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UK In Distress - Flag Orientation

UK in distress, the orientation and meaning behind the Union Jack being flown upside down. Information from The Telegraph and Portcullis House, Westminster and John Carlton a retired Naval Architect.

Symbolism and Flag orientation are everything when you are aware our systems have been hijacked for the best part of 200 years but now the people are the targets from an invading force. Its about to get personal.

Once again I will bring together resources to complete the picture from existing content so you can comprehend the message.

Extract: Full article

The Union flag has been flying upside down outside Parliament, according to claims described as "deeply troubling" by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Raising the issue in the Commons, the Conservative MP Robert Courts suggested the national flag had been on display incorrectly outside Portcullis House for "some time".

Mr Courts said that, while he didn't want to be "too much of a stickler", he felt the matter should be brought to the attention of the House.

Flying the flag upside down is a coded signal for "danger and distress" in the military, and the MP for Witney said: "This could be a mistake. I doubt that the building has surrendered to anybody, but could we have the debate in Government time as to whether in fact the building is in distress or whether it's the MPs within it that are in distress?"...

Its NOT the Building that is the issue its the Country FCO 30/1048 covers this and the work of Dave Barnby spells it out.

We were tricked into The Common Market and UK finances extracted as this was part of Agenda 2130 explained by the book - The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

Were A Ship Captured And The Crew Forced To Sail It Against Their Own Navy

We are a captured ship. Our Courts use Maritime law, the law of the sea, Roman Law and Talmudic law although you are not informed also you are not made aware that as an upper case name according to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, that unless you have claimed back your fiction (UPPER CASE NAME) you are declared Missing, Lost, Dead at Sea. Cestui Que Vie Act and comprehending fully is the first step necessary to determine your jurisdiction and standing. Initially this is that you are a living breathing Man or Woman.

Whose Done The Hijacking and Placed us at Risk?

Parliament and the Privy Council.

False Monarch (abduction and possible murder of aboriginal canadian children)

266 Lords - Removed By Blair and The False Monarch

What Activities Place us at Risk

Politicians that are bought by The City (Deep State) Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Ted Heath,


Free Masons - Oath of Secret Society placed before Oath of Office.

Common Purpose.

Police that are members of Secret Societies

Judiciary that are members of Secret Societies.

Politicians that are manipulated and controlled.

What Technologies Place Us At Risk


SMART Meters.

SMART technology that takes away our sovereignty.

Track and Trace Apps

Orwellian monitoring technology that removes your freedoms

Greater understanding of Flag orientations and Maritime influences

Planned Recession - They Never Wanted Us To Leave the EU - Agenda 21/ 2130

Or were they letting us know that the Foreign Occupational force they represented since 1972 had been rumbled? FCO 30/1048, Common Market - EU.

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