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Track - Trace - Barnard Castle - Glaxo - NHS - Cummings - Boris & Co - Inside Job - 5G - SWQW.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Connecting The Dots.

Vaccine - Track & Trace - Final Stages of The Genocide Plot.

Objective: Singling out individuals who don't conform.

I Do NOT Consent. For the record.

5G - Target deaths UK population 66 Million to 15 Million. 51 Million -

HOW!! EMF Densification:

Government Lies - Misinformation - Deception.

To date we have seen a tissue of lies from Govt and their handlers, the closer we get to their intended objective the more slip ups we will see from Vallance, Wyley. Boris De Pfeffel Johnson, Cummings and the treasonous cabinet team and parties that are now running wild with their handlers Bilderberg/ Rothschild/ Rockefellers at the helm.

The New World Order's scheme of Social Conditioning becoming clearer for many to see for what it really is - Mind Control and Extreme Manipulation through the controlled Media and Govt Actions.

The Genocide intent can be confirmed by the location of 5G installs going ahead in lockdown and Field Hospitals Manchester, London and Birmingham.

This is working toward Agenda 2030/ the Agenda 21 milestone for complete social control and manipulation..

Lock Step: A World of Tighter Top Down Control.. Rockefeller - RAND Org.

The screen grabs below and links to previous events should start to build the picture round the Dominic Cummings - Barnard Castle event and its place in the New World Order - UK debacle. This is Silent Weapons Quiet Wars in Action.

This is commencement of the individual Control of the People through technology and media. SMART phones. Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technology.. SMART!!

As stated previously these aren't perfectly scripted posts but a collection of related events, documents, posts and situations that help the reader start to do their own research and build the bigger picture.

It helps me as a business analyst identify appropriate solutions to the tabled problems.

My personal experience started with Banking Securities Fraud 2006 - 7 and the involvement of The HM Treasury, HMRC and the cover up by my MP Mike Kane and APPG Banking. 2018.

Events from 2006 - date, finally proven root cause - 16.10.2018.

Affidavit 0.9. Evidence with APPG Banking October 2018.

APPG Banking were informed the UK economy was being taken down from within.

This has now taken place in the guise of a false Corona Virus pandemic "lock down" taking the economy down into recession.

Silent Weapons Collapse The Economy task commenced March 2020. Follow the money?

Economic fraud - Police report tabled and closed 2012 on the economic crime reference Cyclops 1146/12. Further Reading

Police, Economic Crime Squad, FSA, FCA and Serious Fraud Office, ran the clock down.

Today, Police wont deal with the Genocide Aspects of 5G in Greater Manchester confirmed 27.4.20. Posts linked below.

They shut the chat reporting sessions down as soon as you mention 5G & genocide?

GMCA do not respond correctly to Freedom of Information Requests and act as Gatekeepers to the Council handlers (Controllers) this will be found Nationwide of that I'm sure.

400 plus UK Councils have fitted cancer causing street lighting? Also allowing 5G installs that will cause harm to the masses.

State of The Nation - Mind Map

The Vaccine - Track Trace App - 5G and the Elite's Master Plan implemented through The Bilderbergs, Rothschild, Rockefellers and Rand Organisations to infiltrate to Local Council level (Common Purpose) is hopefully becoming clearer to many that are now beginning to awaken.

Using Tavistock Institute techniques developed by the CIA through the MK Ultra programme, commenced by Nazi testing in the camps it starts to becomes clear of what is taking place once you are aware of how these guys work..

Look to history, the pattern hasn't changed from the 1930's.

The term Conspiracy theorist being created by the conspirator culprits. The CIA being formed from Project Paperclips - Martin Boormann the SS Nazi Finance Chancellor - 1945. gives a good broad view on the deep state narrative and how society was infiltrated and mass programmed to enable development of the Fourth Reich..

Research MK Ultra, Tavistock Institute etc. Starting point.

The remote management of the individual. US Patent 601732A

Dominic Cummings - Barnard Castle - Track & Trace

Bringing together a few resources that help describe the situation or make clearer the intentions of Govt. Apps connect to contact lists, Apps talk to each other if a SMART phone owner downloads the App the Mobile companies know who is following their thinking and who isnt?

In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline were fined $3 billion for fraud, overcharging and making false claims about medicines in the USA. In 2016, GlaxoSmithKline were fined £37.6 million in the UK for bribing companies not to produce generic copies of their out of patent drugs, thus overcharging the NHS.

Despite the fines, these frauds were still massively profitable for GlaxoSmithKline. A perfunctory search on the company brings up similar frauds and fines it perpetrated in South Africa and India. All this within the last decade.

I cannot find any information that anyone was jailed, or even sacked, for these criminal activities. It is absolutely astonishing that such an habitually criminal enterprise carries on serenely in the UK. And what is particularly interesting today is that it carries on its crooked activity from its massive manufacturing and research base in Barnard Castle, County Durham.

On 12 April Dominic Cummings was seen in Castle Barnard during lockdown. Two days later, GlaxoSmithKline of Barnard Castle signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine with Sanofi of France.

From previous NHS Scams identified by Gordon Bowden. RIP.


Investigate the operations of:




You don’t have to be an NHS Brain Surgeon to understand how to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

788-790 FINCHLEY RD, LONDON is the very same Money Laundering address used by Ex HOME SECRETARY AMBER AUGUSTA RUDD, LORDS, MP’s, SIRs, Corporate VIPs, DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS for Convicted Fraudster Ex Italian PM SILVIO BERLUSCONI and the MAFIA

Track & Trace - Blog Talk

IDOX, the company running the new CV-19 Track & Trace app...The same company who did the postal votes in 2014. Look at the date she was allegedly made a Director. Coincidence?

We don't need an App as there is NO pandemic..

Its a Govt - Deep State Construct.

Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Severe COVID-19 Pulmonary Infection (HYDRA Trial) (HYDRA

Vaccines NOT Required.

Track & Trace - NOT Required

New World Order - NOT Required

Gates Funding and Covid 19

Lockdown Enables Govt To Re-Purpose Society

Bag Tag & Burn Policy to Hide The evidence That Could have been cleared with..

Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Severe COVID-19 Pulmonary Infection (HYDRA Trial) (HYDRA)

Public Enquiry Abbotswood House Nursing Home Crossag Road, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, IM9 3DX

The recent deaths at Abbotswood are a tragedy for families of the deceased and have also traumatised many others on the Isle of Man. This is a call for an independent, non-governmental, Public Enquiry; more so as, on 11th May 2020, the Isle of Man police refused in writing to issue a covid crime number to me while citing an unlawful, unenforceable ͚act͛͘ ;For context, on ϲth September 2019, Manx police also ͚categorically͛ refused in writing an HPV vaccine deathsΖ crime number). Such an Enquiry will establish the Isle of Man, finally, as a Sacred Space for Truth Tellers. Our Enquiry will examine the factors in these tragic deaths. These include but will not be limited to: medical health status, untested medicinal combinations (especially statins, flu vaccines and antidepressants), as well as vaccines timing(s), binding antibodies, co-morbidities, age, nutritional status and access to natural Vitamin D, oxygen iron hypoxaemia, intubation, ͚covid͛ testing ;accuracy, reliability, variability), and the lawfulness of the death certification process. Also examined will be the application of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Notices, nursing care and protocols, insurances and claims, disciplinary procedures, placing of any gagging orders, location-specific issues, remedies and treatments undertaken, and other relevant factors.

Recession By Design. Rishi Sunak is following Orders.

As Is Boris & The Team. Silent Weapons..

Couldn't Do It With Brexit.. Lets Try Plan B.. Corona or Crown Virus.. Covid 19

SWQW: The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence.

Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.

The Plan To Usher In Tighter Controls.. Agenda 2030.

The Plan To Take Life and Assets

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