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Hale Village - Why The Historic Tree Was Axed

Across the UK a number of Trees are being felled in order that that the 5G roll out can be completed.

Picture from Messenger Group Paper. Hale Village.

The majority of trees felled or given a serious hair cut will prevent the signal from the transmitters on the top of lamp posts emitting control signals to future autonomous vehicles or communicating with your SMART meter.

5G The Apocalypse Will Give The Full Spectrum Of Issues

The Councils will not tell you nor will they inform you of the health hazards of the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

This is being hushed up by most Councils UK wide as its part of a larger scheme with a more sinister outcome. Most are compromised.

On taking a closer look at the location of where the tree stood i took some measurements 3/1/2020.

As we see in Media City, Timperley and now Hale Village the Vodafone installation is emitting a 6000mV/ meter reading possibly 24/7 which is 30 times the safe level possibly for a lot longer than human tissue is meant to be in this environment.

The Guidelines have been skewed to meet a different agenda.

Dr Sarah Starkeys work in this area needs to be reviewed. Link

The outcome where this is monitored over a period of time by those subjected to this level of radiation are a range of carcinogenic related diseases.

This has been well reported since the 1930's

Not having seen the tree before being lopped and reading the article id say the tree was dying. Any living tree plant or human will suffer the same outcome.

Use a Free 5 Day Pass To Get Informed. Your Life Depends On It.

5G wireless… the industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents. Learn about the dangers and find solutions in your community!

Reviewing what the experts are saying about 5G / 4G LTE and the linked Street Lighting and NOT your local Council or GMCA will paint a very different picture.

GMCA & Trafford are in breach of the Nuremburg Code and committing Human Rights violations. This is Assault and when you understand the bigger picture Genocide

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