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Shadow Gate - US - UK - EU - The Monitoring of You - UN Style - Trespass.

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

The Rigging of US elections by Private Intelligence Networks and Agencies, Cambridge Analytica's involvement, The Puppet Masters, Fake News and de-funding the Police for the Deep State Government Private Contractors to Move In - Then Operate and Profit. The Military Industrial Complex Has Gone Rogue.

Your Personal & Business Data is GOLD..

Social Media Psychological Warfare is the Game. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

Full Documentary covering the SHADOW Government Intelligence Networks.

The Whistle Blowers

How Your Personal Data Is Copied into the Private Domain. Individuals or Groups Are Targeted and then Categorised. These Objects of Focus are Called Localisation Targets.

The Use of Fears and Interests To Profile, Control and Influence Individuals:

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars:

Economic Amplifiers fall into classes called strategies, and, in comparison with electronic amplifiers, the specific internal functions of an economic amplifier are called logistical instead of electrical.

Therefore, economic amplifiers not only deliver power gain but also, in effect, are used to cause changes in the economic circuitry.

In the design of an economic amplifier we must have some idea of at least five functions ,which are:

(1) the available input signals, (2) the desired output-control objectives, (3) the strategic objective, (4) the available economic power sources, (5) the logistical options.

The process of defining and evaluating these factors and incorporating the economic amplifier into an economic system has been popularly called game theory.

The design of an economic amplifier begins with a specification of the power level of the output, which can range from personal to national. The second condition is accuracy of response, i.e., how accurately the output action is a function of the input commands. High gain combined with strong feedback helps to deliver the required precision.

Most of the error will be in the input data signal. Personal input data tends to be specified, while national input data tends to be statistical.

Read Silent Weapons in Full:

Data and Bio Metric Data Collection. Un-authorised Access To Data Files.

GCHQ, CIA, German Intelligence - DVD Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (G01/ G02). Were Collecting Everyone's Data and Privatising it.. CGI. Canadian Global Information. Every aspect of your life is collected and collated. Both Illegal and Unlawful.

At SES Networks, we empower you to make the most of your opportunities. Together, we drive bigger, more fulfilling, and more productive outcomes. We take a highly consultative approach to customer engagement. We tailor industry-focused network solutions that are powered by our fleet of MEO and GEO satellites, and extensive ground infrastructure. And we deliver them as a managed service so you can stay focused on how best to maximise your business.

SES supplied the 5G Satellite WiFi - WiGig on the Cruise Ships where passengers were ill at the break out of reported Covid 19 instances.

Collaboration With Chinese Markets..

US Data Copied Onto Private Servers

Built in Spying Attributes.

Who are The Criminal Networks?


October 8, 2019 22 1559

Here’s further smoking gun proof of the UK-Obama deep state plan to spy on and destroy Donald J. Trump… from STGreport Here’s further smoking gun proof of the UK-Obama deep state plan to spy on and destroy Donald J. Trump. Mark Anthony Taylor shares the bomb shell top secret strap3 sigint GCHQ document which by itself should be enough evidence to have Barak Obama tried for treason.

Un-authorised data access to private Contractors US and UK. Your and My Data.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

Robert Hannigan - GCHQ website taken down. Data collected on Politicians and the public. Information used for Blackmail purposes. Compromised MP's PM's and at the core in the UK, Cambridge Analytica. A Part of The Military Industrial Complex.

The Great Hack Documentary.

NETFLIX tells All.

Cambridge Analytica Helped Obama Win.. Hacked Systems Guided Outcomes..

Mark Taylor 7 August 2019 Delivered

Dear House of Commons,

This may have to be directed to the Treasury Select Committee, or the information could be found in the email archive of John Mann or Mark Garnier held by Parliament. On 2nd Nov 2015, The Times reported that the Daily Mail had been leaked emails from Jeffrey Epstein to Parliament or some connected source to blackmail Parliament into accepting Jes Staley as CEO for Barclays. Subsequently in August 2019 it was reported by Bloomberg that Staley had visited Epstein in prison and also on his island, travelling to the latter on Epstein's yacht.

URL for the Times article is here:

In the Daily Mail article John Mann MP and Mark Garnier MP were reported to have told the Daily Mail that Staley ought to face a grilling session as a result of the threats Epstein was alleged to have made to blackmail Parliament to accept his friend Staley as CEO of Barclays.

1. I would like a copy of any email disclosed to Parliament by the Daily Mail that forms the basis of these allegations

2. The recipient list of the emails, and any other meta data in the original copies sent to Parliament or the Treasury Select Committee or its members. Yours faithfully,

Mark Anthony Taylor

House of Commons Final Response:

We can neither confirm nor deny that the House of Commons holds this information. Any information held by the House of Commons relevant to your request is withheld under s.34 of the Freedom of Information Acts 2000 (FOIA).

Section 34 exempts information from disclosure so far as it is required to avoid any infringement of the privileges of the House. Those privileges include the right of any committee of the House to decide whether, when and how to publish information relating to its proceedings. Correspondence on the provision of written or oral evidence and records of the Committee’s deliberations other than those published in its formal minutes are therefore exempt information under Section 34 of the Act. This is an absolute exemption and the public interest test does not apply. I am afraid I must therefore refuse that part of your request.

iiA, The Masses & Clinton Fooled To Make It look As Though Hilary Had Won.


Clinton Foundation - Child Trafficking - Podestas - Pizzagate - Wikileaks

John Mark Duggan 1

MI5/ MI6/ FBI Involvement in Deep State Cover Up.

 Key Individuals Identified on Epstein Videos

Now on Russian Servers. For Safekeeping.

John Mark Duggan 2

Files 1994-2005 Files MI5, Recognisable People checked 7 Videos of 700.

The Clinton Body Count refers to a conspiracy theory, parts of which have been advanced by Newsmax publisher Christopher Ruddy among others, that asserts that former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton have assassinated fifty or more of their associates.[1][2][3] Such accusations have been around at least since the 1990s, when a pseudo-documentary film called The Clinton Chronicles, produced by Larry Nichols and promoted by Rev. Jerry Falwell, accused Bill Clinton of multiple crimes including murder.[4][5] This conspiracy theory has been debunked by the Lakeland Ledger, the Chicago Tribune, Snopes and others, who point to detailed death records, the unusually large circle of associates that a president is li