Your So Called Government Has Gone Off The Rails - They Are Directed By "The Hidden Hand" -

There Is No Democracy & They Are Now Exposed!!

A Brilliant Day and The Chants of "You Can Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse" outside No 10 and to The Police informing them they are "Paedophile Protectors".

This Will Resonate Within, Till My Dying Day.

There is NO Turning Back or Denial of What Took Place!!

There were too many witnesses.

It Was Also A Crime Scene. Radiation of 35,000 to 45,000 people in Trafalgar Square !! 6000mV/Mtr.

15,000 mV/Mtr recorded by Mark Steele outside the Houses of Parliament.

That wasn't in the Press Now Was it!!

Event Line Up Post:

The Speaker Line Up Was brought together by Stand UP X, Doctors and Scientists.

Reports vary on numbers but we can state there were easily between 35,000 to 45,000 that attended. Others were being informed by The Police that the event had been cancelled and turned away. Many who attempted to get into Westminster were prevented as the realisation hit how big the turnout was going to be.

Key points.

The Police confiscated the screens so the link ups could not be done with the Berlin event also for Del Bigtree (USA) and Dr Vernon Coleman.

David Icke turned up in person and alongside the announced key speakers anchored brilliantly by Kate Shemirani, Mark Steele gave a rallying call on the 5G Kill Grid Component.

The measurements taken around Trafalgar Sq were jumping between 3000 - 6000 mV/ mtr which is greater than 15-30 times the safe level for humans. 200mV/mtr for 6 mins in 24hrs the recommended safe level. Londoners beware your being radiated. 24/7.

Mark measured outside Westminster's House of Commons EMW/ EMF values to 15,000 mV/ Mtr which was obviously intended to be for the demonstrators similar to Greenham Common. Radiating the people. Some great pics and video footage from the day.

The first of many and the beginning of the "Wake Up To Freedom Revolution!!"

As David Icke Said.

"Human Race - GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!"


At The Close of David's set - He Quoted The Shelley Peterloo Massacre Tribute - Masque Of Anarchy

"Ye who suffer woes untold,

Or to feel, or to behold

Your lost country bought and sold

With a price of blood and gold.

Let a vast assembly be,

And with great solemnity

Declare with measured words that ye

Are, as God has made ye, free.

Let the charged artillery drive

Till the dead air seems alive

With the clash of clanging wheels,

And the tramp of horses' heels.

Stand ye calm and resolute,

Like a forest close and mute,

With folded arms and looks which are

Weapons of unvanquished war,

And that slaughter to the Nation

Shall steam up like inspiration,

Eloquent, oracular;

A volcano heard afar.

Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number,

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many - they are few."

"Ye are many - they are few."

Listen to every word of the speech by Nurse - Kate Shemirani.

The Hydrogel Piece - Then Look At The Transhuman Video

The Vaccination makes you Trans human.

Therefore in their Warped World


Hence the Fraudulent Corona Virus ACT!!

Dr Adil - 29.8.20

Message To The Whats App Group.

Dear All  ,Good afternoon !                       

Thank you very much for participating our rally at the Trafalgar Square , London yesterday arranged by the health professionals and Scientists reinforced by journalists and intellectuals .  

Unfortunately we were unable to display our TV screens because of the problem with the police to install in the podium with the compromises that speeches would go ahead .  

Event had been a marvellous success miraculously with approximately, 30,000-40,000 people at the spot , millions watched remotely . 

Very strong message has gone across the world . 

God bless you for your unconditional ongoing support .  Your participation has really made a huge difference ..

Best wishes        

Dr Mohammad Adil 


10 Downing Street.

Do The Police Think They Have A Future In The Dystopian 5G/ Corona Fear World?

So Whose First in Line For The Vaccines Then?

Robocop 2020

SPEAKERS.. 29.8.20

Doctors Left to Right - Mikael Nordfors (Denmark) Mohammad Adil (UK) Zac Cox (UK)

Many others and video footage in the folder: Trafalgar Square 29.8.20

All those in the NHS who will NOT speak out as to what is really taking place - You are complicit in Genocide and Democide..

As Were The Nazi's Guards on Concentration Camps Across Europe..

The Day Will Come When You Answer To The People.

The Day Is Soon When those - Common Purpose trained, Tavistock Institute aligned, PM's, MP's, Lords, Councillors and The False Royals (Windsor- Rothschilds) and those aligned with the false pandemic are put on trial through The Peoples Common Law NOT The Paedophile/ Sex Trafficking/ Banker Funded - Admiralty, Talmudic, Roman, Babylonian Court system that has been closed so they dont have to answer to the crimes of:

False Testing Criteria.

Agenda 2030/ Agenda 21 is their Objective.

ITS THE Children - BORIS IS TARGETING FIRST - WiGIG 60GHz is A Killer Technology In Schools.

The Electromagnetic Wave - 5G - Noah - The Ark - Rainbows - Get IT!!

BERLIN 29.8.20

Robert Kennedy Junior.

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