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Track & Trace - 50% off - Whats Really Taking Place - Your On The Target List!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Australian Experience:

So you've posted something on social media the New World Order/ Hidden Hand/ UK Govt don't like.

You have accepted the offer of getting 50% off a meal but had to scan and complete your details. The Covid Lie being the joinder

You Are On Their Covid 19 - Corona Virus Data System:

This is the systems follow up.

From Kirra Tara's Facebook Post.

29 August 2020: Victoria Police visit this woman’s home to;

"DISCUSS YOUR FACEBOOK POST": This is happening in Australia!

A Facebook post about ‘going for a walk, in the day time, for less than an hour’. 3 police cars and at least 4 officers question a young woman and her toddler at her home's front door about her facebook post.


UPDATE: Please go to her Facebook page and support her, she is being bullied and receiving death threats.

Here: Megan Kira

Yet pedophiles posting all over the internet uploading and downloading child porn, commenting inappropriately on children’s photos on pedo facebook pages and police can’t locate them.

Frog in water: next Vic Police will be smashing doors down to arrest over facebook posts. Still believe this is about a virus?

Lock down Curfew Closed Borders Police CheckPoints Mandatory Work Permits Drone surveillance Chopper Patrols 23 Hour Confinement One Hour Exercise onlyMandatory Medical Procedures Banned Travel Food Rationing Closed Churches School Closures Mandatory Masks Government Access to Homes Without a Warrant Banned Wedding Celebrations No Gatherings Decimated Economy Limited Attendees at Funerals Business Closures No Family Visits Movement Banned Beyond 5km Military Patrols Government Removal of ChildrenIndefinite Restrictions.Censorship across all social media.

Mass suicides Bankruptcies One million unemployed Massive increase in domestic violence & more...

“It would never happen in Australia”

Which bit doesn’t resemble War?


This manufactured and fake "crisis" have also shown everyone the lengths media, governments, corporations, organizations, institutions and public health officials are willing to go to usher in their new system of control. They have shown that they are not afraid of lying, cheating and committing massive frauds and crimes against humanity on a scale never witnessed before in all of human history.

So what we are experiencing now is what the World Economic Forum calls the 4th industrial revolution or the Great Reset.

"What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?"

Things will never go back to "normal", forget about it and why should we?

Consider the fact that things were not good before this fake "crisis" occurred. Question now is instead, will we welcome and accept all this with open arms or will we start building something new entirely that leads to our actual freedom where human rights are being respected instead of violated.

That route requires a lot of soul searching and introspection to find what our values really are. We then need to put those values into action leading to new and better choices. Not just choices that only affect ourselves but choices that affect everyone around us.

I leave you with this. When your children ask you in 20 years time what you did in 2020 and why the world looks the way it does what will you tell them? Will you tell them that you chose to ignore everything that was happening around you or will you tell them that you did everything you could in your own way to make sure your children could be proud of you and live in a world of freedom.

If you wonder about solutions then here are some.

Various solutions by James Corbett

The abolition of artificial scarcity:

This is What The UK Are Looking To Prevent.. Act Now!!

You Can Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse - We Are The 99%.

The guys in masks and Yellow Jackets are Paedophile Protectors.

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