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North East Councils Admission of Guilt. A Conspiracy To Harm. GMCA - Push Out To Member Councils?

Mark Gives the insights required in protecting you, those you love, friends and family.

1. Police Log Number.

2. Duty to Uphold The Law.


Manchester Council - GMCA. Greater Manchester Combined Authorities

Greater Manchester Combined Authorities Cannot Answer Questions As It Compromises Them. They Therefore Push Out Responsibility To The Local Councils That Make Up GMCA. This is an attack upon humanity and parallels the economic attacks that are identified by Spank The Banker and the Forthcoming Mortgage Securitisation Claims.

Mail To GMCA Questions:

Zach... As a public official, please provide the full inventory of all electronic and electrical components making up the street furniture across GMCA. This should be readily to hand for maintenance and audit purpose.

The required data will include the following.

1. LED Street Lights, Specifications of lamps, Lamp Heads, Radar Units, LED's and ancillary devices, Controllers, Hazardous product labelling guidelines for staff? etc.

If you can also supply the warnings you sent  to GMCA residents that protective eye wear should be worn as Macular Degeneration and Cancer are the resulting factors from exposure inside relatively short timescales? see the Exeter & Barcelona University findings. ttps://  The debilitating eye impact is due to Blue light phosphor coated LED street lighting without diffusers installed across GMCA. These we also believe are class 2 lasers but provision of the spec will be useful to confirm.

2. Who installed, runs, operates, manages and maintains the street lighting systems. Names of Companies and Individuals responsible?

3. Who provided the specification to be rolled out across GMCA?

4. Who signed off the technical specifications as Technical Architect for GMCA?

5. How the equipment above meets safety standards and what standards set by whom?

6. Who supplied the budget and funding source for implementation?

This task should not be taken lightly as effectively a compartmentalised bomb is being constructed around us and experiences in Paradise California, Grenfell Towers and at the Korean 5G switch on are easily duplicated across Greater Manchester with EMP technology that may well be within the data you provide.

Source Data provides the research in part Property Action Group provides the remaining elements.

Omitting data elements that are later found to be active components will be deemed part of a further cover up.

I will be requesting that Greater Manchester Police via The Serious Fraud Office allow 28 days for you to get this across  to me but request re opening the linked fraud cases as these were prevented from continuation by the actions of Government departments 2013 and now Mike Kane MP 2018.

Police case Cyclops 1146/12 identifies the common elements in who is behind the two sets of events. These are meant to be isolated and many years apart but when tackling these issues we need to go back to the blueprint of Silent Weapons Quiet Wars and understand who is behind them. Andy Burnham and his team know whose pulling their strings.

GMCA are aware they have broken the Nuremburg Code.

GMCA have committed and committing UN human rights violations.

They are now looking to make responsible the Councillors of Bolton, Manchester, Rochdale, Stockport, Trafford, Bury, Oldham, Salford, Tameside, Wigan.

GMCA - The Response:

Manchester Police - Email.

Download The Email in full.

Witness to Assault.

Media City


Northern Moor

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