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Tipping Points - A Review - 5G Via The Back Door - Helium

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Are England & Wales Police at a tipping point given they work for a corrupt Government? Possibly.? What lengths will the establishment go to undermine the actions of the truth getting out there. Archie & Josh show how those looking to move into Government get their opportunity.

Bait and Switch or Bait & Snatch Josh Pieters and Archie Manners show the makings of a Government employee.

We now have all the evidence required in documentation, initiatives and underhand deeds committed by the Ashke- NAZI crew under Boris' leadership.

An attack on the UK Public planned for decades that has been attempted to be hidden through blanket media propaganda and Local Government in the cover ups.

A new mechanism being deployed to blanket radar bathe you in 868MHz Long Fi Radio - Radar - 5G being marketed as a crypto currency opportunity. Helium - Laughing Gas

Who will have the last laugh?

Police Officers or Police Constables remove their headgear to chants of arrest Matt Hancock. A tipping Point is reached that will make many realise what they are doing is wrong and unlawful. The truth will always out. It always has.

A Review - Ponder On These Points..

PUB - Bernician Analysis

Josh Pieters & Archie Manners - There Will Be Blood on Your Hands

A Right Couple of Bullingdon Boys If Ever. - Prospects For Government or Future MP's

The Sting or Bait & Switch - These are new UK - MP- Politicians in the making

They've chipped in or been put up to it by Daddy? Or Handler

Who will have the last laugh Boys?

Piers isnt perfect but hes done more than most to stop the rot

Bait & Switch

Anyone Know This Guy?

Caught On Camera of Their Own Volition - Hung By Their Own Petard

The Sting Team All Together - Never Give The Game Away

In medieval times a petard was a bomb that invaders used to breach walls and blow doors in. To hoist suggests pulling something up, but the word used to also have another meaning, around removing or taking out. Thus the proverb means a person becoming the victim of a plot that person launches against someone else – in other words, the backfiring of something negative that one person has planned for another...

One To Watch 2 - 5G Via The Back Door - As A Crypto Currency - Helium

Squeeky Voice Gas - Helium

The Peoples Network :

Minute 10-11-12 The Peoples Network

Under The Radar - Radar 868MHz

Previously Packaged With Health Passports

The impact of SMART meters @ 868MHz - Secret Military Armaments in Residential Tech.

5Gw- 5G-Warfare - Its A Blast

Mark Steele

9:44 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Its LORA long range radar. Its 5G 868MHz which is the blanket coverage 5G network


SMART meter technology Triggered by an EMP -

Electromagnetic Pulse - Paradise California

A bucolic community was reduced to ash by a new kind of wildfire – the deadliest in California’s history. Survivors recall that horrible day

by Alastair Gee and Dani Anguiano in Paradise, California

William Goggia awoke to a poisonous orange atmosphere so thick with smoke he couldn’t see the sun. It was 8am on Thursday 8 November. He heard the piercing metallic clang of propane tanks exploding in the distance. His sister, who lived nearby, called to ask him to help a relative in the area, but Goggia told her that he couldn’t: chunks of burning wood were falling from the sky. Goggia inhabited the same stucco, three-bedroom house he grew up in. Now it was time to leave. By 9am he was on the road, accompanied by his tabby cat, Mikey. But the street was so clogged with people trying to escape that Goggia barely moved. The fire was getting closer. The van was going to burn up with him and the cat inside, he thought. So he turned back around against the traffic. Goggia didn’t know it yet, but he had been engulfed by the deadliest wildfire in recorded California history. Soon at least 86 people would be dead in a new and ferocious kind of climate change-inflected wildfire. And Paradise would suffer a fate that appears increasingly likely: the total destruction of a modern American city.

Joe Imbriano - A Warning

What Happens To The Vaccinated When 5G - IoT- Switched On - Ultimate Control

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