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Sometimes The Lie - Gets Too Big To Handle - Even 4 BoJo

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The issue here is that Boris cant support the death figures as they are NOT as stated and the Hospitals are empty.

Deception 1. Rig the statistics.

Agenda 21/ 2030 has become too great a business driver for the New World Order who want to reduce the population numbers and herd everyone into the inner cities.

They've built the infrastructure or camps under our noses and flogged them off as investments to Pension funds and investors under fraudulent contracts.

They've been found out and exposed on many fronts.

Complete control over all things living and non living (assets) is the ultimate Agenda 21/ 2030 objective.

Those who remain will become Digital Slaves if Boris gets his own way or his masters.

Locking down areas, buildings, Giving Councils Further Powers? Interesting concept when they've mismanaged the Climate Change, Global Warming piece and Finances?

See for the truth of the weather matter

We now see IMPORTANT DRAMATIC new developments in these first months of Solar-Cycle 25 (start July) as the world goes further into the New Little-Ice-Age circulation patterns.  We Don't have a Global Warming situation. Get the picture..

Unfortunately those who don't wear the mask Boris as they are self educated on these matters and done their research, who know what your doing and that you are a Public Servant - Govt Fiction, who has gone rogue/ operated by the UN and we are about to bring your little escapade to a timely end. We will put the records straight.

Joseph Goebbels - Nazi Propaganda Spin Meister..

The Councils have had to do as they were told as they are under a Banking LoBo loan leverage structured by the City of London based Foreign Cabal and United Nations, paying 70% of income in interest payments.

This is from a bait and switch financial sting perfected in the Banking sector in the early 2000's..

UK Councils lead locally by Common Purpose trained Muppet's who believe in selling out to overseas Nazi fundamentalists operating out of Brussels and Westminster affectionately known as DVD or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst or to you and I German Intelligence have infiltrated local Politics over decades.

DVD Deutsche Verteidigings Dienst AKA - " For Those Who The War Never Ends"

DVD G02- Works Out of Whitehall, London

DVD G01 German Intelligence. Dachau.


5G Forms part of the Kill Grid the Elite have had installed during lock down enabling them to draw down on the Sovereign Wealth Funds. Also reduce global headcount.

Boris is still placing everyone in fear alongside his compulsive liar team who are lining their own pockets for carrying out this treasonous act.

The masses will surely wake up soon and take action or will they just let Democide or Genocide happen? NOT ON MY WATCH.

5G plus Vaccines is a DEATH Sentence.


D L4Y2 days ago Can lock down a whole country yet can't stop a dinghy. 977 REPLY

Hide 69 replies manboobs2 days ago Lol 29 REPLY L Smith2 days ago Cos his puppet masters told him not to. 64 REPLY Rob Goodsight2 days ago ...I guess those are related... 19 REPLY mcbarberblue2 days ago Because he doesn’t want to 25 REPLY mogznwaz2 days ago They haven't. They've asked us to comply and backed it up with some fairly innocuous and ineffectual police powers. It relies almost entirely on the compliance of the public and always has. 20 REPLY Keep it Honest2 days ago Is it because the dinghy operator is not British that it won't be stopped? LOL 14 REPLY mr mc2 days ago None of it is happening by chance 34 REPLY 200gregg2 days ago they will close your workplace and your childrens school before they close a border. We all need to remember that 55 REPLY Rich Terry2 days ago ....we need to fill up these 4 Star hotels somehow during the China Virus!.... 16 REPLY David Smith2 days ago They dont want to stop the dinghys, they just take them to the nearest 5 star hotels. 27 REPLY Show more replies

Hugh McCoach2 days ago I am nearly 72 just had a blinding row with my daughter and her partner who think I am an old fool. My wife is now not speaking to me because I should have known better. If I could take a pill to end this madness by golly I would. We need people like Peter and others that are on YouTube to keep me sane. 207 REPLY

Hide 41 replies Nellie Melba2 days ago Stay strong, my mum, who is 77 sees straight through this too. David Icke' s latest interview on London Real yesterday had nearly a million views, so those questioning this madness is growing! 44 REPLY bouncer20052 days ago Hugh ... you’re right ... they’re wrong ... keep going fellah 👍✊ 33 REPLY samantha fender2 days ago Well done you. It must be so hard for you. But YOU ARE RIGHT. ❤ 29 REPLY Stephen Allen2 days ago Hugh. I am 64. I have been reading about the new world order for about 12 years. Its all been planned. Read the words of Jesus in Matthew 24. All of this is a giant con trick. They are looking to massively reduce the worlds population. Jesus is real and He is due back soon. Talk to Him..if you dont already. God bless 23 REPLY Hugh McCoach2 days ago Nellie Melba thankyou Nellie.God bless your mum,common sense is a wonderful gift. 14 REPLY Patricia Friary2 days ago Hugh McCoach We're living in the days when good is called evil and evil good. Don't be silenced 18 REPLY William Hamilton2 days ago Try watching Dr Vernon Coleman and also Carl Vernon. 25 REPLY WhyOWhy2 days ago Ive had the same arguments with my family. They will see it eventually 19 REPLY samantha fender2 days ago Thats so sad. Stay strong. Vernon coleman is extremely knowledgeable. Youtube. 22 REPLY Thereaa Walker2 days ago Exactly mate you just cant have a logical discussion with anyone, they just shut you down , they just cant face that they have been duped and that anyone could engineer all this, stay strong and know that others feel the same as you. 20 REPLY Show more replies

fireflyrobert2 days ago As a fit and healthy incipient 70 year old I now wake up every morning in fear but not from the Covid19 virus but what the government is reportedly planning to do next to curb my civil liberties. 272 REPLY

Hide 16 replies Real Reviews2 days ago fireflyrobert exactly how I feel, it gets more scary by the day. 19 REPLY Jake Bullet2 days ago This is no way to live 19 REPLY Nick Hickson2 days ago Just ignore what they say unless they threaten you with police arrest. 18 REPLY Eric Rawson2 days ago Me too, at age 65. Reading about locking up the over 50's yesterday ruined my morning. Went to pick up a double glazed unit from a trade shop today. Mask required. Went in with a smelly old rag from the back of the van on my face. Felt like a right idiot, but didn't want to upset them by not wearing one. Also, I am like Peter, frightened and sad about the forthcoming rise in unemployment, crime, suicide, cancer deaths etc caused by not seeing the doctor .... All to give people in God's waiting room a few extra months of life. 24 REPLY Hazel Hadley-Britt2 days ago They already have, and have progressively doing so for decades. It is why people have complied so easily. 7 REPLY andybud19832 days ago Totally agree. My 70 year old mother cried yesterday when she heard they might lockdown over 50s. The world is going mad, infringing on people's basic rights. Disgraceful. 17 REPLY Forza223 Bowe1 day ago Uk feels like it’s gone from a democracy to a dictatorship overnight, since lockdown 15 REPLY Forza223 Bowe1 day ago andybud1983 Bless her, it’s just awful 7 REPLY Cecilia De Rossi1 day ago Eric Rawson If. I were you I would care more how they are upsetting you. What damn right do these people have to intimidate you. I am 54 and I refuse this garbage. Let them dare challenge me. I lift heavy weights and do Muay Thai. I do not look my age either and have been asked ID in reverse lol. Let them just dare do it. 8 REPLY Anne Proctor21 hours ago I feel the same.

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