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Luc v GMCA - GMP - Infiltrated Local Governments - WEF - Klaus Schwab. NWO-UN-EU-CCP-Davos Clique

Lets look at the Canadian Experience First?

Question: Outside Interference to Democracy. See how the judge or magistrate handles it

Klaus Scwhab and WEF Agenda - The Great Reset.

A Format to build on as we start to rid ourselves of the Masonic, Satanic, Common Purpose elements within Central Government, Local Government that have caused mass deaths, destruction and created harm, loss and injury to millions across our planet.

They Will Allow More - 5G Plus Vaxx - Kill Grid.

Which Greater Manchester Council / Combined Authority members by name have subscribed to this Genocide Agenda in this case Greater Manchester?

This is an act of terrorism exposed by We The People

As Is Lucs Case till the arrival of witness testimonies Friday 18th February 2022

The Sage Leak - UK Column

Witness Testimonies - GMCA - GMP - Legal Papers

Cafe Open in Lockdown till shut by GMP - Under GMCA Instruction.

Luc Called Them Nazis - They Were Offended?

Boris Is an ASHKE - NAZI Jew - Hence The Mass Murders - 9/11 - 7/7I - Manchester Bombing 22/5/17 - in Keeping With Their Eugenics - Bill Gates

GAVI Programme - Delivered Through Fraudulent Acts & Statutes.

The Crowns are different - Hidden in plane sight

Font Changes? - Different Crowns - Ten Pounds of What? £

On The Notes Its Mrs Sanderson-NOT Liz

Ew-pa128Report - The Red House Report

prospered in the Third Reich. Dapper, elegant and diplomatic, Abs joined the board of Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest bank, in 1937.

As the Nazi empire expanded, Deutsche Bank enthusiastically Aryanised' Austrian and Czechoslovak banks that were owned by Jews.

By 1942, Abs held 40 directorships, a quarter of which were in countries occupied by the Nazis. Many of these Aryanised companies used slave labour and by 1943 Deutsche Bank's wealth had quadrupled.

Abs also sat on the supervisory board of I.G Farben, as Deutsche Bank's representative. I.G. Farben was one of Nazi Germany's most powerful companies, formed out of a union of BASF, Bayer, Hoechst and subsidiaries in the Twenties.

It was so deeply entwined with the SS and the Nazis that it ran its own slave labour camp at Auschwitz, known as Auschwitz III, where tens of thousands of Jews and other prisoners died producing artificial rubber.

When they could work no longer, or were verbraucht (used up) in the Nazis' chilling term, they were moved to Birkenau. There they were gassed using Zyklon B, the patent for which was owned by I.G. Farben.

But like all good businessmen, I.G. Farben's bosses hedged their bets

Exhibits A - L

Follow The Money - Europe's Millions Stolen By The Nazis

For once, we can recognize the voices heard some time ago, the voices of those who already deceived the TRUTH. Lied, cheated, interpreted.

Sometimes these are the voices of those who have been killing, sometimes those who have been giving the orders – to kill!

And after successful disguise they are raising their fingers towards heaven and shout “do not kill.” Foreword by August Kowalczyk And sometimes, from behind the drapes displaying the inscription of the European Commission¹, emerge faces which I know personally but not by their last or first names. This is the bench of those accused and sentenced in the Nuremberg Tribunal, these are the directors, legal advisors and engineers from the construction site of Oswiecim – the chemical plant IG Farben Auschwitz.

They all saw death and the agony of those who were dying but they turned their eye away towards a distant horizon.

They heard piercing screams of the bandit supervisors, their curses

and thuds of beating, quite often deadly; strangely, however, they

were deaf to the calls for help or for mercy.

Quietly they were monitoring their corporate results and guarding

profits. Their only concern was the underperformance of this evil


On June 14, 2003 – the day of the 63rd anniversary of the first transport of Poles tattooed with the numbers from 31 to 728 to KL

Auschwitz – in The Hague, the capital of Holland, I heard the words

simple and deeply enlightening because of their simplicity and historic reality.

These words were spoken by Dr. Matthias Rath, the President of the

Health Foundation. This Hague meeting gathered people from

around the world who came in order to testify to the words expressed by him.


Foreword by August Kowalczyk

August Kowalczyk

KZ Auschwitz

Prisoner No. 6804

Acts & Statues For Corporations - NOT living Men & Women. - Common Law Courts.

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