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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Synonyms of inept 1 : generally incompetent : bungling inept leadership 2 : lacking in fitness or aptitude : unfit inept at sports 3 : not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree an inept metaphor 4 : lacking sense or reason : foolish ineptly i-ˈnep (t)-lē adverb ineptness i-ˈnept-nəs noun Synonyms inapt

Bruce Lamb (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

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Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

When the Sh1T is about to hit the fan the only thing they can think of is to state you are not well? Interesting tack but its their last hope of wriggling out of this one.

13.04.23-CC-Docs-Visit-SS-Trafford (2)
Download PDF • 5.37MB
2022 12 02 Christine virus FOIs declaration notarized (1)
Download PDF • 6.91MB

Begin forwarded message:

From: Date: 13 March 2023 at 21:34:17 GMT To: courtenay-adam-lawrence <> Cc:, Jane Poole-Wilson <>,, Kate Brunner QC <>, Paul Moulton <>,, Andrew Baker <>, Nigel Taylor <>, Eric Anglin <>, Doug Stewart <>, Stuart Gale QC <>, Tim Crookall <>, Laurence Skelly <>, Juan Watterson <>, Michelle Haywood <> Subject: Re: Fraud Ab Initio: No SARS 'Virus' - Isle of Man Covid Review - Ignoring Manx Democide

Thank you very much for copying me, courtenay.

My notarized declaration regarding the blatantly anti-scientific nature of virology and the fraudulent nature of everything to do with "COVID-19" is attached and publicly available here, along with 3000 pages of "virus" freedom of information responses and court documents, from hundreds of institutions in 40 countries

God help those who are still carrying on with this lie.



Dear Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council,

This WDTK is supported by two Letters Before Claim, Mike Kane MP and Eleanor Roaf, TMBC Director for Public Health. A more complete FOIR requesting a response in 7 days, dated 30.01.23 that will be sent on completion to Eleanor Roaf, Tom Ross, Andrew Western, Andrew Burnham and the circulation list. The questions are to identify those parties involved in the decision making enabling a compartmentalised Biological Chemical Weapon attack be launched alongside the implementation of a 5G EMF target acquiring trigger in Trafford.

This specifically looks at the Sale Moor mast implementation in the centre but is not exclusive to this one installation as the wider intended outcome is to reduce the UK population to 15 Million by using a combination of 5G technology and Bioweapons labelled as COVID-19 injections by 2025.

1. On the general installation of 5G equipment and the specific 15.0 Meter monopole installation in Sale Moor can you provide and confirm the specific environmental and health impact analysis for the installation? Ref 105704/TEL/21 dated 21.8.21, refused 20.10.21. Mark Caine of The Governments Planning Inspectorate overruled and moved the installation a quarter of a mile to Sale Moor Village. Dated 18.05.22. Public NOT informed. No Planning consent. Please provide the Health Impact Analysis in keeping with PACE1815 2011 Sections 7 & 8.

2. Provide full insurance details that Trafford Council hold for radiation exposures for harm against men women and children. 5G: Bands 2GHz – 300GHz. Specifically 18GHz. 60GHz.

2.1 Provide insurance details of the 5G mast and linked technologies – small cells - for both Mobile corporate and Mast/ Small Cell installers also provide their personal liability cover.

2.2 Please state current drain of units when in operation. We are informed the drain will be an estimated 30 Amps per phase. This is in keeping with Defence Energy Weapon Requirements. Please confirm or deny current rating and where the use of such a great power requirement will be utilised and justified? Use Case studies required.

2.3 Provide the structural integrity data report for the monopole and product insurance for fire, fatigue and collapse?

2.4 Provide details of the self-certification from the installers with ICNIRP guideline showing radiation output levels from each radiation transmitter in dBm or watts to confirm compliance with the self-certification that Trafford Council have allowed?

2.5 Provide details of the Councils compliance with the Social Care Act 2012 in regard protection from increasing Ionizing and Non Ionizing emissions from 5G and 4G, 4G LTE installations.

3. Please provide a RACI of Department heads from 2006 - Date in order we can identify those Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed. This is required for Part 2 of the exercise. Nolan principles apply. English Constitutional Law applies.

Please make sure that Tom Ross, Eleanor Roaf, Andrew Western and Andrew Burnham get visibility of this FOIR and the NOTICE that follows. The two document sets are linked. 36 Pages plus linked schedules. Trafford & GMCA are in breach of the Terrorism Act 2000-2006 Section 15. Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

bruce-robert: LAMB

Living Man BC/19/28176

NOT A DEAD FICTION : BRUCE LAMB : Mr Lamb : Mr Bruce Lamb or similar UK GOVERNMENT appellations.

bruce - robert : LAMB is the Agent and Beneficiary also the secured party creditor for the UK GOVERNMENT appellations.

DPH-Letter Before Claim (1)
Download PDF • 741KB
Mike Kane - LBC 23.1.23 (3)
Download PDF • 968KB
11th May 2020 Boxndice Limited Mail - Trafford Councillors _ 5G & Street Lighting - GMCA F
Download • 5.43MB

A Brief Entertainment Interlude: Its Good..

North Korea Are Beginning To Get It.

Maybe Andy Burnham, Tom Ross, Andrew Western & Risky Sunak Should Take Notes..

The tide is going out and some of you are swimming NAKED!!

NK & Kim Gone All Robert Palmer - They are Good!!

Robert Palmer & Co. Brilliant..

Harry & MI6 Mike - Meet The Copper that Doesnt Know If He's an OFFICER OF THE CROWN CORPORATION or a Police Constable - Keeping The Peace & Protecting Property? Listen..

There are a few mistakes in here by Mike but its a good example for Stephen Watson to teach GMP how to behave and provide a guide on how not to conduct business with the his local STAZI. As seen in action below. GMP are currently recruiting so if you want to break the law on a regular basis there is no better place than GMP & Stephens Mcr Crew.

Bruce Lamb (Account suspended) 27 January 2023

Download PDF • 4.17MB
5G-Correlation Report
Download • 1.90MB

IS 5G A WEAPON? - Confirmed by A Subject Matter Expert. Barrie Trower.


For Trafford Council - Trafford Social Services & Stephen Watson - The Double Dippers?

Tom Petty - RIP - I Wont Back Down.. now masked by a login.

For A Reason. Place your NI - Council Tax - Birth Certificate Number in. 2 digits -hyphen - two digits - hyphen. ie WE-74-81-18-B

Everything you ever wanted was paid for on REGISTRATION with the CROWN CORPORATION.

They UK GOVT Controllers & TRAFFORD COUNCIL have been double dipping!!

You've paid for everything twice, thrice over now they are looking to cash you in.. SWQW 2.6.1953 to date.

TRANSPARENCY Please - Fraud ACT 2006 :

7.The Act provides for a general offence of fraud with three ways of committing it, which are by false representation, by failing to disclose information and by abuse of position. It creates new offences of obtaining services dishonestly and of possessing, making and supplying articles for use in frauds. It also contains a new offence of fraudulent trading applicable to non-corporate traders. This offence parallels the offences in section 458 of the Companies Act 1985 (c. 6) and Article 451 of the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (SI 1986/1032 (N.I. 6)), which apply to companies and certain other corporate bodies. The Act repeals the deception offences in sections 15, 15A, 16, and 20(2) of the Theft Act 1968 (c. 60), sections 15, 15A, 16 and 19(2) of the Theft Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 (c. 16 (N.I.)), sections 1 and 2 of the Theft Act 1978 (c. 31) and Articles 3 and 4 of the Theft (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 (SI 1978/1407 (N.I. 23)).

1 Fraud

2 Fraud by false representation

3 Fraud by failing to disclose information

4 Fraud by abuse of position

5 “Gain” and “loss”

6 Possession etc. of articles for use in frauds

7 Making or supplying articles for use in frauds

8 “Article”

9 Participating in fraudulent business carried on by sole trader etc.

10 Participating in fraudulent business carried on by company etc.: penalty Obtaining services dishonestly

11 Obtaining services dishonestly Supplementary

12 Liability of company officers for offences by company

13 Evidence

14 Minor and consequential amendments etc.

15 Commencement and extent

16 Short title

Schedule 1 — Minor and consequential amendments

Schedule 2 — Transitional provisions and savings Schedule 3 — Repeals and revocations

WeatherAction is a major player in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate

We point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any observable effect on weather or climate in the real world.

There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data and we challenge anyone reading this to send us such observational evidence from the real world or find someone who can and get them to produce it.

There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels due to basic laws of physics about the soluability of CO2 gas in (sea) water. Boris Johnson, the (then) Mayor of London has expressed interest in what we say: see article

Thank you, Piers Corbyn, MSc (astrophysics), ARCS, FRAS, FRMetS

Director WeatherAction

Mappable cycles through time that shift civilization, imagine if you had the intensity and onset years of the changes. It appears we are seeing just that. The new cycle/system is upon us. David DuByne and Josh Reid from Conversations on the Fringe.

Thank You for Visiting my Sponsors:

Geo Engineering Watch: Dane Wigington:

Mike Kane Email - Case Reference MK40041 (2) (1)
Download PDF • 1.32MB
Mike Kane MP-Stephen Watson CC GMP (3)
Download PDF • 1.39MB

The WEF - World Economic Forum In Action..

WEF Members Stick Together.

The Links - Andrew Western (1)
Download PDF • 2.45MB

Satanic - Brothers In Arms - Jabs - 5G Are The Tools or Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Ask your local Social Services & Local Council 5G/ Vaxx Hit Squad.

UK 66 Million to 15 Million by 2025

How Much Evidence Does It Take ? Unless Your Running A Protection Racket For The Mob - Councils - Rothschilds - City of London - Banksters.

It Pays Well Doesn't It Stephen?

Greater Manchester today - 13.04.23 - Cant Pay We Will Take You Away.

Stephen Watsons Police Assisting so called Meter guys aka Credit "DEBT " COLLECTORS. These are NOT Police Constables but POLICE OFFICERS or DEBT COLLECTION OFFICERS acting in their CORPORATE CAPACITY.

Statutory Agents of the WEF. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.

No Warrant No Arrest No Contract.

Bill of Rights. See below.

FAO Stephen Watson. GMP - GMCA

Bill Of Rights 1688
Download PDF • 286KB

Before You Go Arresting Anyone I suggest you you read this site:

& This site:

Mike Kane take note. Once The Wythenshawe Crew find out what you have really been up to i think you wont be on the streets for long? No More Baby Kissing etc..

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