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The Reality - The Lies - NHS Doctors Speak - WTP - Holding MP's - Police - Judges - To Account - CLC

The reality is we have corruption at every level in society from Government to those they have placed in EU - UN - Controlled - Councils, Police, the Judiciary, Corporations, all lead by those who control the banking sector and supported by significant events from 9/11, 7/7 to now The Hoax Pandemic - The Great Reset.

These events are now the proof required to act with your conscience being your guide to make the corrections necessary to restore Common Law and Order.

We The People - WTP - Gave the Police and Judiciary and many other responsible parties many under Oath of Office the opportunity to act with the Peoples best intentions and interest at heart but at Police Chief Constable and above we have witnessed they chose to work with A Corrupt TREASONOUS Government.

NHS Consultant Says Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID-19

Here lies an anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in a major hospital in Surrey, in relation to the criminal gagging of all levels of NHS staff, who have been threatened that they will lose their jobs if the speak out about the COVID-1984 scamdemic.

“I am a consultant at a major , regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E department. I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an anonymous statement. I have changed my mind simply because that all staff , no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press /social media we may, immediately be suspended without pay. I have a family, dependents and I simply cant do it to them. I therefore can not reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows: In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department. In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.

Watch The Documentary - Stop World Control

Charlie Rainbow - Says

Stockholm Manifestations 2020

Whose Behind This Criminal Activity?

The Large Banking & Multinational Corporations

We Have To Build a Better World - New Health & Banking Systems.


Affidavit - Statement of Truth 14.12.20 - Window Closed 1.30pm 22.12.20

An Un Rebutted Affidavit Stands As Truth In Law

All are equal before the law.

An unrebutted presumption stands at law.

An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.

An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce

Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

He who leaves the battle first loses by default.

False in one thing is false in all.

Ignorance of the law is NO Excuse.

On The Spot Fine - NOT Wearing A Mask?

Interesting - Evidenced Fines - Claims Will Follow.

Dave Adelman - WTP - False Arrest - Released.

After He Made Them UNDERSTAND The Law.


Tax Bill Tear Up Cremona - Italy

Morecambe - Lancashire

Sale - Cheshire

Darren Smith - Manchester -

To date the UK have taken a different stance to Unlawful Police Activity but as the pressure mounts Court De Jure's as determined by We The People will call to account those in Public Office and carry out the sentences decided by a Common Law Jury working under Common Law Court controls.

We had two versions of NOTICE OF DEFAULT & OPPORTUNITY TO CURE as NOT everyone wanted to "Hang By The Neck Until Dead" in keeping with The Rule of Law.

It will very much depend on Which Groups get hold of the criminals first as to the level of severity of the punishment administered..

All those who have aligned profited and assisted in the practice of Unlawful Conversion, fraud, theft through to carrying out false and corrupted ACTS of Parliament will be held to account.

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