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Why NOT To Get A Health App or Passport - 19th Trafalgar Square - Get The Message!!

Dr Carrie Madej - On Health Apps and Passports - Track & Trace - Life Intervention. Sovereignty Loss.



Hooking Up Apps To Humans - Hydrogel Bio Sensors - No Sh%t Sherlock!! Its Here..

If Bio Sensors Get In Your Body They Can Change Your Behaviour?

Patent 060606 Crypto Currency - Luciferase - Nano Crystals - Quantum Dots - Unique ID

Vaccination record - Crypto Currency - Helium - Gates Crypto..

Food Housing Power etc - Watch One By One - Rik Mayalls last film.

Social Credits - Red Amber Green - Sovereignty Loss

Atlanta - The Pilot City For This Technology.

Privacy of Data - Marketing - Healthy For The Community & Country

Checkout Your Health Apps On Your Phone.

They are recording your every move - or will be soon!!

The Vaccine - Hydrogel - Bio Cells - sensors Linked To Software On The Phone - Covid 19 Bio sensors.

Pre Cognition - Thought - A 601732 A

Dystopian Capabilities.

Crypto Bio Sensors

Sensor - User Device - Communication Network - 5G - All Connected - Not A Conspiracy Theory

Connect Us Up To Crypto

Forced Overnight to do Anything!!

The big picture tells us that powerful Mind Control is all around us and even runs through us. This is no passive development. Like usury, eugenics is a major “crowd control” and Mind Control device employed by the elite against the non-elite which has been deliberately made invisible via your own belief system. It’s topdown programming has been manipulated secretly. By “de-patterning” our minds, beginning in childhood, Tavistock and their Tory American allies serve a broader agenda of psychological warfare against the democratic mind. “We are your overlords.”—Led Zeppelin

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