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Who Investigates The Investigators? GMP CC Stephen Watson - Un Rebutted SOT - Truth In Law.

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

An Un rebutted Statement of Truth - Is Truth In Law - Attestation - Legalese - Affidavit.

14 Day Timer Expired 8/11/2021 - Zero Response From GMP CC Stephen Watson.

An Unrebutted Statement of Truth - Affidavit - Becomes Truth In Law.

Greater Manchester Police - GMP and specifically the Economic Crime Unit are clearly identified as part of this Silent Weapons Quiet Wars infrastructure referred to in many communications with Police and MPs.

In not taking the appropriate action 2007 to date, they have been identified as assisting in the destruction of the UK economy through covering up fraudulent financial practice and now the genocide of Mancunian's.

This knowledge and evidence is held under Intelligence gathering file. INT/06A1/0004545/21 with Greater Manchester Police. The evidence applies nationally and internationally. Article 61 - Magna Carta.

Magna Carta 1215 - Article 61

Since, moreover, for God and the betterment of our kingdom and for the better allaying of the discord that has arisen between us and our barons we have granted all these things aforesaid, wishing them to enjoy the use of them unimpaired and unshaken forever, we give and grant them the under-written security, namely, that the barons shall choose any twenty-five barons of the kingdom they wish, who must with all their might observe, hold and cause to be observed, the peace and liberties which we have granted and confirmed to them by this present charter of ours, so that if we, or our justiciar, or our bailiffs or any one of our servants offend in any way against anyone or transgress any of the articles of the peace or the security and the offence be notified to four of the aforesaid twenty-five barons, those four barons shall come to us, or to our justiciar if we are out of the kingdom, and, laying the transgression before us, shall petition us to have that transgression corrected without delay.

And if we do not correct the transgression, or if we are out of the kingdom, if our justiciar does not correct it, within forty days, reckoning from the time it was brought to our notice or to that of our justiciar if we were out of the kingdom, the aforesaid four barons shall refer that case to the rest of the twenty-five barons and those twenty-five barons together with the community of the whole land shall distrain and distress us in every way they can, namely, by seizing castles, lands, possessions, and in such other ways as they can, saving our person and the persons of our queen and our children, until, in their opinion, amends have been made; and when amends have been made, they shall obey us as they did before.

And let anyone in the land who wishes take an oath to obey the orders of the said twenty-five barons for the execution of all the aforesaid matters, and with them to distress us as much as he can, and we publicly and freely give anyone leave to take the oath who wishes to take it and we will never prohibit anyone from taking it. Indeed, all those in the land who are unwilling of themselves and of their own accord to take an oath to the twenty-five barons to help them to distrain and distress us, we will make them take the oath as aforesaid at our command.

And if any of the twenty-five barons dies or leaves the 43 country or is in any other way prevented from carrying out the things aforesaid, the rest of the aforesaid twenty-five barons shall choose as they think fit another one in his place, and he shall take the oath like the rest. In all matters the execution of which is committed to these twenty-five barons, if it should happen that these twenty-five are present yet disagree among themselves about anything, or if some of those summoned will not or cannot be present, that shall be held as fixed and established which the majority of those present ordained or commanded, exactly as if all the twenty-five had consented to it; and the said twenty-five shall swear that they will faithfully observe all the things aforesaid and will do all they can to get them observed.

And we will procure nothing from anyone, either personally or through anyone else, whereby any of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished; and if any such thing is procured, let it be void and null, and we will never use it either personally or through another.

GMCA, GMP and UK Councils are in breach of The Biological Weapons Convention Treaty signed in London, Washington and Moscow April 10 1972.

Do Not Wait To Act - Join Others.

The UK is far Worse Than Australia - Its Time To Act. Before We Lose All Our Freedoms.

Welcome to this site which is part of Operation ‘X’. If you have reached here, it must be because a Judge or a lawyer has been up to no good. Well, look no further because we are here to help. Operation ‘X’ is here to help the public against bribery and corruption in the British Judicial system. This site represents the truth against publicly funded criminals and exposes the criminals that operate in our judicial offices.

The Strategy To Finish Off or Control Humanity: The Internet of Bodies - IoB

14 Day Timer - Points for rebuttal. Full Document set

Points 1 – 15 below give a little more detail as to who I am, my truth and revisit how we have arrived at this point. My schedule of charges are already lodged with your staff should any attempt be made to unlawfully convert me through the use of acts and statutes or as a CORPORATION or a PERSON. This I am not. Video reference materials will be posted on Maxim of Law - Ignorance Is No Excuse in Law - ignorantia-juris-non-excusat Statement of Truth – Affidavit (Legalese)

1. BRUCE LAMB, MR BRUCE LAMB, BRUCE ROBERT LAMB, MR LAMB is a PERSON a CORPORATE FICTION created by HM TREASURY, HM GOVERNMENT acting as a Trustee/ Administrator linked to Sovereign Wealth Funds and Bonds traded on the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission. This FICTION creation was through an act of “Unlawful Conversion” formed through the process of birth registration. This is now confirmed “Property Theft” for which continued use or attempts by third parties carries penalties.

2. Please confirm you are familiar with my schedule of charges and documents lodged with John Glen MP the minister responsible for actions of the financial regulators FSA then FCA, HMRC and HM Treasury.

3. Please confirm your comprehension that any further attempt at unlawful conversion and joinder with the appellation will carry penalties as per schedule attached. For clarity MR BRUCE LAMB & MR LAMB is NOT bruce-robert: lamb as presumed, please make sure on all parties records that this presumption is rebutted for the record.

4. Please also note that MP’s John Glen and Mike Kane are among many UK MPs that will stand trial for Treason and Genocide through promotion and reinforcement of the Coronavirus Act 2020. A hoax pandemic in order to deliver Bio Weapons marketed as vaccines and now boosters through mainstream media and politically aligned groups.

5. Supporting evidence is lodged with Greater Manchester Police on intelligence gathering file: INT/06A1/0004545/21 This forms in part The World Economic Forums - Great Reset and the take down of the UK Economy as established 16.10.18 by bruce – robert : lamb in Portcullis House Westminster witnessed by APPG Banking Exec Director Heather Buchanan and staff member James Ventress and Mike Kane MP. Sale East & Wythenshawe.

6. The 16.10.18 meeting was arranged by Kevin Hollinrake MP. Mike Kane MP was in attendance and identified as compromised by 30.11.18 and will stand trial for treason along with other UK MP’s. . Further details are on the application linked. 7 NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW

7. We-The-People, Project Elephant was run 20.10.20 – 22.12.20 and confirmed England & Wales Chief Constables were complicit with a confirmed Treasonous UK GOVERNMENT. - 12-20

8. UK GOVERNMENT, now confirmed foreign agents and controllers have profited from acts of unlawful conversion, fraud and now murder or genocide. Please refer to Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. For the record bruce – robert : lamb is not lost at sea, nor over the seas, nor dead, yet. This is an act of fraud and unlawful conversion based on FICTION creation following the intentional International Banking Collapses 1930 – 1933 orchestrated by The Rothschild Banking Cartel and The City of London. The Bank of International Settlements being established in 1930.

9. Please confirm you comprehend fully the part UK GOVERNMENT have played and that all forms of APPELLATION such as Mr Bruce Lamb or BRUCE LAMB refer to the PERSON a FICTION and not to bruce - robert : lamb the living breathing man. There is no joinder nor consent given. Schedule of charges apply should this be attempted by any party.

10. For clarity and to convey knowledge of this current situation so you are 100% clear on why we are now at this point and are about to take the following course of action. Referring to the supporting documents we will provide to you, the evidence provided will be used in forthcoming Common Law Courts of Record and Nuremberg 2.0 trials. You will be required to provide evidence linked with activities around GMP actions from date in post and prior constabulary actions to correct the wrong doings on the UK and GMCA public.

11. Lloyds Bank stopped business accounts, cards and personal direct debits when their position in the greater fraud against the UK population was exposed. This is the Wetiko project covered in We-The-People case study 4. -

12. In order to flush out the crime networks many have had to take on a degree of personal risk. In order to expose white collar criminal networks aligned with Judiciary, Police, Local Government and Central Government. Many who are acting fraudulently have committed malfeasance in public office and similar crimes against the public. They will be held to account.

13. GMP and specifically the ECU are clearly identified as part of this Silent Weapons Quiet Wars infrastructure referred to in many communications with Police and MPs. In not taking the appropriate action 2007 to date, they have been identified as assisting in the destruction of the UK economy through covering up fraudulent financial practice. This knowledge and evidence is held under Intelligence gathering file. INT/06A1/0004545/21 :!ApCwWYmI_p2DhvllVcBwSeuOb6WhDw?e=qWUaK8 8 NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW

14. GMCA and UK Councils are in breach of The Biological Weapons Convention Treaty signed in London, Washington and Moscow April 10 1972. Entered into force 26.3.1975 : Article I Each State Party to this Convention undertakes never in any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain:

(1) Microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes;

(2) Weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict. Article II Each State Party to this Convention undertakes to destroy, or to divert to peaceful purposes, as soon as possible but not later than nine months after the entry into force of the Convention, all agents, toxins, weapons, equipment and means of delivery specified in article I of the Convention, which are in its possession or under its jurisdiction or control. In implementing the provisions of this article all necessary safety precautions shall be observed to protect populations and the environment. Article III Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to transfer to any recipient whatsoever, directly or indirectly, and not in any way to assist, encourage, or induce any State, group of States or international organizations to manufacture or otherwise acquire any of the agents, toxins, weapons, equipment or means of delivery specified in article I of the Convention. Article IV Each State Party to this Convention shall, in accordance with its constitutional processes, take any necessary measures to prohibit and prevent the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, or retention of the agents, toxins, weapons, equipment and means of delivery specified in article I of the Convention, within the territory of such State, under its jurisdiction or under its control anywhere.

15. The UK GOVERNMENT and Local Councils have been involved in acts of terrorism against the UK public on confirmation of the Bio Weapon deployment. See item 14. It is illegal and unlawful to fund terrorist activities and organisations.

The UK GOVERNMENT are in breach of the Terrorism Act 2000 as they have promoted and deployed Bio Weapons on the UK public. The UK public should they fund Local Councils or Central Government would be in breach of Section 15 of the 2000 Act: 15 Fund-raising.

(1) A person commits an offence if he— (a) invites another to provide money or other property, and 9 NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (b) intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.

(2) A person commits an offence if he— (a) receives money or other property, and (b) intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism. (3) A person commits an offence if he— (a) provides money or other property, and (b) knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism.

Stephen, as a side note please read the 2009 Barrie Trower report of the provided document set in order to protect your staff. This was placed with the front desk in Central Park, Northampton Rd 1.3.21 FAO Acting Chief Constable Ian Pilling.

It can also be found in the intelligence gathering file. INT/06A1/0004545/21. The impact of Tetra Airwave, microwave technology on the spike proteins in the jab, metals, Aluminium, Tungsten and trace Mercury, Graphene Oxide also DARPA Hydrogel in the swabs along with ethylene oxide (carcinogen) component will speed up the deterioration of their health as described in “WHO IS THE BLOOD” All docs provided in this package are in folder: Stephen Watson CC GMP within the intelligence gathering file.!ApCwWYmI_p2Dh8tU9poZYtrGBN_f0A?e=GM2ngt You have a duty of care to your own staff not only the public to inform them fully of this report and the connections with Tetra Airwave communications equipment. 5G masts, WiGiG, LED Street Lighting 666 THz technologies will have the same impact.

Further details in the intelligence file. INT/06A1/0004545/21.

Internet of Bodies technologies fall under the broader IoT umbrella. But as the name suggests, IoB devices introduce an even more intimate interplay between humans and gadgets. IoB devices monitor the human body, collect health metrics and other personal information, and transmit those data over the internet. Many devices, such as fitness trackers, are already in use.

One Rule For MPs One Rule For The Rest - The Divide Is Clear: Proven 16.10.2018

The first duty of government is to protect its citizens and communities, keep them safe and to ensure that they can get on with their daily lives peacefully and without unnecessary interference. The measures in the bill are directed to this end. They will:

  • protect the police and other emergency workers and enhance the wellbeing of police officers and staff

  • protect the public by giving the police the tools needed to tackle crime and disorder, and by addressing the root causes of serious violent crime using multi-agency approaches to prevention

  • uphold the right to peaceful protest while providing the police with the necessary powers to stop disruptive protests from disproportionately infringing on the rights and freedoms of others

  • strengthen police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments

  • ensure serious criminals spend longer in custody, including: ending the automatic halfway release point from prison for an additional cohort of serious sexual and violent offenders and making a Whole Life Order the starting point for the premeditated murder of a child

  • make community sentences more effective so that they offer an appropriate level of punishment and address the underlying drivers of offending, including: piloting a problem-solving court approach for certain community and suspended sentence orders and extending the use of Electronic Monitoring

  • strengthen alternatives to custody for children who have offended which promote rehabilitation, and raise the threshold for custodial remand, while at the same time ensuring that children who commit serious offences and pose a risk to the public receive sentences that reflect the seriousness of their offending

  • empower future providers of Secure Schools, which represent our vision for the future of youth custody - schools with security, rather than prisons with education: with education, healthcare and purposeful activity at their heart

  • modernise our courts and tribunals by updating existing court processes to provide better services for all court users and underpin open justice.

Anyone who has taken their Oath of Allegiance to Article 61 will lawfully possess immunity from any crown or parliamentary mandate or law, if committed with the express intention of distressing or distraining the Crown under A.61.

This is called “Lawful Excuse.” However, individuals are not excused from common-law crimes and torts, except under duress of circumstance. Once you become aware that Article 61 has been invoked and you understand its implications, it is your lawful duty to seek redress:

● Common Law absolutely must be observed - keep the peace, cause no harm to persons or property.

● Know the facts and inform, inform, inform.

● Exercise your lawful right and obligation to withhold taxes to the best of their abilities.

● Organize local groups, leafleting, marches, sit-in protests in Crown and local authority buildings.

This movement is gathering numbers and momentum in the country and has rebutted Crown Prosecution Service court summonses, HMRC are being forced to ignore tax avoidance and even refund monies of subjects standing under A.61, warrants of arrest are impotent and will continue to be so until redress of grievance is achieved.

Stanley Johnsons Crowd - Boris' Dad - Ex MI5

Theresa May Ex PM - Ex Home Secretary - 5G Huawei Instigator UK

With such powerful constitutional laws protecting our human rights, systems of governance and justice, how have we arrived at our current situation with an unaccountable, deceptive and technically unlawful Government?

Without going into too much unnecessary detail, two thousand years ago the Romans came, saw, conquered, helped themselves and then left when finished. However, when they did leave, they kept and maintained an area of land next to the Thames and founded a trading post and named it Londinium.

Through the clever use of walled defences, laws and commerce they became wealthy and formed a formidable establishment within this area. 21 These days Londinium is known as ‘The City of London’ or the ‘Square mile’. Subsequent monarchs have recognised The City of London as an independent area best left to its own business, although they have never trusted it, or its wealth based power.

Consequently, the City of London is not subject to British Law; it has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag, its own police force. It remains today a centre of World leading commerce. It is interesting to note that the corporation which owns and runs the City of London is older than the United Kingdom by several hundred years.

666 - Graphene Oxide - Its In The Vaccine - Kill Shot..

In 2004, he became a managing director at Deutsche Bank and, the following year, global head of Emerging Markets Structuring. In 2007, he relocated to Singapore as head of Deutsche Bank's credit trading, equity convertibles, commodities and private equity businesses in Asia, and was appointed a board member of Deutsche Bank International Limited . Sajid Javid - Wikipedia

Ruling Against Deutsche Bank: 2017. Securities Markets -

Protected in the UK By Theresa May UK Home Secretary.

Letter to Katy Bourne OBE Police & Crime Commissioner Sussex.

While Deutsche Bank conducted due diligence on samples of loans it securitized in RMBS, Deutsche Bank knew that the size and composition of these loan samples frequently failed to capture loans that did not meet its representations to investors. In fact, Deutsche Bank knew “the more you sample, the more you reject.”

  • Deutsche Bank knowingly and intentionally securitized loans originated based on unsupported and fraudulent appraisals. Deutsche Bank knew that mortgage originators were “‘giving’ appraisers the value they want[ed]” and expecting the resulting appraisals to meet the originators’ desired value, regardless of the actual value of the property. Deutsche Bank concealed its knowledge of pervasive and consistent appraisal fraud, instead representing to investors home valuation metrics based on appraisals it knew to be fraudulent. Deutsche Bank misrepresented to investors the value of the properties securing the loans securitized in its RMBS and concealed from investors that it knew that the value of the properties securing the loans was far below the value reflected by the originator’s appraisal.

  • By May 2007, Deutsche Bank knew that there was an increasing trend of overvalued properties being sold to Deutsche Bank for securitization. As one employee noted, “We are finding ourselves going back quite often and clearing large numbers of loans [with inflated appraisals] to bring down the deletion percentages.” Deutsche Bank nonetheless purchased and securitized such loans because it received favorable prices on the fraudulent loans. Ultimately, Deutsche Bank enriched itself by paying reduced prices for risky loans while representing to investors valuation metrics based on appraisals the Bank knew to be inflated.

The Virus Is In The Jab - They Know it - We Know It - In Fact

There Is No Such Thing As A Virus - Its A Biological Chemical Weapon.

666 Terra Hertz Street Lighting Frequency - 450 nano meters wavelength.

Impact of Magnetic Fields on Graphene Oxide.

The Queen's Coronation Oath, 1953 Published 2 June 1953

The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God.

Her Majesty The Queen In the Coronation ceremony of 2 June 1953, one of the highlights was when The Queen made her Coronation Oath (taken from the Order of Service for the Coronation).

The Queen having returned to her Chair, (her Majesty having already on Tuesday, the 4th day of November, 1952, in the presence of the two Houses of Parliament, made and signed the Declaration prescribed by Act of Parliament), the Archbishop standing before her shall administer the Coronation Oath, first asking the Queen, Madam, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath? And the Queen answering, I am willing.

The Archbishop shall minister these questions; and The Queen, having a book in her hands, shall answer each question severally as follows:

Archbishop. Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?

Queen. I solemnly promise so to do.

Archbishop. Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?

Queen. I will.

Archbishop. Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?

Queen. All this I promise to do.

Then the Queen arising out of her Chair, supported as before, the Sword of State being carried before her, shall go to the Altar, and make her solemn Oath in the sight of all the people to observe the premises: laying her right hand upon the Holy Gospel in the great Bible (which was before carried in the procession and is now brought from the Altar by the Arch-bishop, and tendered to her as she kneels upon the steps), and saying these words:

The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God. Then the Queen shall kiss the Book and sign the Oath.

The Queen having thus taken her Oath shall return again to her Chair, and the Bible shall be delivered to the Dean of Westminster.

John Colthorpe - Exposing Masonic Trusts in the Legal System - Judiciary - Police.

Is the King or Queen above The Law or bound By The Law?

The Invocation of our Constitutional Law’s Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215.

On 23rd March 2001, a fundamental aspect of our Constitutional law was triggered, yet the majority of the British people do not know about it, even today sixteen years later.

This was invoked in response to very serious corruption at the highest levels of authority in this country, a group of highly honourable peers from the House of Lords were forced to use our most fundamental rights granted under the 1215 Magna Carta to urge the Queen to redress several infringements of our Constitutional Law by members of parliament.

Their petition, presented under the security clause of our great Constitution, Article 61 Magna Carta, urged the Queen to withhold Royal Assent from the Nice Treaty which unlawfully gave imperative rights of self-governance away to foreign powers. The petition was sanctioned by Leolin Price 3 Q.C. and had the backing of 65 peers from the House of Lords, led by Lord Ashbourne. When interviewed, Lord Ashbourne said: "These rights may not have been exercised for 300 years but only because they were not needed. Well, we need them now.

They may be a little dusty but they are in good order." The core of the Petition was as follows: “Wherefore it is our humble duty TO PETITION Your Majesty… …to withhold the Royal Assent from any Parliamentary Bill which attemptsto ratify the Treaty of Nice unless and until the people of the United Kingdom have given clear and specific approval;… …to uphold and preserve the rights, freedoms and customs of your loyal subjects as set out in Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights, which you, our Sovereign,swore before the nation to uphold and preserve in your Coronation Oath of June 1953.

We have the honour to be Your Majesty’s loyal and obedient subjects.”

The Queen had 40 days to respond. Her secretary responded on the 39th day, acknowledging the validity of this law, but failed to deal with the issue according to her constitutional and contractual duty as per her Coronation Oath.

Her representative claimed that she was bound to follow the instructions of Her ministers and had no veto, which is in contravention of her duty to protect Constitutional law.

Article 61 is therefore now invoked and shall remain so until a remedy has been approved by the Barons Committee.

This is very real and of 4 fundamental importance to our British sovereignty. (Please find supporting information in the appendix) Article 61 of Magna Carta was last invoked when the Bishop of Salisbury (Gilbert Burnet) acted on behalf of the barons and bishops of England to invite William of Orange and Mary to come to London in 1688, after King James II had lost the confidence of the people, leading to his abdication and fleeing the country.

Outreach W🌍rldwide Exclusive 🎬

Man Proves The Magna Carta Is A Legal Document.

📣Outreach Worldwide is proud to present this ground breaking, exclusive video.

📣In February 1995 Essex Fruit Farmer, John Colthorpe took his case against the Masonic Trust to the Court of Appeal where he established the legal validity of Magna Carta & the constitutional status of its Clause 29. Only to see his book about the case banned from sale.

📣Listen carefully to the video. It proves that the Magna Carta is a permanent part of the Constitution. Thus the actions of Parliament in passing the Coronavirus Act are unlawful.


"No free man shall be seized, imprisoned, dispossessed, outlawed, exiled or ruined in any way, nor in any way proceeded against, except by the lawful judgement of his peers and the law of the land."

📣Magna Carta:


PLD - David Robinson

The House of Lords Records Office confirmed in writing recently that the Magna Carta, signed by King John in June 1215, stands to this day. Home Secretary Jack Straw said as much on 1 October 2000, when the Human Rights Act came into force. Halsbury’s Laws of England says: “The Magna Carta is as binding upon the Crown today as it was the day it was sealed at Runnymede.” As law abiding members of this country, we have a lawful responsibility and duty to stand under the conditions set out in Constitutional Law as defined by the Magna Carta and other documents. When the security clause, Article 61, has been invoked, as it is today, the good people of this land must unite and peacefully seek a remedy to the breach.

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