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5G - Whalley Range - Hitler - Microwaves - Greg Hallett

As an observer, business analyst, solution provider and project manager and more recently common law advocate I have found this journey to bring much synchronicity from a number of areas that will be beyond belief to many. The picture is finally taking shape and the players identified.

I can understand the position of those who may feel it a little far fetched as to what you are telling me. This especially from friends who have known me a number of years - the other regular comments are - just be careful.

The events witnessed and outcomes are not the norm for everyday life and under scrutiny will have taken tremendous planning and coercion in a number of areas by Bilderberg corporate controlled entities and corrupt politicians as we are now beginning to find.

More data helping connect the dots is coming through daily. Some of this is older data but new to me in building this picture of what we are beginning to see.

The secret society members that have help rig current events and their prominent positions in society read like a whose who in Westminster, Europe and the USA. We are witnessing how the path has been cleared in order to attain the levels of control over UK specifically and humanity in general through the media using subliminal and in your face messages none more so frequent than in recent events around the false Covid 19 Pandemic.

Review the list of Anonymous leaked names to a Wikileaks report, cross refer to the Bilderberg list of names from the zerohedge diagram and you will begin to see the picture forming. This explains how cover ups are achieved at the highest level as i found with the securities frauds. Further sources Wikileak links.

New World Order UNNWO Website

The box in the corner of the room (TV) and media or press have pre programmed messages and have been feeding us lies for decades, the Governments both Local and Central are rigged from the outset and you don't have the choice in political leadership you are lead to believe. Its all planned for your consumption, everyone now needs to be aware of what is taking place.

The Government and their handlers aren't acting in your best interests. Believe me, I have personal experience. Affidavit 0.9.

Similar patterns and pre delivered programmed messages can be witnessed in the media, from their perspective the outcome can be reached through a number of linked and what appear from the outset to be non related events.

If corporate plan A doesn't work, they try plan B, C etc.

You do not notice the messages till you have been woken up by an event or set of circumstances that makes you question everything. Affidavit 0.9 contains much of the information apart from recent Health Apps and Track and Trace initiatives to isolate us and create a social engineering and control mechanism as covered in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. Read in full.

Project Hysteria - Worst Crash since 1930's are two components we have today but its from a different plan of the Deep State.

For Brexit Now Read Corona Virus - The Non Pandemic

Note to self: Brexit is on the back burner, a delay factor entered by Boris and his Deep State mates. They are hoping to pull a fast one on the Sovereignty front, while a parallel activity is commenced with Apps and Health Passports to trick you into giving everything including your freedom away and making Agenda 2030 more easily implemented for the Deep State. They are in the process of stealing your livelihood, relationships with others, property and businesses through a series of structured distractions or planned events. Covid 19 being one such planned event.

The non pandemic statement event can be identified most succinctly by Andrew Mather's presentation. Government Killer. Download and save for future reference.

Recent historical facts and especially The Ted Heath Common Market treachery need to be understood as the impact is critical to your future.

This is the problem we all have, it takes an experience or series of events to wake people up and start connecting the dots.

Hopefully this false Corona Virus pandemic does the trick as what follows will kill millions if they don't wake up as to what is occurring. Make NO mistake.. SWQW tells you its genocide understanding the 5G Vaccine combination tells you how.

Related Gates - Vaccine Links.

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested.

The 5G threat is real and happening now!!

I've been fortunate enough to having met and assisted where i can a number of the key players in these truly historic times and at some point i intend to bring this together correctly scripted and not in the notes to self fashion i've adopted to get the message across quickly, where i can. Many have fed back and thanked me for the affidavit draft that will be expanded and used at a future date in the MP and HM Treasury Fraud and Police services cover up.

We have to realise this is now a moving feast and events change daily.

Whalley Range Mast M16

This mast was photographed 2nd June 2020, installation complete and powered up. 3000mV/mtr measured. Human tissue safe level 200mV/mtr 6 minutes.

In a previous post 19th May 2020 it was being installed. It is slap bang in the middle of a residential area in Whalley Range and will cause multiple issues for those who will initially get Radiation Poisoning/ Kawasaki Disease (Children) and all the Covid-19 symptoms that the Government wont tell you about. The reason is that they are controlled, this is war and they are not on your side or at least the controlled MP's are NOT but its a question of finding out who is controlled and who isnt. This is a Police Job not ours unless they wont carry out the task. They have been trying to keep this quiet.

To get a full overview and appreciation on 5G health related issues reading the site Microwaved Veterans content will give you a good understanding of the future many will have to deal with plus researching the issues around vaccination will give you the complete picture. Resources on the sites will help support statements and watch 5G The Apocalypse on the Home Page

Primarily these are the reasons they've built the Nightingale field hospitals Manchester, Birmingham and London and created the Corona Virus Bill to Bag Tag and Burn without an autopsy. This is genocide, its planned Silent Weapons Quiet Wars tells the story. Read the full document. gives the forecast target figures by country. UK population reduction to 15 Million is their target from 66 Million approximately.

However from a Covid 19 diagnosis perspective, a public hearing scheduled for the Isle of Man should start to open a few interesting lines of investigation into root cause of death based on their wider findings and thorough investigation of the process and each residents case.

All areas and Health boards should follow this example NOT the Govt narrative. Isle of Man is a small territory and 80% of registered deaths occurred in one elderly residential home i'm informed. Its an ideal case study to start the peoples investigation against the corrupt system in action that we are witnessing.

5G microwave radiation, Kawasaki disease in children and Corona Virus/ Covid19 having similar symptoms for many sufferers. There is also the whistle blower and medical witness side of events that death certification is being falsified for statistics rigging and greater financial gain by some medical institutions.

Ask yourself this, 5G frequency bands are an immune suppression root cause.

Why would you blanket cover a country in a technology that will make humanity more prone to being ill by attacking their immune system?

On the 5G front UK. We've got the bulk of the UK installations in the North West so we need to keep our eye on where they are going up and inform friends and neighbour's for all our sakes. This is the new battle space 2020.

You are in World War 3 (Silent Weapons Quiet Wars) but you were NOT informed as part of this third World War is being run from within Westminster and the UK Govt, Deep State. Many MP's are compromised or guided through Tavistock Institute training and MK Ultra techniques.

The TV is being used as a mind control weapon or social engineering mechanism providing false updates and reporting especially from the BBC.

The Whalley Range mobile mast you can see above and radiation levels see measured below, what the Govt wont tell you about is the full range of its capabilities.

The ability to influence people remotely is now with us in a growing number of formats not just visually through media and print. 5G brings patented thought triggering capabilities. US Patent 601732A

This is all within the Silent Weapons Quiet Wars remit that we are not informed of till too late. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. Read The Full Document As It Applies To YOU!!

The Whalley Range Mast should be a 150 Meters away from buildings and places of work as a minimum. Here it appears to be on the grounds of a car dealership and slap bang in the middle of a residential area.

Breach of these guidelines has been achieved by corporate manipulation of regulatory bodies, moving their people from the telecoms industry into gate keeping/ regulatory capacities as witnessed in Medical and Finance sectors with the MHRA and FSA/ FCA.

I've seen smaller mast units close to houses across different parts of Manchester and raised Freedom of Information requests, these were directed at GMCA,

GMCA basically want to send you on a corporate run about instead of taking responsibility for the health of those who pay them Council Taxes.

They are a bought Bilderberg agencies under Banker controlled Lobo loan manipulation.

The system is rigged so you cant report corporate manslaughter. They've thought this through thoroughly and hidden behind the corporate machine. The Red House Report gives the historical detail.

The Police don't want to know?

Next Stop Economic Crime Squad as in my previous report Cyclops 1146/12.

Burton Rd, Withington 5G Installation 3000 mV/ mtr

GMCA wont give you the answer as there will be a liability that follows in that they have a duty of care to the public and what is taking place effectively is genocide and against all aspects and points raised within the Nuremburg Code and this violates Human Rights

The technologies are un-insurable and the technology providers know this?

Councils turn a blind eye as they are all connected at the top level by links to the Bilderburg Group. Observe the linkages when scanning the diagram, UK to the right hand side with political parties, Councils and key figures in UK Politics that will have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Biggest Deception On The Whole World Endgame Plan

Knowing you are about to injure, maim, harm and kill and cause cancer is corporate manslaughter. To know in advance its pre meditated. For Your Government to Cover It Up Id say was Treason as its an attack against the sovereignty of the people endorsed by the track and trace and health application delivery.

The reason behind non accountability councils are bought or placed in debt through rogue corporate banking practices and this is a part of the corporate plan to subjugate humanity being driven by the Common Purpose, New World Order, Rothschild, Rockefeller - Bilderberg Cabal.

Secret societies such as freemasonry hold these organisations together at the top level. Financial rewards grip those taking part without a conscience. Just doing my job or its part of our business model puts you in the same position of those who operated concentration camps in Nazi occupied Europe where many of these microwave technologies and psy op methods were originally developed and tested.

Refer to Project Paperclip to research further. The Annie Jacobson video is quite revealing.

The mast EMF reading yesterday 2nd June 2020 in Whalley Range was 3000 mV/mtr. We shouldn't be exposed for more than 6 minutes to 200mV/mtr.

This unit will be kicking out 3000mV/mtr 24/7.

There were a few mechanics in close proximity to the site and i do intend to talk with the garage where the mast appears to be installed as this unlike the ones fitted on public highways and council property appears to be on private land?

Whalley Range Mast Readings. 3000mV/mtr

Mark Steele - BBC Audio Interview - 5G Technologies - Uncut - Recorded by Mark.

Greg Hallett - Hitler - The Microwave Connection

I spoke with then met Greg Hallett, aka King John III after trying to buy his set of Books mid to late 2019 - The Hidden King of England. I couldn't make the purchase as Greg told me eventually when we spoke directly that his publisher had been murdered and his books burned on authority of Charles the guy who was a mate of Jimmy Savilles. (See illuminati list)

Again, it all sounds a little extreme but you need to remember what you see in the media isn't what is really going on out there. Its far worse and we've been conditioned or de sensitised over time through false flag events and criminal activity promoted as "Acts of Terror" - Problem Reaction Solution - The Hegelian Dialect is what is being practiced.

An example below with what we know now hopefully brings some clarity. Jimmy "Clunk Click Every Trip" Saville the notorious paedophile and necrophiliac, talks with Parkinson and Hawk Eye from MASH about ease of entry to Buckingham Palace.

Parky - Jimmy Saville - Buckingham Palace - Prince Philip - A Fix IT To Be Remembered?

Jimmy obviously had a system of communication for bringing youngsters into the Royal Corridors involving nods and head jerks.

Charle's the older brother of the other guy who knows Epstein and the Barclays Bank CEO - Jes Staley. linked to Pizzagate, the Podesta's and child trafficking. Off the book banking practices that fund child trafficking through re hypothecated bank account transactions for confirmation work your way through the ITNJ site.

In summary watch the video below.

Hopefully its all becoming clearer on what and who we are dealing with.

The journey with Greg after getting to know him better and his main objective was to get his affidavits (Statements of Truth) lodged with Common Law Courts. Then for him out to those World Leaders who needed to know also those posing as the existing monarchy needed exposing as Rothschild's and were up to no good.

This we can see when we look closely at the events unfolding today if you are aware of QAnon, Wikileaks and haven't got the blinkers on. A quick intro to what is taking place can be revealed in videos 1-10 of Fall Cabal.

The process with Greg began the back end of 2019 when we arranged for two CLC advocates to visit and discuss what documentation Greg could provide to support his claim.

The guys ended up spending the best part of a day with Greg and the wheels were put in motion. If he wasn't genuine they would have been able to tell inside an hour. As time has progressed i feel Greg has over delivered and the results in the actions of the so called Royals are there for us all to witness.

The guys also witnessed the cameramen and biker snoops that were lurking in the background during their visit so this was no ordinary meet and trying to bring the parties together was a task in itself as calls were being interrupted and lack of communication at times proved troublesome.

The resulting document process is now well under way and the documents can be read on Greg's Kingof.UK site.

So where does Hitler Fit In with Greg and 5G Microwave Radiation? Enter The Spymaster..

Greg co authored a book based upon his knowledge set of what was really going on from his position as a Royal Biographer when researching his future position in life.

Its best to understand who you are and the historical nature of events and the sequence when you are potentially to play a significant part in the future direction of the people of the UK and potentially overseas. The Common Wealth and all parties interested.

This whole episode has been extremely interesting in my personal journey but this part is where it merges into the World War 3 piece and the microwave radiation element.

My background was Radio and Radar originally. Gregs co author was - The Spymaster?

The following passages are key i feel in understanding where we are today but written fifteen years ago and cover World Wars and its intention to control the masses confirmed by Silent Weapons and also the SAGE cabinet document leaks passed to UK Column.

Remember Banks Profit from ALL Wars. Our Sovereign Wealth is taken By the Bank of International Settlements on Death and paid into The HM Treasury which in the UK has been hijacked by The Rothschilds and The Cabal since events around Waterloo 1815.

Read page 99 for details - The Hidden Hand.

Greg - Thanks for the copyrighted content use authorisation.

Every War Is A Social Experiment Whose End Is

A New Way Of Controlling The Masses.

All Wars Are A Front For Creating Social Change.

World Wars Are An Attempt To Set Up

One World Order Structures.

In More Ways Than You Can Imagine

Further work by Gordon Bowden needs to be reviewed in completing any Government Fraud Analysis and cover up. Review the letter in Affidavit 0.9 from Amber Rudd to Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex. Then Gordon Bowdens findings on Rudds links to Agenda21

Boris & The Scientific Advisory Group Emergencies Leak.

The following text from Hitler Was A British Spy confirms that Microwave technologies as used in military and defence situations can reduce you to dust. Its a way to hide the evidence known by those in Defence and Government circles.

The Grenfell Enquiry was skewed and criticism was leveled at the Fire services incorrectly.

The exercise in hind sight and with a different knowledge set appears to be a test similar to those attempted by the Officer Scientists of the SS in Concentration Camps 1939 - 45.

Leaked footage by a local Grenfell resident was sent to Mark after the analysis of the compartmentalised bomb theory using LED Street lighting, Mayflower units and SMART meters as detonation devices. This is what was found in Paradise California. Properties with SMART meters combusted when subjected to an Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP.

Many of the units we see on top of LED Street Lights are Mayflower Units NOT Photocells. GMCA were quizzed on inventory. They cant or wont answer, Trafford were the same. They try and give you the run around and do not do their jobs correctly.

Grenfell Tower - Microwave Radiation - Mayflower Units

November 2019: Mark Steele: 75 Bodies Found -

The Bodies They Didn't Find Were Vaporised!!

Spymaster: Hitler Was A British Agent. Written 2002-4

Grenfell Tower - SMART meters, Microwave Radiation - Mayflower Units.

Vaporising Rooms Used To Hide The Evidence. Bodies Are Turned to Dust!!

Mark Steele did an analysis piece on the Grenfell Tower fire. Based on a Mayflower unit on top of an LED Street lamp acting as an EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse to activate SMART meters which in turn combust.

The Microwaves stored as charge within the plates of the cladding make the buildings ignite rapidly and this is what we all witnessed. Salford had many buildings of similar construction but the key component is being overlooked. Microwave Radiation and its ignition by an EMP.

These are effectively compartmentalised bombs, ignited systematically using technologies known about since 1945. Add SMART meter technology and you have a major problem.

You tube removed the Mark Steele's Grenfell Analysis video? As we are now seeing with Covid-19 related materials by informed Doctors and NHS employee and witness observations.

On the 2nd June Mark was interviewed by two BBC reporters attempting to prove his arguments incorrect and lead him into an argument. It didn't work. Id say it backfired.

The BBC interview was cut down and edited. Mark recorded the full interview and placed on Sound Cloud.

Paradise California - Properties With SMART meters combusted. Those without were left standing. It was put down as a Forest fire? The trees are still standing?


Those in power and the defence sectors know the full impact of 5G and microwave radiation but now want to use it against you, its a military technology.

It's not for faster download speeds. You are part of an experiment that commenced 1939-45 and is now being continued.

We've witnessed 9/11, 7/7, Manchester Bomb 22.5.17, Now we are witnessing the final confrontation Covid-19, Vaccines and 5G, up front and personal. These are war crimes against the people of the world and in our case the UK.

Below is the rear cover sleeve of Hitler Was A British Agent - One of the closing comments is that "Everything That Happens Now, Happens Because of 1945"

I'm beginning to think that still rings true till the final conflict is over.

If You Haven't Seen 5G Apocalypse - Extinction Event.

This Is A MUST Watch.

Biggest Deception On The Whole World Endgame Plan - 666.

WO 2020/060606

Mark Steele - Regular Livestreams: Watch:

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