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Timperley News: Retailer

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Timperley News is a small news agency based on Stockport Road, Timperley, Cheshire.

I met Munaf as i walked into his premises early 2019 after looking to purchase a couple of Jiffy bags for sending an IoT beacon to Legal Quest or now called Mortgage Securitisation Claims (MSC) to promote

Munaf's waiver Code is TPS108 £5500 legal work for £1. Mortgages reduced to 30% based on a successful outcome. Read

After a conversation and myself explaining i was looking to host a media zone locally as the first media zone for Boxndice Ltd, Munaf agreed he would like to do this as the revenues linked will be good for the retail units cash flow.

Part of the remit of media zones is to bring essential news and local promos to localities. This we expect to do in conjunction with the newspaper, The Word.

In June July from the shop we were getting EMF (electro magnetic field) readings of 3000 milli volts/ meter within the premises which could be put down to a number of reasons but The 5G mast outside the premises is the glaring elephant in the room.

10th December 2019 i took a reading as we were going over setting up the media zone after a false start with MSC and a new web site.

The reading was 6000 milli volts per meter within the shop and externally. This is a top of the scale radiation reading and 200mV for 6 minutes is the recommended exposure.

Read and watch Dr Sarah Starkeys findings on the regulators misinformation in order to sell more Radio products and hide the true dangers of EMF exposure.

For more related local posts Facebooks Stop 5G administered by John Kitson who is hoping to become an independent MP in Totnes 12th Decmber 2019 is a good resource.

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