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Vexatious - UK MP's - FOIR - Zelensky - UK Deep State Exposed.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

He who asks the questions controls the conversation.

Unless the question is too difficult to answer and exposes those questioned for committing TREASON!!

So an FOIR went into Who Do They Know regarding the Attendance at Zelenskys UK Deep State Show in Westminster Hall.

Within 24 Hours it was deemed vexatious and removed from public view.

We The People have a right to know those in Westminster that are committing TREASON.

They would have been in the Great Hall applauding the Cabals nominated Ukranian PUPPET.. a Mr V Zelensky. Filmed. Security Checked etc.

We will have to make a few assumptions as we know not all are that bad given Chope and Bridgen are speaking out.. MP's Kane & Brady are F*cK3D!!

The Request in full:

Download PDF • 287KB

Dear Bruce-Robert Lamb,

Freedom of Information request F23-096

Thank you for your request for information dated 14 February 2023,

received by us on the same date, which is copied below.

We will endeavour to respond to your request promptly but in any case

within 20 working days i.e. on or before 14 March 2023.

If you have any queries about your request, please use the request number

quoted above and in the subject line of this email.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Price

Information Compliance Support Officer

Information Compliance Service | House of Commons

[1] | [2]@ukparliament | [3]@houseofcommons

[4]House of Commons Privacy Notice for the public

The House of Commons welcomes feedback. If you have any compliments,

complaints or comments, about the service that you have received please send an email

to [5][email address]

Download PDF • 894KB

Vexatious - Blacks Law 11th Edition

VEXATIOUS Definition & Legal Meaning

Definition & Citations:

A proceeding is said to be vexatious when the party bringing it is not acting bona fide, and merely wishes to annoy or embarrass his opponent, or when it is not calculated to lead to any practical result.

Such a proceeding is often described as “frivolous and vexatious,” and the court may stay it on that ground. Sweet.

Meaning of vexatious in English

vexatious adjective UK /vekˈseɪ.ʃəs/ US /vekˈseɪ.ʃəs/ old-fashioned or formal difficult to deal with and causing a lot of anger, worry, or argument:

This settlement will resolve one of the most vexatious problems in the field of industrial relations.


annoying bothersome old-fashioned galling irritating pesky informal vexing LAW specializedhaving little chance of succeeding in law, but intended to annoy someone or cause problems for them:

The amendment opens the door to vexatious litigation.

The defendant must be able to show a prosecutor's charges were "vexatious, frivolous, or in bad faith."

More examples

  • His job is to take on "vexatious problems" and make the government bureaucracy work.

  • His home, however vexatious, was the source of his greatest art.

  • He was now in a very vexatious position.

  • This aggressive legalism is what in England we call "vexatious litigation".

  • The article provides that a lawyer involved in a "vexatious and frivolous" lawsuit is personally responsible for any fees, costs, and other sanctions imposed.

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