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Up For A Revolution or Evolution?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Hello everyone

It sounds like a good plan to send a NOTICE OF LIABILITY to the Govt and Cabinet, demanding a Health & Safety certificate and putting OFFCOM on Notice.

We could add all our names and addresses as concerned UK residents and upload a factual report on Social Media with scientific trials of the dangers of 5G microwave radiation at 61.8 Ghz which is 1.8Ghz above lethal to human life and one below a military grade weapon!

Government has become complacent.

(Its Actually In The Plan To Kill You - Cashing of Sovereign Wealth Funds - 5G & Vaccinations)

Given the push towards vaccines profits and danger of microchipping etc, we must rise in rebellion.

They are playing out their agendas and not disclosing any of the facts to us - this is a treasonous breach of trust by government.  Leading up to this, they have been frantically asset-stripping everyone they possible can, hence the crazy out of control patterns we've been seeing in horror for several years now - all stemming from predatory practices of banks and accountants, IP's and lawyers / judges and MP's assisting them in this, with Capture regulation, no-touch ombudsmen - all window dressing and a big smokescreen.


As David Icke said, the covid photos are not viruses but exosomes, and Michael O'Bernicia has kindly compiled this excellent blog along with the one yesterday which is spot on - what ignorance has spread its lies in recent weeks! How crazy that with millions medically qualified around the world, we've all been duped that coronavirus is contagious when it isn't! The fingers all point back to lethal microwaves from 5G

They've all been leaning their ladder on the wrong wall? How insane

Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle that contain constituents (protein, DNA, and RNA) of the cells that secrete them. They are taken up by distant cells, where they can affect cell function and behavior.7 Feb 2020.

The ILVs become exosomes if the MVB merges with the cell membrane, releasing the internal vesicles into the extracellular space. Exosomes contain various molecular constituent of their cell of origin, including proteins and RNA. ... Exosomes have also been shown to  carry double-stranded DNA.


Gullible or just AWOL?

Its pretty obvious that the power-crazed people in government want businesses to go to the wall, then they will buy them out for pence in the pound?  No doubt millions of bankruptcies will follow shortly from this engineered "pandemic" grounded in creating fear and falsifying death figures with manipulated statistics.  If it was a pandemic there would be a lot more than 7,000 deaths in 3 months. Each day about 1,500-2000 people across UK die of other causes, and no autopsies are being done, so why is everyone being so incredibly gullible??

Bankruptcy frauds abound all over Britain - netting approx £1.8 billion a year revenue for the crooks running the Insolvency "service" - the figure is much higher than we at first thought.

Bankruptcy scams perpetrated under the guise of "government policy"

There will doubtless be mass bankruptcies so we need to expose and stop this massive scam too.  Predators and passengers riding on the backs of anyone with savings or equity in their property or home....

In our case, the bogus bankruptcies involved a self-appointed official deceiver named David Standish, who was conflicted to act as in 2013 Jacqueline Perry QC declared our case was a nullity with Eversheds preventing us accessing our Art. 6 rights so we applied to the Supreme court on these points of Law, then Standish summarily liquidated the firm of solicitors (follett stock) who were acting in our interests, leaving us stranded with no legal team to help us in the supreme court so it got dismissed - the usual dirty tricks involving organised crime. 

Also, they already had security on our house despite no supporting paperwork & a void deed being used with no loan in evidence anywhere, so weren't allowed to make bankruptcy orders when they already had 'security' and no debt existed! such cheats.  Graham Rogers has been aiding and abetting the fraud all along, he's now on the run and trying to disengage completely and told me I can't even ring the Insolvency "service", calling us "a customer" - what a sick situation.  We must disband the Insolvency Mafia as a priority.

Boris is from Nazi bloodlines!!

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