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Mainstream Media - Tipping Point

This morning I woke to get my first really negative response to the 5G Corona Virus Pandemic Govt Hoax and the cost of telling the truth. Some Cant Handle It?

Then I had to put the guy right (Via email) on where to find the details he needs to restart his 5G, Media, Banking re orientation and political education.

Response below. Reading recommended. You Dont Have To. There are a few nuggets that the mainstream media wont tell you in there..

Also there was an article or piece in the independent about Eamonn Holmes and after Eamon has seen the content between Brian Rose and David Icke on London Real. He's beginning to get the picture of what is really going on here I feel.

Ive been copied in a mail in the past with Eamonn during the Green and Gold Campaigns for Man Utd Supporters Trust so im going to have to dig out his email address. or Get it From Duncan at iMUST

By The Way Man Utd Fans. They've put this technology in the grounds while you couldn't attend the matches. Also in and around the kids schools.

Lamestream News - Eamon Holmes Interview.. This Morning..

This afternoon Eamonn is in Hot Water?

What's Really Going On And WHY The Govt Wont Tell You.. They are All Bought.

Compromised, Whipped or parts of Paedophile rings. Take Your Pick..

My MP Mike Kane was informed last year - Did Nothing as hes compromised.

We learned this from failing to ask questions of the Treasury Minister John Glen

in The House of Commons as to evidence passed on Banking Frauds 2006 - date.

I told him in no uncertain terms Genocide was about to take place - He did Nothing!!

He was already copied in on the evidence of taking down the UK economy.. His response to Genocide about to take place is below.

Economy is About To Be Attacked.

Look At What's Happened Now?

I suggest contacting Mike Kane or your own MP to ask why he/ they (MPs) did nothing?

The response i sent out earlier today has a few clues.

The Communication Between National Health Service -

Defence & Government..

What are These guys Hiding?

The Government Endorsed Construct.

Full Patent Specification and European Document. US Document Available.

Trump and Surgeon General states Bill Gates, CDC Model Rubbish..

The - email

This Guy Wasn't Sent Anything He Opened Up This Piece About Boris And Didn't Like The Truth Coming Out.. May Be A Shill, Troll, MI5/6 or Similar..

He had signed up to the mailing list but we've now removed him.. Figures?

The Education Piece:

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