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Quick Review - Medical Findings - The Israeli Experience

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Israel is further down the road with this tyranny and control mechanism.

A nation of people who have experienced the Holocaust are being subjected to this tactic again but who would kill and control their own race and depopulate a country that was meant as a safe haven for those of the Jewish faith?

In the mid 1930's through to 1945 many Ashke - NAZI jews were behind the SS and they at the end of the conflict were transported to the USA under Project Paper Clip many as scientists but also amongst these were Reinhard Galens network of spies who became the CIA and in total around 7000 were assisted to South America 1600 of which became NASA employees, The Secret Space Programme followed:

The works of Joseph P Farrell cover these events well.

Some links and dots to be joined but from previous posts and texts we see that in order to make it appear as though there is a blanket pandemic - There isnt. You have to shed the blood of some of your own, a self sacrifice in their terms.

Reading the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion helps you comprehend their mindset..

Its population reduction and the targeting of specific races and peoples - Amalek..

Some experiences of Israeli Men and Women.

What happens there will happen here. Sooner or later. Passports, Ankle bracelets.

Every Move You Make Tracked Traced.

Every level of spend monitored.. On Their Systems.

Analysis By Infectious Disease Specialist Claims Mismatch Between Data Published By Authorities And Reality On The Ground.


Council of Europe: No compulsory vaccinations and no discrimination against the unvaccinated

On 27 January, the Council of Europe signed Resolution 2361, which states that vaccinations in EU Member States should not be mandatory. Furthermore, persons who have not been vaccinated may not be discriminated against in any way. This effectively stops the notion of "vaccine passports".

Israel - The population cant get into theatres or malls without a health passport.

Your private medical records have to be handed into the local municipality - councils etc.

Access is limited if you haven't had the jab..

They have created medical apartheid.

Security bracelets when you return from travelling.. Tagged - tacked traced.

What happens here will happen everywhere..

A few years ago i set the goal for Israel becoming one of the top five cybersecurity powers in the world. Benjamin.

Charlie Rainbow Quits NHS - Exposing The Scam

NHS staff could be forced to have Covid jab: Radical plan is being considered for thousands of medical staff who turn down the vaccine... but what if they STILL refuse?

  • Vaccine passports review to consider if NHS staff should be obliged to have jab

  • Review will also look at whether jabs for care home staff should be compulsory

  • Those who refuse could be sacked, moved off frontline or told to wear more PPE

  • Ministers believe move could cut death toll and prevent delays to lockdown exit

  • As many as 200,000 NHS and care home staff have refused the vaccine so far

WHO - Porton Down UK - US Military - AIDS Virus Porton Down: Africans and Brazilians were vaccinated - Supposedly to clear small pox.

The African Vaccine Programmes - Mercenary speaks out..

Africans and Brazilians were vaccinated then started dropping like flies. You are dispensable where Government are concerned - They are NOT what they appear to be.

Once You Are Owned - Changed - Patented - Sovereignty is Lost. You are no longer human and can be removed, silenced, disappeared..

The GATES, GAVI, NWO: Trans human Agenda:

A Media Group.: WDA WFA Chat Group input:

Sharon: Thought I’d posted this but maybe not. It’s terrifying: LATEST FROM MHRA: Future vaccine modifications that respond to new variants of coronavirus to be made available quickly to UK recipients, without compromising on safety, quality or effectiveness.  

Authorised COVID-19 vaccines that are modified in response to new variants will not need a brand new approval or “lengthy” clinical studies, according to new guidance from the ACCESS Consortium – a coalition of regulatory authorities from the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland. The guidance, developed by the MHRA and its ACCESS partners, lays out what information the medicines regulators would need to approve any modifications to authorised COVID-19 vaccines, should virus mutations make them less effective at preventing the disease.  

According to the guidance, vaccine manufacturers would need to provide robust evidence that the modified vaccine produces an immune response, but time-consuming clinical studies that do not add to the regulatory understanding of a vaccines safety, quality or effectiveness would not be needed. 

This is because researchers are now better able to measure protection by looking at antibodies in the blood following vaccination, reducing the need to wait and see whether or not people in a trial become infected with the disease. This would significantly reduce the length of time taken for the modified vaccine to be ready for use.

Alongside data on the immune response, the vaccine manufacturer would also be expected to provide evidence showing the modified vaccine is safe and is of the expected quality. In addition, data from the original robust clinical trials and the ongoing studies on real-world use in millions of people could be used to support any decision by the regulators.  

This approach is based on the tried and tested regulatory process used for seasonal flu vaccines, for which annual modifications are needed to match the strains circulating each year.  

MHRA Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Christian Schneider said: 

“Our priority is to get effective vaccines to the public in as short a time as possible, without compromising on safety. Should any modifications to authorised COVID-19 vaccines be necessary, this regulatory approach should help to do just that. 

“The announcement today also demonstrates the strength of our international partnerships with other regulators and how our global work can help ensure faster access to life-saving vaccines in the UK and around the world.  

“The public should be confident that no vaccine would be approved unless the expected high standards of safety, quality and effectiveness are met.” 


The MHRA joined the ACCESS consortium in October 2020. The consortium’s goal is to maximise international co-operation between partners in the consortium, reduce duplication, and increase each agency’s capacity to ensure patients have timely access to high quality, safe and effective therapeutic products.

The above is absolutely criminal:

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