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Queue-A-None - The UK Response To Masks in Retail.

The UK Response To Masks in Shops.. Starting soon at a retail store near you!!

Truth is the first casualty of War…. Not On My Watch!


“Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived”

So today we looked at the UK Govt strategies to further take you down the road to greater manipulation, control and social engineering through Deep State UK Government Misinformation and Hysteria - Fear Based Politics.

We've Got Some Quality - Tactical Strategies To Deploy..

Refresher by Andrew Mather.. Remember there is NO Pandemic. The second wave will be 5G and vaccination related. They know, we know..

We Know Who They Are!!

We are in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars - Control the People and Crash the Economy stages..

See how the London Metropolitan Police manage this situation which they will hopefully question exactly what they are doing.

NHS mask experts - trash the narrative - sales of fraudulent non effective products being sold to a mis informed public.

Previously we tested the reporting of 5G and Vaccines with the Police Chat reporting mechanism of crime reporting.

This is the link that they don't want us to know about and call Corona Virus or COVid-19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID - 19) and they didn't want to know stating?

We Will NOT be Taking Any Action Regarding This Matter.. See Police Report 2

The Government misinform the People and misinform Police "Corporations" and the Policy Enforcement Officers are all over a guy (Danny Shine) with a megaphone.. WHY?

The Truth Hurts.. The Deep State run UK Government.

How: Bungs, Leverage, Compromise, Paedophilia. Bent Politicians, Lords and a now the false Queen whose been outed, has effectively abdicated.

The Rule of Law Needs To Be Re established.

Which coppers step up to the plate we will soon find out.

This is Social Engineering, Social Control,

Agenda 2030, Agenda 21.

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