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How To Survive Martial Law - What Comes Next - Possibly?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In relation to two posts: Stephen Watson GMP Chief Constable related.

DR Zelenko - COVid Jabs Are First Degree Murder - Premeditated - Genocide.

Stephen Watson or Steven Watson has no intention of cleaning up the GMP - GMCA mess. The Masonic Trusts will not allow it to happen. Possibly? All Constabulary's will be the same.

They have another agenda and Stephen - Steven it appears is compromised. As all Chief Constables - Proven during We The People - Project Elephant

Or have they been exposed and running for cover?

Masonic - Lodge - For - Sale

Chequerboarding - The Blurring of The Lines


Nun Tells It As It Is - Listen - Share.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.


FAO Stephen Watson: Doing business as Chief Constable Greater Manchester Police.


Central Park

Northampton Road


M40 5BP


Dear Stephen Watson,

Chief Constables UK wide and especially those in England and Wales have had the opportunity and steer from the people that there has been a problem to address. I’ve attached the last post on to support a few highlights and pointers that you have been given.

As South Yorkshire Chief Constable and now Greater Manchester Chief Constable you were made aware of the We-The-People/ Project Elephant initiative and yet you have supported and chosen in both Chief Constable capacities or territories to work with a Treasonous UK Government and Council who are now confirmed extended terrorist organisations working for The City of London and the European Union (EU), World Economic Forum (WEF) through Masonic Trusts.

Your video delivery of your mandate by GMCA’s Andy Burnham is a false statement in full knowledge of the facts of the current situation and environment delivered by EU and WEF Corporate driven entities including Big Pharmaceutical operations.

From FCO 30/1048 (Treason entering the Common Market) to Bank fraud cover ups, LED - 666 THz - Street Lighting, 5G EMF/ EMW implementation and now a Jab delivered Bioweapon marketed as a vaccine we are looking at democide/ genocide.

You have supported the Foreign Agents that now run Westminster and GMCA from the The City of London or Square Mile. For this yourself and others in public office will be held to account by we the people under the Nolan principles and Nuremberg Code.

From texts by my late friend David Robinson of Practical Lawful Dissent taken from the document:


The House of Lords Records Office confirmed in writing recently that the Magna Carta, signed by King John in June 1215, stands to this day. Home Secretary Jack Straw said as much on 1 October 2000, when the Human Rights Act came into force. Halsbury’s Laws of England says: “The Magna Carta is as binding upon the Crown today as it was the day it was sealed at Runnymede.” As law abiding members of this country, we have a lawful responsibility and duty to stand under the conditions set out in Constitutional Law as defined by the Magna Carta and other documents.

When the security clause, Article 61, has been invoked, as it is today, the good people of this land must unite and peacefully seek a remedy to the breach.

Drawing your attention again to We-The-People:

Two Versions of this document have been provided. Those who wish to follow the Rule of Law OPTION A and a softened version OPTION B where Capital Punishment is left at the discretion of a Common Law Jury - Court de Jure. Option B is identified by a We The People Logo.


We have done all we can in our capacity to alert you to your shortcomings as Police Chief Constables under oath of office and it is now time for us to correct your acts of treason in keeping with English Constitutional Law.

English constitutional rights are covered by a number of documents.

It would serve you well to read the work of John Bingley and invest in his well, documented research.

I can obtain these on your behalf if required.

A starting point is The British Constitution Groups website:

Then study and comprehend the following documents:

· The Magna Carta 1215

· The Act of Settlement 1701

· The Coronation Oath Act 1688

· The Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9.

· Unlawful Governance – Copyright John Bingley.

· FCO 30/1048 Unlawful entry into The Common Market now The European Union (EU). Treason.

Those you are taking instruction from are using your position to commit treason and cover up acts of terror and in not rebutting the Statement of Truth you have confirmed your position as have other Chief Constables in England & Wales.

Your employer GMCA’s Andy Burnham has followed this leveraged, compromised path and will be held to account by We-The-People.

European Union and World Economic Forum sustainability drives have implemented 5G and LED Street technology that will cause harm, loss and injury to the Greater Manchester public, similar to other UK towns and cities alike.

The impact of electro magnetic fields on Graphene Oxide within all the jabs is demonstrated in the linked post. The impact of microwaves on your staff will be greater as per the Barrie Trower report.

Take note. The British may not be ruled in any way, shape or form by any foreign entity. The evidence that our present Monarch has broken her Coronation Oath, by giving Royal Assent to treaties, acts and statutes that take away our Constitutional rights is blatant. The position of Monarch is questionable once the facts around the Coronation and 2.6.1953 are fully understood.

A recent example being The Corona Virus Act 2020. This is written in DOG LATIN and a counterfeit document based on fraud, democide and a series of crimes that are outright deception and lies on the UK public.

No Virus, No Test, No Contagion – You have the document set: INT/06A1/0004545/21

The Rule of Law has been breached by those who are meant to uphold the law. Under our English Constitutional Rights, We-The-People have the following privileges at law:

● The right to bear arms.

● The right to petition the Sovereign.

● Free men cannot be imprisoned without cause.

● The Government cannot arrest any man because he disagrees with the Government’s policies.

● Habeas corpus is not to be denied. Innocent until proven guilty, and your right to report unlawful detention to a court.

● No person will be compelled to make loans to the King or Queen and there will be no tax without the approval of Parliament. Note: Parliament is rigged and compromised proven by GMP’s cover up of Cyclops 1146/12.

● Soldiers and sailors will not be billeted on civilians.

● Government will not impose martial law during peacetime, the right to bear arms gives every person the right to self-defence using reasonable force, including deadly force if appropriate.

Lord Denning, Master of the Rolls from 1962-1982 described the 1215 Magna Carta as “The greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

A paragraph from David Robinsons work lends itself to what we are experiencing today.

“The right to bear arms gives every man or woman the right to self-defence using reasonable force, including deadly force if appropriate. Using tragic events as an excuse to remove that right has historically been the work of governments with good reason to fear their people – government’s intent on some kind of future totalitarian control of their populations”

Review again. Magna Carta Articles 29 and 61 will apply.

I would suggest that on this day your Masonic Controllers and Boris have gathered that your days are numbered hence raising the terror threat raised to severe. The Liverpool Women’s Hospital distraction has become a standard reaction by a Government in its final stages of demise.

Sajid Javid has piped up as Health Minister with the compulsory jabbing of NHS workers with a known Bio Weapon, see post.

Javid will be held to account as will his predecessor Matt Hancock both for Nuremberg Code violations, Democide and Treason.

It would appear England & Wales Chief Constables are about to fudge over or cobble together another MI5 Psychological operation such as the London bus and tubes - Tavistock Square 7/7, Manchester Arena 22/5/17.

The signals are easily read and those hiding behind the veil are now easily detected. Thanks.

Autograph by:

bruce – robert: lamb

Common Law Advocate

Agent, Beneficiary, Creditor, Executor for:

MR BRUCE LAMB, Mr Bruce Lamb, BRUCE ROBERT LAMB, and similar

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