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Why Pubs - Restaurants - Gyms - Group Gathering Points Are Closed.

They don't want discussion or open talks or you will develop your own opinion.

This is Project Mockingbird - Tavistock Institute - Nazi Style Propaganda. On Steroids.

You May Talk About Vaccine Failures:

The NON Pandemic:

5G and The Impact of Electromagnetic waves on human tissue. The 5G Kill Grid

Share Videos of People Collapsing After Being Vaxxed

Talk About Wuhan - 24/7 Monitoring of You - Dystopian Societies

Ruin of the Economy. By Design

Swabs - Hydrogel - The Trans Human Agenda - Luciferase. Sovereignty Loss.

Vaccine Rollouts

Why Did GMCA's Ian Hopkins Go At This Point In Time?

Or How To Join The Resistance?

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