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UK - Govt - We Will Let You Do What The F*cK U Want

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Pulling The Pieces Together..

Government responded:

This response was given on 8 February 2023

A combination of factors has contributed to the number of excess deaths. The government is taking steps to address this and will announce further detail in the forthcoming Major Conditions Strategy.

Its A Load of Bull - They Have Launched A Chemical Bio Weapon at The Request of Bill Gates - WHO-UN-EU in keeping with Agenda 21 - 2030 - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. SWQW. This along with 5G (EMF Trigger) will create the next "PANDEMIC" - SWQW At 100,000 signatures... At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

Contact your MP - FOIR - To Follow What Do They Know.

Your constituency is Wythenshawe and Sale East

Your local MP is Mike Kane MP (Traitor - Treason) 16.10.2018 - 30.11.2018 - Proven

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15.02.2023 - Right Over The Target - Vexatious

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In a stunning admission, the leader of the opposition Labour Party and the odds-on favourite to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Keir Starmer, said that he prefers Davos over Westminster.

MPs, noble lords, police officers, 22-year-old parliamentary staffers in their bright green lanyards: all wore a wide-eyed look of nervous disbelief as they lined up to walk through the wide old doors of Westminster Hall. All morning, the parliamentary estate had felt like one of those reality TV show stunts where a young woman leaves the house to go to work only to find her wedding day waiting for her on the driveway.

FOIR Who was at this meeting supporting the Deep State terrorist actor ZELENSKY..

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Epstein - Jes Staley (Barclays CEO-Ex) Andrew Windsor - Maxwell - Uncle Tom et al.

Why Did So Many Buildings Collapse?

A Bit Like 911 - Resonant Frequency HAARP : Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

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Covid Criminals - Courtenay Heading
Download PDF • 246KB
Download PDF • 5.97MB
The Wetiko Investigation and MATRIX around Simon Duckworth 4 July 2020.doc (1)-2 copy
Download P • 1.65MB
Biological Weapons Act 1974
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scans_mbecouk_20230131_154053_230131_134503 (1)
Download PDF • 11.86MB
Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6) (2)
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Human_Augmentation_SIP_access2 (1)
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Beep PDF Flyer v0.3 (3)
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