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Honk For Freedom - Sheffield 5.9.20. - 5G/ Vaccination - The True Agenda 21/2030

The 5G Kill Grid - Agenda 21/2030. The Information that the Government Is Attempting To Cover Up Is Getting Outed!! By You, Me, We..

Dates to be Confirmed 19th September - 26th September. With Strategy & Reasoning.

A Giant Wake Up Call For Humanity - Rise Up!!

Ode to David Icke (Bobby Gentry, Ode to Billy Joe)

From Joska: A Media Hub Group

‘Twas the thirtieth of August, just another cloudy London Day

We’re sad that normal’s been forgotten, and our happy lives’ve faded away…

Around noontime we said “Let’s get out of the house and meet

Some friends, (mum warned as we’re leaving “Luvs, be careful out on the street”)

And then we said “We got some news just now from Ted in Trafalgar Square—

Today the Anti-Lockdown Movement says that David Icke is speaking there!”

I heard Pa whisper to Mum, “Do’ya think Coronavirus is a hoax?”

“That Conspircy-Theorist anti-semite isn’t there just tellin’ jokes!--

There’s ten thousand of them marching without masks on—that’s not allowed!”

And mum said “Nevermind, Covidiots!

They’ll extinct themselves soon, anyhow!”

Seems to me like nothin’ ever happens for the good if nobody dares—

And now David Icke, and Brian Rose, and RFK, with courage, light the flares…

My brother said he recollected when he watched Icke and Brian Rose--

A million viewers, in the largest-ever banned YouTube video!

It was just Icke talking ‘bout Plandemic and our current plight--

(I used to think he’s crazy, but now I believe he’s probably right…)

So let’s join the crowds to hear his rousing rhetoric at Trafalgar Square

Icke’s a Legend—he’s the Big Guns in this Era of Info-Warfare!

Then mum said to me: “Child, don’t go there, you’re givin’ me a fright!

You could be caught in deadly crossfire of who’s Left and who’s Right”

“It’s okay, mum—God’s my Teacher, I’ll feel the Truth we’ll hear today

Evil’s Grand Illusion revealed in this Separation Shadow Play!”

Icke says he saw a vision of the future, it ain’t pretty, but this time’s a Bridge--

A necessary dismantling of the Empires of the Super-Rich…

A year has come and gone since the People overthrew the Cabal

Brought Peace to the Nations, with dignity and abundance for All--

And that virus goin’ ‘round—we ALL got it, and IT DIED last Spring!--

Gates ‘n’ Fauci are in Gitmo, now we only have the “good” vaccines!

And now mum, she’s a Believer (so glad we dodged that Holocaust!)--

And, me, I’m happily busy makin’ up for that whole year we lost!

29.8.20 Trafalgar Square

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