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Media Misreporting - Backfires - 19th Sept - Trafalgar-Health Passports - V Code. 26th Trafalgar Sq

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Sunday Times and Its Media Group (News Corporation - Rupert Murdoch)

Are Now Clearly Identified As Media Mis Reporters and supporting The Trans Human agenda that will follow. Do You Want To Become A Synthetic?

They have NO Value as a reporter of accurate information.

What did Kate Discuss Specifically? What Does Dr Carrie Madej Know?

Listen Below. But Briefly Kate Touched On the Following

  1. Whats In The Vaccines - Go Ask Your Doctor

  2. Whats In The Vaccine & What Will It Do To Me?

  3. What Are The Benefits of the Vaccine - Ask Your Doctor

  4. How long has it been tested - What was the outcome of the tests?

  5. Will He Sign A Personal Notice of Personal Liability As The Man or Woman?

  6. The Manufacturers Wont!! - No Liability Mandate From Govt or Manufacturers.

  7. The Hazards of Wearing Masks - Many. Dr Judy Mikovits e Book.

  8. Masks are NOT required as there is NO Pandemic. Never Was.

  9. Hydrogel In Swabs - Whats In it? Aluminium, Trace Mercury, Tungsten plus more sh%te. Also in the Vaccine, same as in the chem-trails (Look at the lines in the sky - They are NOT clouds)

  10. The Trans Human Agenda. What happens when Hydrogel takes over your body.

  11. Agenda 2030 - SMART Cities - Health Passports.

Ask Yourself This.

Would You Take A Vaccine That De-Humanised YOU!!

IF Yes you are about to give Consent to being DEMOCIDED which is Planned GENOCIDE with a few painful extras thrown in for good measure.

5G and the Vaccine/ Hydrogel SWAB will implant the contaminant then control you. They can turn you off as you are NO LONGER HUMAN, whenever they wish. NO Pension, No Nothing.. EVER!! Slavery then you die.. Get it!!

They Will cash in your sovereign wealth fund though which is worth millions using the Counterfeit Corona Virus ACT 2020 written in DOG LATIN. Its Not A valid document and the Government are acting as terrorists or agents on behalf of the EU and UN. Treason!!

5G What IMPACT Will it Have?

1. 5G EMFs power Transhuman's

2. 5G Causes Cancer in Human's

3. 5G Controls Human's with beam forming technology.



- ITS A WEAPON - They Will Kill You!!

Route To Tacit Agreement?

Track & Trace - Health Passport - De - Humanisation - Sovereignty Loss.

The City Kill Grid - Delivered As A 5G/ IoT/ Vaccination


Secret Military Armaments In Residential Technology.


Paid In A Crypto Currency - Helium?

Note: Prime One - Sovereign ID.

V Health Passport - V Code

The Mechanism To Gain Access To The Rewards/ Access Theatres/ Sports Events/ Restauraunts etc.

This is a Covid 19 Compliance Tool or Measurement?

Don't Get The Test !! Think Hydrogel!!

Points Docked or Colour Coded Red Amber Green For Compliance Level. Wuhan were Given a Flu Shot pre 5G Switch On.

This Is Where We Are Going - Un Checked - Wuhan 2

Repeat Testing of Fans Will Cause

Severe Health Issues..

This Will NOT Ensure People Are Safe.

It Will Commit Them To

The Trans Human Hydrogel Agenda

5G EMW's Will Microwave The Nano Particulates

Trace Mercury/ Aluminium/ Tungsten..

In The Covid 19 Testing SWABS & Your Health Will Deteriorate Rapidly - Cancer - Blood Brain Barrier Breaks. That's It Game Over!!


Prime One Self Sovereign ID

V Health Passport

1. The Programs initial use is for Covid 19 - Mitigation?




2. The Programs attached To Govt Testing Facilities?

Someone is on a kick back every time a test is done and recorded. based on a lie. FRAUD, DECEPTION, ROBBERY. No other words for it!!

Dont take the test you dont get into Cinemas, Sports Matches, Events of all descriptions, Stores, Clubs, Memberships etc..

3. Helps Mitigate "The Information" of Positive and Negative People around Your City?

Based on a lie and a Counterfeit DOG LATIN document - Corona Virus ACT 2020 you will be tracked and traced, marginalised and placed into sectors? Then there is the Vaccines For Profit Scam.

Ask the Jewish race what they think of this idea, Go ask the people in the townships of South Africa whether they think this is a step in the right direction.

It will turn family against one another based on a lie, Its set to turn humanity against one another based on poor education and misinformation.

Merging Technology & Humans. Social Engineering.

4. V Code Access To Financial Services.

The ability to digitally control your cash flow wealth. This is is how the systemic Bank frauds are taking place NOW against SME's and businesses since the mid 1990's and possibly before. What is happening in financial services?

5. The Self Sovereign ID Will Be attached To Banking Services and the referring party


Covid 19 Swabs/ Flu Vaccines and Covid-19 Procedures. Health Passports. They Will Harm You.

Directly or Indirectly by Tacit Agreement

Read The Full Document

Courtenay Heading - Jurby Wellness - Abbotswood

Public Enquiry Abbotswood House Nursing Home

Crossag Road, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, IM9 3DX

Koch's postulates: In 1890 the German physician and bacteriologist Robert Koch set out his celebrated criteria for judging whether a given bacteria is the cause of a given disease. Koch's criteria brought some much-needed scientific clarity to what was then a very confused field.

"Gold standard" can refer to the criteria by which scientific evidence is evaluated. For example, in resuscitation research, the "gold standard" test of a medication or procedure is whether or not it leads to an increase in the number of neurologically intact survivors that walk out of the hospital.[2] Other types of medical research might regard a significant decrease in 30-day mortality as the gold standard.

The AMA Style Guide prefers the phrase Criterion Standard instead of "gold standard", and many medical journals now mandate this usage in their instructions for contributors. For instance, Archives of biological Medicine and Rehabilitation specifies this usage.[3] When the criterion is a whole clinical testing procedure it is usually referred to as clinical case definition.

A hypothetical ideal "gold standard" test has a sensitivity of 100% with respect to the presence of the disease (it identifies all individuals with a well defined disease process; it does not have any false-negative results) and a specificity of 100% (it does not falsely identify someone with a condition that does not have the condition; it does not have any false-positive results). In practice, there are sometimes no true gold standard tests.[4]

As new diagnostic methods become available, the "gold standard" test may change over time. For instance, for the diagnosis of aortic dissection, the gold standard test used to be the aortogram, which had a sensitivity as low as 83% and a specificity as low as 87%. Since the advancements of magnetic resonance imaging, the magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA) has become the new gold standard test for aortic dissection, with a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 92%. Before widespread acceptance of any new test, the former test retains its status as the "gold standard".

It’s not Cuddly Kitten

You know how you used to see ‘Made In Derby, England’ (MIDE) as a badge of industrial product honour. Well, did you know that flu vaccines are also knocked up using Madin-Darby Cannine Kidney (MDCK).  So, dog and their kidneys, that’s right.  Not cuddly kitten, clearly – then ‘the combo’ is injected into young kids, pregnant women, and even more oddly, the immune compromised, older folks.  Meanwhile, those young kiddie kidneys, being unable to clean, and process, the extreme bits of young (or old?) dog kidney grown viruses.  ‘No kid left behind and all that’ in the escalation of autoimmune diseases.  Via, we think, vaccine contamination via retroviruses. “Are you dogging me, kids?” asks Grand Pa. The kids reply, “are you sh!tting me, Grand Pa?”.  “Nope” Grand Pa replies, “but the vaccine products, sure might be”.

Dr Mohammad Adil - Flu Meme

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