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Whats The NHS Link With Defence & Telecomm's - 5G?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

OK we now have more Whistle Blowers coming forward. Thank you.

The NHS Letter if Genuine Is Quite Revealing and Needs Police Investigation.

For All Our Sakes?

I did this myself many years ago in Banking Fraud (Its linked) and over time built a picture of an attack on my life and many others way of life. Today When You Research Fully The Same People Are Behind The Bank Fraud & 5G and COVID 19.

We've still to sort this out fully.

Securities fraud £200Million 5000 properties £40k each average over valuation..

Today this is your way of life and your families future.

My and others immediate attack from 2006- Date was proven to the HM Treasury & HMRC 30.11. 2018.

Affidavit 0.9 explains this and the wider issues we now need to consider.

Today its 5G, 60GHz and COVID19 - And the Vaccine solution. Do Not Take The Vaccine.

5G plus Nano Particulates in Vaccines will Kill You, Your Children, Family and Friends!!

We are now assembling the full picture with the assistance of others as we are all under attack whether we realise this Fact or Not.

NHS - Strictly Confidential: Text Download

I received a photo taken on a cell phone of this document. It doesn't scale well but legible and i think there is enough here with other evidence with the authorities (Term used loosely) to warrant a thorough Police Investigation into our wider Government and a false pandemic. Also that masts are causing Cancer NOW!!

False statistics generated by a Government spreading hysteria through the media, Sending out false letters and collapsing the economy is evident to all.

Telecommunications Masts delivering 30x the safe recommended emissions 24/7, LED street lighting that is proven to cause cancer and COVID 19 looking for a vaccination programme that will kill the population when EMF's from 5G and 60GHz are entered into the equation. Thus meeting the Georgia Guidestone and predictions.

Whether the letter is genuine or NOT i will not know as the sender wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Having trodden this path myself previously I fully understand.

It is therefore up to the Police force to Investigate this matter questioning Bradley, Stevens and Wallace exactly what the text is meant to convey between Government departments with Telecomms -5G, Health (NHS) and Defence given 5G is a Killer tech,

The NHS isnt under the pressure we are informed from leaked info in the UK also the US and There is No Pandemic. The death figures are being stacked in the Govts favour for their narrative and broadcast for the public to place them in Fear. Th e UK Govt have placed everyone practically under House Arrest and Martial Law while they role out the 5G Kill Grid?

This needs to be recorded and a full investigation opened up recorded on Hansard and a full public enquiry held to name the culprits linked from Banking, Government, Health, Telecomm's and Regulators from all sectors as The Emperor Has No Clothes and Government is no longer fit for purpose and should be removed immediately.

The terms F*Ck*NG Useless and Compromised come to mind!!



There Should Be NO Lock down and No Restrictive Practices By Govt or Carried out by Police Forces.

They Are there To Protect You, NOT the Bent Govt.

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