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Plandemic-3 - Dr Mike Yeadon - QFS - LBC - 5G-SUN-WTP-CQV-1666.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Highlights and touch points to link for the uninitiated. We are approaching the end game and it now becomes tactical and strategic with the Deep State Financed Corporate Agents on the run. MP's Councils. Corporates. They are bringing in Foreign Troops or People to Keep You In Check if You Don't Comply..

A journey from the Plandemic 3 intro to Local Solutions a little Quantum Financial System thrown in and Letter Before Claim linked to Police and Local/ Central Government strategies then CQV - Cestui Que Vie 1666. They are after your Bond - TRUST. me

An overview with Del Bigtree & Co. Plandemic 3. There is NO Virus, No Test, No Contagion. A massive hoax, psyop and Genocide is taking place.

LBC - Letter Before Claim. Remember 2020. For Some Its Engraved On Their Minds.

LBC-Final Draft
Download PDF • 2.00MB

We Are Being Invaded - UN Troops.

Dr Mike Yeadon - All Is Planned - They Are Coming For You - No Virus.

Net Zero - The Political Agenda To Cause Harm -

The Depopulation Agenda

The Elderly Will Die - Businesses Will Go Bankrupt -

This Is Their Plan - This Is Our Solution.



Quantum Financial System: An extra terrestrial view.

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