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Good Cop - Bad Cop - Yes You Can Buy An Ice Cream - Then?

So Mark talks with A Copper After An Event With More Than 30 People.

Sheffield. Covid-19 Tour 2020. Watch How The Conversation Progresses.

Police Allow Mark To Get An Ice Cream Before He Invites Them To Court To Discuss:

These Are Policy Officers Working For A Foreign Government or Corporation. EU - UN Controlled.

Goon Dogs. A Goon Is A Countryman That Serves A Foreign Power. EU - UN - NOT UK/ENGLAND/GB!!


Mark Steele - Stand Up X - Sheffield

Watch and then watch STRAWMAN. Common Law Courts

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What Happens When Someone Goes Shopping - Without A Mask? Or Cuts Your Hair - Mask Exempt?

The Corona Virus ACT 2020 - Is Counterfeit - Its Written In DOG LATIN - NOT-ENGLISH

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