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Connecting The Dots For Business - The NHS Factor

Yesterday I experienced two positives where peoples logic was beginning to change as personal circumstances in their own business and family lives made them see the bigger picture. This has taken time and to be expected.

I had been explaining and hand holding their thinking through the picture format of articles from the blog and Tangent Property Services blog.

When a situation affects you and those you love personally, things begin to link then

add up. Cognitive Dissonance or contradicting ideas settle, then eventually lead to clarity.

In many respects i have been fortunate to take my hit early on 2006 - Date and be in the position where as a Business Analyst and Project Manager have the ability to work things through with first hand experiences.

The ability to recognise how our country (UK) was being taken down was reported in emails and meetings with MP's and APPG Banking from 2017 after a long process of identifying cover up at every level of the establishment, Banks, Regulators, Police, Judiciary, Legal, Mainstream Accounting then Political.

I fix businesses and situations from a knowledge based on People, Processes and Systems then technical analysis where necessary with a technical competency in IT and early experience in Radio And Radar. This experience i've gained over a 40 year span.

I also have banking experience having worked in the sector and then investigated it on identifying a £200 Million securities fraud, 2006 to date. Personal losses yet to be recovered but were making good progress.

Positive 1. Part of the Solution to the overall problem. A business opened their doors again and started trading having been a party to the truth being exposed. A different perspective on events allowed them to rethink the circumstances and logic of what Govt were telling them against statistics and others experiences.

Positive 2. A business owner i know whose family member works in the NHS was troubled by knowledge they had. The statistics they were giving were clearly manipulated to support the Government Covid 19 Narrative.

They are coerced into providing false data. No names mentioned as there is a concern for losing their job.

This is similar to Dr Annie Bukacek and Dr Rashid Buttar in the USA

Affidavit 0.9 has my background details and two supporting slide decks.

A version of Mark Steele's 5G Weapons based LED Street Lighting and the Property Action Group - Banking Fraud slide deck, a version prepared for Gregory Hallett in 2019.

Additional Factors

1. There is no pandemic. There is a virus but its manufactured with US and EU Patents. . The full story will come out in time, with a few variants in circulation at the moment.

2. Social Conditioning extremes implemented based on a false premise? Stand 2 Metres apart etc. This is Silent Weapons Quiet Wars extreme control and manipulation, a thought weapon principle.

3. Lock down based on a false premise. Putting business owners under strain and many out of business. Have the government ever delivered? On time, On Budget? No!!

Along with the HM Treasury & HMRC they have double dipped financially on your lives.. Now they are looking to financially cash in on your Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Get The Letters from BoJo?

Where Do You Think The Money Comes From In The Money Supply?

Why Are They Doing This Now?

4. Government exposure to collusion with Banks fiddling the public purse.

HMRC and HM Treasury involvement. At the core of the problem. Court cases would have commenced March 2020..

Finally proven 16th October 2018, Confirmed 30.11.18 Actions of Mike Kane MP.

5. The Banking Cartel controls Govt, MP's and most parties. They have paid off 10.2 Million mortgages. TPS100 Waiver Code. £1 for £5500 legal work.

We can set up Advert Site Providers ASP's for the MSC campaign.

Contact 07976302068

6. Governments both Centrally and Locally in the UK. The implementation of a weapons based infrastructure within the UK that it is un-insurable. This is in the form of LED Street Lighting @ 666 TerraHertz, Mayflower 868MHz transmitters architecture that scans your home and possessions with SMART meter technology. Affidavit 0.9 slide deck

7. Telecomm's Infrastructure fitted that is unisurable operating in military bands that will do harm to the public. 5G and is sub Ghz, 60GHz will suck Oxygen from the air. 5G has been fitted during lock down and causes Corona Virus symptoms at a cellular level in human tissues. All radio frequencies impact us but the 5G bands prior to now have only been used for military purposes.

8. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars is the Corporate Psychopaths handguide to economic destruction and Genocide. Put together by the Bilderberg Group founders Rothschild's and implemented by The Rockefeller Organisation and their Rand Organisation implementation team. Many UK Councils are complicit. Compromised through Lobo loans and infiltrated by societies acting not in the wider societies interest.

9. Ultimately the objective as in 2008/9 is theft but this time they are after the rest of your assets and your Sovereign Wealth Funds. Artemis Sorras Covers this in Affidavit 0.9 video. Look what happened to Greece - This is happening here in the UK NOW!!

The manipulated Government will drain your resources dry, steal your funds and assets and disappear as they have done in the past.

They change the front men and women but always in the background is the hidden hand of The Deep State Rothschild Banking Cabal.

10. The false Rothschild Queen Liz 2 is following the abdication process to Gregory Hallett which completes any time now. In Ratification currently. Covid 19 Corona Virus (Crown Virus) is a Flat Lie Royal slash and burn exercise on exit.

Affidavit 0.9 completes the picture to this effect and the linked events now coming into focus for all.

11 The Governments tissue of lies goes on.

Thanks To Ben..

Daily Mail 21.04.20 Article

The Cabinet and Deep State has been found out. They are guilty of attempted murder and murder of many elderly and infirm UK citizens in hospitals.

Frightening the population in many cases literary to death.

Those who have been exited under the Corona Virus Bill exercise of Bag, Tag and Burn Policies. families will need redress.

Those Who Are Targeted Through Silent Weapons Quiet Wars for an early exit through the Nightingale Field Hospital and Super Morgue implementations London, Birmingham and Manchester be prepared for what will follow if we cant address tactically.

The main concentration of 5G Installations are London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Many Will Be Vaxxed and Microwaved.

Do Not Give Them Your Consent.

I do not give consent for myself and have informed my family fully of what is happening.

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

Make Sure It Isn't You or Your Family.. Be The Resistance

The Solutions

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