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15 Minute - C40 - Cities-Agenda 2030-Agenda 21-Lockdown 2023 - Putin Piece-Nazis - Mike Kane MP

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Sounds Good? Lets Dig Deeper.

Lockdown Central - Sustainable Cities - Congestion Charging - Sound Familiar?

Mike Kane LBC - Delivered 25.01.23

Mike Kanes Letter Before Claim - Linked to The Bigger Piece to follow.

Part 2 - The 5G Marburg Document Set.

Hancock Confronted - Go Geza T

The Sun -The Moon & The Truth - Can Only Remain Hidden For A Limited Time?

Those who break the rules will face fines (possibly the same as Oxford’s £70) enforced by number-plate recognition cameras and won’t be able to make simple journeys around the city. According to Page 14 of the draft Canterbury District Local Plan to 2045 – there will be “Implementation of an ANPR-based sectoring system and modal filters to limit cross-city trips.”

The Putin Piece - The Nazis Won WW2 - They Are Now Your Leaders - Get It!!

WEF Terrorists - Cant Help But Seek Attention - Its In Their DNA?

Mike Kane - Letter Before Claim 23.01.23
Download PDF • 2.12MB (2) (2)
Download PDF • 4.39MB

Eleanor Roaf - Letter Before Claim.

Is Graphene Oxide & Self Assembling Nano Technology in Chemtrails?

December 13, 2022: Governor DeSantis Roundtable on the investigation on the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

“We’ve already discussed how much scientific dishonesty and media dishonesty there has been around the Covid-19 Vaccines. Our media has clearly demonstrated it is impossible to report accurately on something if you’re also taking money from that same something.” - Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General

He also discusses a recent published study and the results:

"What these researchers did is they performed autopsies on individuals who died suddenly, unexpectedly. It was a study from a German University.

4 out of 35 people actually had myocarditis and it was a type of myocarditis which was different from the type that you can get from viruses. Specifically, it was the type of myocarditis that they attributed to mRNA Covid-19 vaccines."

Top orthopaedic doctor Mr Ahmad Malik has to resort to Twitter to reveal he is being asked by medical bodies to stop speaking of his jab concerns, and to remove his recent video from Twitter where he asked for a cessation of the jab roll out.

Medical Censorship is Rife.

He is standing his ground and asking for a petition to be signed to support Medical Freedom of Speech on the Covid Vaccines.

Doctor Ahmad Malik.



WEF - Brain Data Capture - DAVOS 2023 - Jabbed Chipped Monitored - Get It!!

The WEF announces its plan to implement ear pods in the workplace to “monitor brain wave activity”.

The pods would be able to detect if people are committing crime, wasting time on other tasks, and monitor their thoughts via AI. They also discuss a scarf that can give users a physical “buzz” should their attention drift from the task at hand.

What a wonderful way to further drain the remaining souls of corporate drones in the workplace

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