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Chief Constable Stephen Watsons Commitment - GMCA - GMP - Mancunians.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The Commitment of Stephen Watson As GMP 's Chief Constable Will Now Be Confirmed or Identified As More Hot Air From Local Government & Central Treasonous Government.

Stephen Watson, Local Government and Central Government Will Be Held To Account For The Crimes Committed and Covered Up by Chief Constables under Oath of Office.

All Roads Lead To Rome via Westminster and The CORPORATIONS in The World of Legalese. Admiralty, Babylonian, Talmudic and Roman Law is collapsing. We The People.

Watch Tim Gielen's - MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World.

Posted 22.10.2021. The Evidence Required If They Were Ever To Give The Crime Number.

Claire Edwards - Ex UN Translator - The Next phase - 5G - WiGiG 60GHz.

Aluminium - Tungsten - Trace Mercury - Graphene Oxide - Ethylene Oxide.

COVid 19 - Is A Biological Chemical Weapon

USA - The Children Feel Sick When Inside The School -

The Teachers Feel Sick Inside The School

WiGiG 60GHz - 5G - Microwave Impact - Barrie Trower Report With Stephen Watson.

Proof of Posting. Recorded Delivery. Signed For. ETA 25th October 2021.

5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry - Lena Pu (Sept 2019)

Safety Levels of Electro Magnetic Waves Are Based Upon A Convicted Criminal Nazi - 1953. Project Paperclip brought Herman P Schwan to the USA. FCC standards haven't changed. The 1% made sure that they didnt change for a reason. AI and Remote mechanisms of terminating life were in the pipeline.

The Real Motive Is In The Vaccine - Bio Weapon - The Ultimate Control Mechanism.

If Your DNA is Changed Who Owns The Patent on You As a Non Human?

You are born through an act of God - A Natural Law through your parents. You are Given Dominion, Your Share, Over Land Air & Water. NATURAL - LAW. (ENGLISH)

At some point in History around the time of the Magna Carta 1215 dates the Catholic Church determined they represented God on the Planet and through the TRUST mechanism and Papal Bulls or Declarations they decided that they were to be the Administrators of the planet appointed by GOD? Ken Cousens And Santos Bonacci explain in their videos these historical aspects and what the Catholic Church or Vatican think they own extremely well. This is all about jurisdiction. They Want Jurisdiction Over You. Control.

When you restructure DNA in the CORPORATE world you are no longer human in their eyes. You become the product of those who effected the change?

2 ASSOCIATION FOR MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY v. MYRIAD GENETICS, INC. Syllabus Held: A naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated, but cDNA is patent eligible because it is not naturally occurring. Pp. 10–18. (a) The Patent Act permits patents to be issued to “[w]hoever invents or discovers any new and useful . . . composition of matter,” §101, but “laws of nature, natural phenomena, and abstract ideas” “ ‘are basic tools of scientific and technological work’ ” that lie beyond the domain of patent protection, Mayo, supra, at ___. The rule against patents on naturally occurring things has limits, however. Patent protection strikes a delicate balance between creating “incentives that lead to creation, invention, and discovery” and “imped[ing] the flow of information that might permit, indeed spur, invention.” Id., at ___. This standard is used to determine whether Myriad’s patents claim a “new and useful . . . composition of matter,” §101, or claim naturally occurring phenomena. Pp. 10–11.

Section 101 of the Patent Act provides: “Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful . . . composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title.”

Research Sovereign Wealth Theft and Sovereign Wealth Bonds. What is at Risk?

Inventory of Documents Presented to Stephen Watson – Chief Constable – GMP

1. 21.10.21 Introduction and background. Affidavit. NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Re presentation of document set and website references.

Document Provided: Autographed by the man and given value. Stamp and thumb print.

2. NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW – Case Studies. 42 Page document presented to all England & Wales Chief Constables during October 2020. Process commenced 20.10.2020.

Document Provided:

3. Courtenay Headings Covid Criminals document. Single page. No Virus – No Test – No Contagion with references to the work of Tom Barnett, Dr Kary Mullis and Dr Thomas Cowan.

Document Provided:

4. Crime report within a crime report. Crime report number requests on multiple dates not delivered by GMP desk staff Central Park, Northampton Rd INT/06A1/0004545/21 is the intelligence gathering file that needs to be actioned by GMP staff. This will be a Police Constable under oath of office.

Document Provided:

5. Copy of swab analysis from Slovak Republic labs on impact of DARPA Hydrogel in the swabs and the carcinogenic substances they are packed in. These are also imported from China as was the Synthetic COVid 19 jab solution that now is causing harm, loss and injury. Evidence in the pack.

Document Provided:

6. Tetra Airwave report by Barrie Trower delivered on behalf of the PCS Union. The impact without the jab was causing cancers in Police Constables, especially women constables. With the jab and subsequent boosters which contain more of the same toxic chemicals, this will speed up the analysis highlighted by Barrie in 2009.

Document Provided:

7. Email further confirming a Bio Weapon release referencing the work of Dr Richard Fleming endorsed by many leading scientists that are not profiting or coerced by Governments or Big Pharmaceutical operations funded or owned by the Rothschild Central Banking Cartel.

Document Provided:

8. Case study 7 which will be used in evidence supported by case studies 4 and 5 from We-The People part 2. The significance here is that the judiciary would not allow mark.wyschna to use his own case as evidence moving forward? This took place after Mark had proven the corruption between City of London Police and insurance industry giants. As car insurance is a national requirement we can more than likely state that the fraud is a national issue. The Fraud is approximately £3 Billion a year in the UK. Case study 4 cover’s the Banking Fraud and property overvaluation that GMP and the Manchester ECU became involved in and covered up leading to the identification of systemic financial irregular practices and the banks owing roughly £1.8 Trillion in Stamp Duty Land Tax on transfer of title. The over valuation and the cover up on behalf of the white collar criminal networks involves Banks, Solicitors, Financial regulators, HM Treasury and HMRC and in this case study GMP. Case study 5 is linked to 5G and LED street lighting deployment across the UK which is effectively the creation of a Kill Grid when you add the components of the Toxic Bio Weapon deployed on UK Men Women & Children.

Document Provided:

Case Studies 4-5 We The People:

9. Personal Liability, Terrorist Agenda Template to be served on NHS staff and Local Councils, MP’s and those involved in promulgating the EU, UN, WEF, CCP message around the so called Pandemic which effectively was to dupe people into taking a Bio Weapon. Evidence provided.

Document Provided:


10. Professor Richard Werner’s transcript and video lays out the fraud within the Banking sector. This was exacerbated with the over valuation of off plan properties not meeting sales descriptions. Case Study 4 We The People. Effectively this then puts the housing market in free fall as it becomes an economic weapon when used in off plan scams witnessed mid 1990’s to early 2000’s. Cyclops 1146/12 provides the audit trail. Dylan Harvey staff and owners didn’t deliver to property description. There was a greater motive as I discovered in time. GMP’s ECU covered up the scam alongside HMRC, HM Treasury, FSA/ FCA and ultimately Mike Kane MP and John Glen MP were identified in this case as not allowing justice to be done as there was a greater criminal offence in the wings. The COVID scamdemic, there is profit in fear and death. This highlights the economic attack on the UK alongside work covered by SME Alliance and presented in the Film Banksters that was previously marketed as Spank The Banker by Samir Mehanovic. This is a £100 Billion scam, estimated, possibly more.

Document Provided:

I look forward to meeting the Constables you delegate to addressing the issues tabled or your good self. Thanks.


By bruce – robert : lamb

Common Law Advocate.

Agent, Beneficiary, Creditor, Executor for:

MR BRUCE LAMB, Mr Bruce Lamb, BRUCE ROBERT LAMB and similar GOVERNMENT Appellations.

Stephen Watsons Commitment to the People of Greater Manchester - Under Oath As Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police - Constabulary NOT FORCE.



Blood Analysis Of Jabbed Men & Women - Who The Blood - 5G Ready.

Murder By Vaccine - Log Number Provided Midlands - Adam Ali - RIP..

All Reports With GMP : INT/06A1/0004545/21

Justice Is Coming

Trafford - Ashton On Mersey School - Death Jab - Head Talks - Clueless.

An Admission of Guilt - 14 With Bio Weapon Side Effects

We Still Need To Talk Midazolam - Matt Hancock

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