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Restored Republic - Overview - Deep State - UK Exposed

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Linked status reports as the bigger picture and solutions come together. The 5G Vaxx connection confirmed as the US Republic financial mechanism begins to develop.

Military Sentences Fauci to Hang

GITMO, 19 April, 2022. 1200 Hours EST.

The panel of officers chosen to weigh JAG’s case against Anthony Stephen Fauci rendered a verdict of guilty after listening to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s evidence, which summarized 6-hours of witness testimony and hard evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that Fauci committed treason for profit, betrayed his Hippocratic Oath, caused immeasurable suffering, sickness, and death, preyed on disadvantaged children, and conspired to overthrow President Trump in hopes of seating a president more sympathetic to vaccine mandates.

WAKE UP and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution

The United States has proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations which will be voted on by the World Health Assembly scheduled for May 22-28, 2022.

Stealing Sovereignty & Handing Over To Corporations: IMPACT!!



Have you heard about the ISO2022?

It’s a worldwide industry standard that has been bought in to regulate the

interchange of electronic data between financial institutions, and whilst that

sentence might sound boring, we can assure you, it is anything but!

Part of the ISO20022 improves the compatibility across technology platforms and this

isn’t just with the high street bank or your country’s bank – i.e Bank of England or

Bank of America etc. this includes digital/cryptocurrencies as well. I am sure you

could name at least one crypto that has been making headlines over the years.

Bitcoin? Ethereum? Tether? Did you know that NONE of these big branded

cryptocurrencies are backed by the ISO20022? In fact, there are very few

digital/cryptocurrencies out there which are.

Mike Maloney - The Correction

Are The Threads Coming Together? Economic Bubbles - Health Issues - Control.

What’s In The Jabs They’re So Desperate To Give Us?

  • Dr Mark Trozzi

  • December 18, 2021


People have been lied to about what is in the needle, and forced to take it. I am proud to be among the tiny percent of scientists and doctors around the world, who are standing against the criminal covid enterprise (CCE).

Perversely, these experts currently pay heavy prices, for their efforts to save lives, explaining the true science and exposing the real dangers of the forced injections.

Once again, we are happy to share great work of Dr Verkerk and the Alliance For Natural Health International. Dr Verkerk and his team are on the short list of people who are completely committed, qualified, and at the front line of honest science, public education, and human rights activism countering the CCE.

Content Sections


Freedom on trial

Why the covid-19 jabs shouldn’t be described as ‘vaccines’

What might be in the vials that isn’t declared?

What should be in the vials?

Do the ‘vaccines’ contain nanotechnology?

It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, right?

Omicron update

Final word

Conformed: 5G - Linkage with Graphene Oxide - Hydroxide - Control - Manipulation.

Surveillance Under The Skin - 5G - COVid 19 - The Great Reset - World Economic Forum - Genetic Editing - DAVOS - Yuval Noah Harari - Human Hacking.

We Agreed To Be Surveilled When We Look Back In 20 Years Time. Really?

UK Chief Constables and MP Mike Kane email.

UK MPs email bouncing therefore posted to Mike Kane.

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