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UK 5G Leak: National Security Council.

Government ministers are calling for a "full and proper" investigation after high-level discussions about the UK using Huawei technology were leaked.

The government has approved the supply of equipment by the Chinese telecoms firm for the UK's new 5G data network - despite warnings of a security risk.

It is believed the decision was taken at a meeting of the government's National Security Council on Tuesday.

One minister said leaking from the council was "simply not acceptable".

The senior minister told BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg that leaking the conversations was "extraordinary...the security council is the holy of holies".

There were "huge concerns" over "getting into bed" with the telecoms giant, the minister said.

What was the leak about?

Ministers were deciding whether or not to allow equipment from Huawei to be used to construct the new 5G data network - a decision that could have long-term consequences for national security.

There are fears that giving the Chinese company a key role could open the UK network to espionage.

But Huawei has denied there is any risk of espionage or sabotage, or that it is controlled by the Chinese government.

Huawei would be allowed to help build the "non-core" parts of the UK's 5G network, such as antennas.

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