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The False Narrative Begins. Deceipt In Motion

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

The Manchester - Local Story Line. Rockefeller Sponsored.

Delivered By the Rand Corporation?

Microsoft News 19.06.19

The Words delivered to the ill advised sound as though as Home Secretary and Prime Minister there is a level of care where in reality May while in office prevented the Banking Tribunals,

She fudged the linked Child Trafficking, Paedophile and Westminster Ring investigations and signed away the UK Defence, Intelligence and Police departments?

Reference the International Tribunals For Natural Justice site for supporting details.

Purposely screwed Brexit and help bomb the crap out of Syria while her husband profited? These factors have been a delay strategy while they bring in the next stage of taking down the UK.

She has adopted the Rothschild club solutions as she is ex Bank of England and allowed Defence Energy Weapons to be delivered onto the streets of Gateshead under the premise of Telecomm's in the name of 5G?

You Cannot See Hear or Smell Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) yet the impact can be devastating for the unaware.

Potentially in the fullness of time i would not be surprised to see that Grenfell Towers was an EMF or EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse related cause either done accidentally or potentially to cause harm and gauge national response?

How Government and those who control their key players are not in it for our best interests as found while researching the Property Action Group materials.

Supporting Article

Wheres The Science?

Think about Chem Trails, Plasma Layers Falsely Created In the Atmosphere.

Old Trafford. Chem Trails Dispersing into Atmosphere

Weather Management by Rothschilds that forms Part of the Analysis that identified parallel Banking Fraud covered up by Government that Implicating HM Treasury and Key MP's, Note: The FSA, FCA and HMRC all report to the Treasury whose current minister is John Glen. All UK fraud is covered up by Treasury as instructed by those who guide them.

Systemic Bank Fraud Covered Up By Government

The Pseudo Government Narrative Put Out By Rothschild's Corporate Banking Cartel.

Rothschild and Rockefeller Have Councils in a Pincer Movement offering so called scientific advice and financial services.

The narrative of Rothschild leads to greater taxation against companies against unsupported science. They also run the central banks and leverage UK MPs especially the current Government and those since the 1970's.

Government - Rothschild Lie - Control Narrative

Managed Decline Of Resources Being the Narrative.

They are trying bleed the UK financial resources dry with false science.

Think about Chemtrails and Removal of Trees for New Technology that isnt required? Its a false Agenda or Narrative being promoted its leading toward Agenda 2130.

Those at MP, Politicians and Councillor level need to be held to account. This is a Waste of Public Funds pushing directives of those who have defrauded the UK, Its Small Businesses and People for decades.

What The Experts Say.

Weather Action Report Climate Fools Day 5th November 2014 Parts 1-8

The Climate Change Scam. Is About Raising Taxes? WHY?

Rothschilds and Rockefellers Control Govt. They are skimming the funds and taking down the countries.

Part 1


Part 5 Discusses the CO2 Scam. Govt says ho can we make money? Follow The Scam..

ADAPT 2030.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming

Enough Said?

So How Much Is This Programme Costing

Trafford and Manchester GMCA Tax Payers?

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