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22.02.22 - 1pm - Stephen Watson - Chief Constable - GMP

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Mass Psychosis has taken place with a view to controlling those who remain, those who have not died immediately from the vaccine/ bio weapon deployment labelled COVid 19.

In the eyes of those who control the UK Government, MPs, Local Councils, UK Police and some Corporates a level of Human Augmentation has taken place through DNA manipulation. See the mass psychosis post for UK Government Augmentation plans.

Research The Internet of Bodies also World Economic Forum & Klaus Schwab

This is also known as the Trans human Agenda, where the vaccinated become a Chimera or Synthetic with a view to bringing about a Great Reset on Humanity where you will own nothing and be happy?

They are about to take your property away.

An Act of Fraud Has Taken Place - Now Genocide Under

Find out more on how this is being tackled at a high level :

This they feel will impact your Sovereignty, your connection to a higher force.

This is what the UK Chief Constables should have been protecting you from happening. The protection of men and women from harm, loss and injury. Protection of their property.

Protection of their families against Agents of Foreign Government. See FCO 30/1048 We The People Part 2. Case Study 1.

Read the full document set. Get informed.

This is work in progress. Email to Chief Constables - MPs - Significant parties to follow.

Stephen Watson - GMP - Chief Constable.

By 1pm today 22.02.22 Stephen will have the document set to support - Project Panda.

What's in the Pack?

  1. Pre Action NOTICE making Stephen personally liable in Greater Manchester for non closure of Vaxx/ Bio Weapon Centres/ Test Centres and 5G/ 4G LTE sites - Part 3. There is NO Risk assessment for placing metals in vaccines/ bio weapons and placing men and women in an environment that will do harm. Cause loss and lead to Injury.

  2. Go and place a piece of Aluminium in a microwave, preferably in a takeaway microwave container from the local chippy or chinese. See what happens. Read the analysis document on vaccine content - Case Briefing Document. Make your own mind up. Do NOT rely on Boris Johnson, The Media or other parties to impact your families further.


Case Briefing Document.

Boris, MPs, Chief Constables have known all along since October 2020 what was going to take place.

They were forewarned but did nothing as compromised or leveraged as MP Mike Kane and APPG Banking: Case study 4 We The People Part 2.

The document set with Stephen Watson:

Your Local Council Involvement : We The People Case Study 5

You've Been Had - But Only If You Do Not Act!!

24.02.22 - Manchester Magistrates

Paul & Fiona Didnt Show Up - Neither Did Stephen Watson - They Sent Another Stooge To Railroad The Truth - Ignorance Is NO Excuse In Law -

Some Serious Can Kicking Going On Here

As Was The Banking Frauds - Taking Down The UK Economy - HMRC - HM Treasury - DVD G02 - Common Purpose - Freemasons.

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