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Slam Dunk - Passports - A Taste of Freedom - Then Dead

Evening Standard Extract

Covid certificates will be needed to enter pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs under plans to stave off a fourth wave of the virus in the autumn, it has been reported.

The proposals would mean Britons would have to show vaccination passports to prove they are double-jabbed or have had a recent negative test before entering entertainment venues.

Experts hope the move will increase the stalling vaccination rates among young people and limit another surge in cases.

Football provided the taste of freedom and the ability to let off steam. Back to normal whatever normal is.

This was the plan and if there is NO Virus, No Test, No Contagion the only question is why Jab everyone? Answer: Total Control of YOU!! - Slam Dunk. Target Population UK 15 Million by 2025. 51 Million Dead.

1. Passports Equals Loss Of Sovereignty - You Are No Longer Human.

2. Two Jabs - Immunity Gone and You are Now A Target For The 5G - Target Acquiring Capabilities of - 5G Warfare.

Upside: You Can Go Into Pubs Clubs & Events. Till they switch you off!!

3. When You Are No Longer Useful To The Cabal - Your Dead - If Not Impacted by Adverse Reactions. Yellow Card - VAERS..etc.

A Downing Street source told The Times: “In autumn vaccine passports could become an important tool that will allow us to keep things open.”


Another added: “If we can show real benefits of getting vaccinated in terms of everyday life then it could be quite a useful tool.” TO DO WHAT WITH?

Johnson - The Three Little Pigs - You - The Elders of Zion - The Hidden Hand


At 360iSR we believe that information superiority can lead to Decision Dominance and Decision Dominance can lead to success. In order to achieve Decision Dominance, nations and organisations need timely, predictive intelligence: foreknowledge. Timely intelligence is essential for leaders to understand the complex environment in which we find ourselves, establish critical facts and impacts, and make assured, timely decisions. Without sound intelligence and the ability to respond, nations and organisations will be out manoeuvred by the speed of change caused by CV-19.

A nation or organisation that does not equip itself with the ability to create Decision Dominance will not achieve the resilience it needs to survive current or future threats. The world is changing. 2020 will be reviewed as one of the most significant years in the twenty first century. It will rank alongside, or even above, the global realignment following the catastrophic events of 9/11 (2001) and the globally significant financial crash of 2008. This short paper will attempt to assess the current events that are unfolding around us in the context of historic case studies, namely, the 1930 and 2008 financial crashes, and their impact on the rise of extremism and terrorism.

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